Microsoft's Local Servers In 'Private Preview', Coming In A Few Months

One of Microsoft’s main selling points with the Xbox One was its integration with Azure Servers dotted around the globe, the idea being that the console would be able to use the computational power of the cloud to increase the performance of certain games. Microsoft also plans to use those servers to host online games. This week Microsoft Australia’s Pip Marlow announced that the long promised servers in Australia (for Melbourne and Sydney) were mere months away from launch.

State Of Decay Coming To Xbox One Next Year

State of Decay, Microsoft’s entrant into the ever-growing field of open-world zombie games, is coming to the Xbox One next year, the company just announced. The game is already available for the Xbox 360 and PC. But the Xbox Wire post assures zombie-curious gamers that the new version is the definitive edition of the game.

Titanfall Introducing New Game Mode With No Titans

Titanfall‘s latest update will add a new mode that gives players the option of fighting without those pesky giant robots getting in the way.

Once Again, Atlus Doesn't Want You To Spoil The New Persona

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is out in stores in Japan right now, and once again, Atlus is asking that people be considerate. If you access the Japanese Persona 4 Arena Ultimax homepage right now, you’ll be greeted by an image overlay of the character of Teddy — or rather the shadow version of Teddy — telling people not to spoil the new fighting game.

Stand-Alone Xbox One Kinect Coming In October

In June, Microsoft started selling the Xbox One without Kinect. In October, you’ll be able to buy the Kinect on its own — but it will cost $US150 in the US. We’re waiting on Australian pricing and availability. Update: Australians will pay $169.95.

Microsoft Digs Up The Corpse Of Age Of Empires

And the grave wasn’t even cold yet! I figured last month that it was “tough seeing where Microsoft will find the will (or developers) to try making another game using the [Age of Empires] brand any time soon”. Silly me, limiting my considerations to actual Age of Empires games.

Microsoft DeLorean Kills Streaming Game Lag By Predicting Your Next Move

Streaming video games could be so clutch, if it wasn’t for maddening lag time. Microsoft researchers have a solution in DeLorean, a “speculative execution system” that predicts what you’ll do next and shows you the most likely result — before you’ve even mashed a single button.

Microsoft Says Free Xbox Live Game Download Was An Error

For a while there, it looked like Xbox One owners might soon be able to download and try out even more games from Microsoft free of charge. But Microsoft says that the screen teasing this possibility was an error.

Microsoft's Pretty New Platformer Is Looking Great So Far

I went into Ori and the Blind Forest… well, blind. I had seen a trailer for it back at E3, but other than that I hadn’t bothered with any information. Nothing against it, I just hadn’t bothered.

Your Next Direct3D 12 Tech Demo Is Courtesy Of... Intel?

It goes without saying that Intel is unanimously on-board with Direct3D 12, the next revision of Microsoft’s graphics API destined for release in the latter half of 2015. Until then, we won’t see benchmarks from the enthusiast sites, so we’ll have to be happy with numbers from Redmond itself or, in this case, chip maker Intel.