Hey, It's Samus From Metroid In Monster Hunter 4G

Neat? Not neat? Whichever! Samus is going to appear in special Monster Hunter 4G side quest downloadable content, complete with giant weapons.

Smash Bros. Tells Us 'Y Cant Metroid Crawl'

Remember PaulyU, the Wii U owner that documented his troubles with Super Metroid on Miiverse? He was the guy that wondered “y cant metroid crawl.” Well, it looks like Pauly got a shout-out in the latest Smash Bros.

Metroid's Brightest Samus Suit, Now A Glowing 20-Inch Masterpiece

Acquiring the glowing, bone-coloured Light Suit was the coolest moment in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and one that deserves to be commemorated by a 20-inch tall, $US365 glowing statue from First 4 Figures.

Mother Brain Has Never Been So Intimidating

Behold this massive version of Mother Brain, the number one villain of the Metroid games. She’s been turned into a difficult puzzle and Samus is not around to solve things. A guy named Mallo is.

The Mother Brain Is Just As Intimidating As A Mayan God

Dayshot: The Mother Brain is just as intimidating as a Mayan God on Sita-Cardenas Navas‘ reimagination of the classic scene from Super Metroid. Finally, an ancient stone carving that might be evidence for extraterrestrial life!

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Mr Miyamoto, you recently asked me to ask Kotaku‘s readers to say which games they’d like you to make for the Wii U. Your question was extremely popular and I got a lot of replies — more than 3000. And a lot of them involved a particular word: Metroid.

There Was No Metroid At E3 This Year, But This Is Close

When I saw Axiom Verge on the show floor of E3, I thought to myself “Man, that sure does look a lot like Metroid.” It was only when I got my hands on it and talked to the guy behind it that I realised that it was a whole lot more.

Nintendo Is Planning A Future For Both 2D And 3D Metroid

Time to get your hopes up, Metroid fans. The series no-showed E3, but you might be heartened by what the men overseeing Nintendo’s game development had to say about it.

Artist Gives Video Game Characters A Cartoony Facelift

Browsing German artist HeavyMetalHanzo’s gallery and realising how much potential some video games and video game worlds have as Western cartoons or comics makes me sad. Most of these will probably never get such a treatment, and these amazing pieces remain the closest things.

The Zero Suit Isn't So Sexy Now. Or... Is It?

If you ever needed an illustration of why Samus’ Zero Suit (and now heels) outfit is so stupid — at least when it’s so prominent in a game’s marketing — look no further.