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The Xbox One Wireless Adapter For PC Is Finally Coming Out Later This Month

If you’ve been frustrated with the inability to use the Xbox One controller on PC without a long cable that inevitably starts falling apart after a few months, I have some good news. Microsoft is finally giving PC gamers the thing they’ve been screaming for — a wireless adapter.

It’s coming later this month. No, really.

Microsoft Surface Book's Secret Nvidia GPU: What Is It?

There’s an optional discrete graphics card available in higher-spec variants of Microsoft’s brand new Surface Book laptop; it’ll make the thin and light laptop powerful enough for a bit of casual gaming as well as demanding graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop. Probably, at least — we don’t actually know anything about it, and Microsoft and Nvidia are staying pretty quiet on the topic.

I Keep Going Back To The First Forza Horizon

Do you have a game you regularly return to, just because you like how it feels? For me, that game is Forza Horizon.

Microsoft's Surface Book Can Store A NVIDIA GPU In The Keyboard

We don’t know how much it’ll cost locally yet, or what model of GPU it is, but the fact that Microsoft’s new Surface Book can house a discrete graphics card in the keyboard is pretty damn cool.

Microsoft Has Purchased Havok, A Company That Makes Middleware Physics Software

Microsoft has purchased Havok, a company that makes middleware physics software. Havok’s technology is used in various video games including Dark Souls II and Mortal Kombat X. And now Microsoft owns it!

Twisted Pixel Has Split Off From Microsoft, And Is Once Again An Independent Studio

Twisted Pixel, best known for Splosion Man, has split off from Microsoft, and is once again an independent studio, according to a report from IGN. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has allowed a developer to go off on their own; it happened to Bungie back in 2007. Given Destiny‘s success, perhaps they regret that decision now.

Microsoft's Xbox One Drivers Are Costing Indie Developers Time And Money

There’s no doubt that the Xbox One pad is a significant improvement on it’s older 360 variation, especially if you’re using it as a PC controller. But one Australia developer has pointed out that Microsoft has gotten pretty lazy when it comes to their driver support — and it’s costing developers time and money.

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Update Tries To Fix The Gnasher's Bullshit

I have not raged as hard at a video game this year as I have Gears of War: Ultimate Edition — and it’s all because of the horribly inconsistent shotgun. Thankfully, the source of my anger is about to improve.

New Xbox One Controller Is Pretty Hot

Alongside a new bundle announcement, Microsoft showed off this new Xbox One controller today. It’s official name is the “Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller”. I like it a lot.

Hardcore Pirates Are Reportedly Banning Windows 10

There’s casual Pirate Bay piracy, and then there’s private torrent trackers: members-only clubs that share the best movie and TV rips among themselves. As you’d expect, they tend to be pretty hardcore about privacy, enough so that some groups are banning members from using Windows 10.

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