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The Xbox 360 Is Ten Years Old Today

A decade ago today thousands of people stood outside electronics retailers in the bitter cold, waiting for their chance to sell an Xbox 360 on eBay. I blame those killer faceplates.

Life Is Strange Limited Edition Coming Next Year

Briefly: With its story concluded in Episode 5, Square Enix’s episodic adventure Life is Strange is ready to get its retail version. It’s coming out for PAL regions on January 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This Keyboard Is Just For Flight Sim Nerds

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X was an awesome game nine years ago, but it has enjoyed continued success from a dedicated fanbase — the kind of people with multi-monitor, multi-TV rigs with dedicated rooms. Now FSX has its very own specialised, backlit, custom-made keyboard.

The New Microsoft Store Has A Great Deal On The Xbox One

Today Microsoft is opening its very first flagship store in Australia. That in itself is a fairly big deal, especially if you’re into tech. But if you’re into video games?

Well, an Xbox One with Kinect for $399.95 oughta do it for you.

You Can Use Xbox Elite Controllers With Your PS4 Thanks To This Device

If you’re someone who wanted to play everything on your PS4 without actually having to use Sony’s controllers, things could be a bit tricky. If you managed to get your hands on Microsoft’s expensive, sexy Elite controller: that’s great, provided you play on PC or the Xbox One.

That barrier exists no more, however, with the creators of the CronusMax controller extension pushing out a firmware update that makes it possible to use the Elite controller with a PS4.

Xbox One's First Wave Of Compatible Xbox 360 Games Has Hidden Gems But Not Fans' Most Wanted Titles

Starting tomorrow, over 100 games originally made for the Xbox 360 will be playable on the Xbox One. But the titles that garnered the most votes in a Microsoft user poll are missing.

Ford Designed An Xbox Controller, And... I Like It

This isn’t an actual controller, it’s just a marketing stunt by Ford. But, uh, Ford….I would maybe buy this.

PSA: Here's How To Turn Off Voice Chat In Halo 5

You just got home from a long day at work. Hoping to unwind, you hop into a match of Warzone in Halo 5. Suddenly, you hear it: the piercing, unforgettable sound of an eight-year-old bragging about his K/D ratio. Don’t worry — we’re here to help.

An Australian Studio Pitched To Create A VR Tie-In For The Martian

We knew PAX Australia would showcase a variety of VR experiences, but perhaps just as interesting is the experiences that weren’t made.

Norman Wang, Opaque Media Group’s project lead on Earthlight, to talk about VR. Our chat veered off into the team’s collaboration with NASA and the potential avenues that could lead to, and Wang revealed something unexpected.

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