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Cosplay Has A Highlander Complex

You know: there can only be one. In the geek community, there is an unfortunate phenomenon that stipulates cosplayers have to be ‘the best’, or else they get lumped into ‘the rest’. For a hobby that is so creative, cosplay can also be incredibly competitive — and not just when it comes to organised competitions. Cosplay has a problem, and it needs to change.

Hi, Let's Stream Some Metroid Prime

I hear Metroid Prime is a pretty good game. Let’s stream it!

I Am Thirsty As Hell For A New Metroid Game

There’s absolutely no reason, months before its release, for anyone to hate a game like Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Now That's A Detailed LEGO Metroid Boss Battle

Video: Ridley’s waiting for Samus atop the the Chozo Artifact Temple. Canadian LEGO builder Jared Rosenblitt remade Metroid Prime‘s semi-final battle with LEGO bricks and man those cracks on the floor sure are detailed.

Nintendo's Reggie Talks Metroid, Amiibo And (Of Course) Mother 3

My annual interviews with Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime are upbeat affairs. He’s always feeling good about the line-up and remains unruffled as I pepper him with as many questions about as many topics as I can squeeze in.

Metroid Prime Is Returning In The Weirdest Of Ways

Following a more than five-year drought since the last Metroid game, Nintendo is bringing back their space adventure franchise with what looks to be a multiplayer-centric first-person game that, at least from its debut trailer, doesn’t feature much (or any?) of Samus Aran.

Metroid-Looking Mech Game Blastball Debuts At Nintendo Worlds

Two teams of three players attempt to shoot a ball through a shrinking goal in Blastball, a 3DS game with a Metroid-vibe making its debut during competition at the 2015 Nintendo World Championships.

Nintendo's Most Famous Secret Code Returns On PlayStation

Nintendo gamers of a certain age knew the trick: type “Justin Bailey” into the password screen of Nintendo Entertainment System classic Metroid and the game’s hero would change outfits. Fast forward — oh my god, I’m old — 29 years later.

Axiom Verge: The Kotaku Review

Yes, I gained a new ability! Now where the hell do I use it?

Zombie Samus Cosplay Is Coming For Your Brains

The world is not short on quality Samus cosplayers, even with all the work that goes into the armour, but a zombie Samus Aran? That’s awesome.

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