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It's Hard To Make The Official Xbox One Custom Controllers Look Bad

Last month Microsoft announced fans would be able to apply their own style to the Xbox One’s new wireless controller, creating a custom design to have shipped to their door. Mine just arrived, and it’s even prettier in person.

All The Current Options For Buying An Xbox One S

The sleek-looking Xbox One S starts shipping next week, but if you want one, you may want to hold off. More options will be available later thanks to a new set of bundles Microsoft announced today.

Australians Can Get The Xbox One S From August 2

While we’d previously known that the slimmer version of the Microsoft Xbox One S was coming out in August, we didn’t have a precise date. Today, however, the Microsoft Store has one.

Microsoft Polls PC Gamers, Calls Civilization An RTS

Microsoft has been making a renewed push to impress PC gamers for a while. There hasn’t been a flood of gamers rushing to the Windows 10 Store in lieu of Steam just yet, and some developers are still cranky about how the Universal Windows Platform has played out so far.

But what do gamers think? What do they really want from Windows 10? That’s what Microsoft wants to find out.

Meet The Developers Who Are Still Making A Kinect Game

When Microsoft unbundled Kinect from the Xbox One in 2014, it was the beginning of the end. Unfortunately for the developers of Fru, the game they were building required Kinect. They were more than two years away from shipping. “We were shattered,” designer Mattia Traverso told me.

Original Xbox Controller Prototypes Look Like Dreamcast Tears

Seamus Blackley, one of the key people involved in the creation of the original Xbox, has shared some concept images for Microsoft’s debut control pad, which date all the way back in November 1999 (the Xbox wouldn’t launch until 2001).

Get A Load Of This Official Game Of Thones Xbox One Console

Xbox could have gone so many ways with this limited edition giveaway. Model it on a castle, or a sigil, or a city. Perhaps just a custom colour scheme with some nice graphics on them. But no, they had to do more.

Microsoft Altering Its Shady Windows 10 Forced Upgrade System

It’s telling that most of my stories about Windows 10, a genuinely decent operating system, have been about how crappy Microsoft has made the upgrade experience. Microsoft seems to be getting the hint, though.

Why Everyone Should Rewatch E3 Several Times

The funny thing about E3 is how it’s all about That First Reaction. The curtains rise. The lights dim. The speakers begin to boom. Or in Sony’s case, the orchestra.

And then everything comes to a close and the internet sits around deciding Who Won. But in my case, I went back and rewatched everything. The trailers, the speeches, the streams. All of it. At least three times. And you know what? I’m bloody glad I did.

Final Fantasy XV's Director Says He Found Out About Scorpio At Microsoft's Conference

The director of Final Fantasy XV says they haven’t worked with the new consoles from Microsoft or Sony yet. In fact, he says he found out about the upcoming Project Scorpio while sitting in Microsoft’s green room.

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