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Because Why Not Run Windows 95 On Your Xbox One

Now this is the Xbox One bundle I’ve been waiting for.

That Time Bill Gates Starred In A DOOM Promo Video

Yes, that’s former Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates pretending to walk around in a level from DOOM and firing a shotgun at a DOOM marine.

Xbox Live Is Freeing Up A Million Gamertags

This week, Microsoft will release close to a million Xbox Live gamertags to the public, the company said today. These handles, which Microsoft says have been inactive since the original Xbox era, will start going free on May 19 at 4:00AM AEST (May 18 at 2:00PM ET).

Microsoft Kills Project Spark

Project Spark is no more. Microsoft has just announced that its online game creator is no longer for sale as of today. Online services will end in August.

Becoming A Mimic In Dark Souls III Is A Good Way To Confuse Invaders

Mimics are just the worst in Dark Souls III. So, role-playing as one during invasions is a fantastic way to have some fun and troll invaders.

How Fable Legends Destroyed Lionhead

Two months ago, in a stunning and surprising move, Microsoft shut down the renowned British studio Lionhead. Now, details have emerged about how it happened: in short, Fable Legends cost too much money, and nobody really wanted to make it.

Tim Sweeney's Still Pissed At Microsoft

When Microsoft announced its plans to unify their systems through the Universal Windows Platform, the chorus of disapproval from developers was swift and immediate. And one of the loudest was Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, accusing the corporation of trying to dominate the industry.

Microsoft refuted his claims, but it’s done little to quell Sweeney’s anger. He’s still pissed at Microsoft, and he’s still letting everyone know about it.

Google's Self-Driving Car Goes Wild In GTA V

Video: An autonomous, self-driving car in Los Santos? What could go wrong?

Fallout 4's World Map As A Globe

Suddenly, Fallout 4‘s Commonwealth, which feels pretty big in first-person view, shrinks when we can see most of it from above.

Massive Update Fixes A Lot Of Quantum Break's PC Problems

When Quantum Break launched earlier this month the PC version had plenty of problems, including poor performance, forced upscaling and the lack of a button to exit the game. Today’s 27GB update goes some way towards making the port not as horrible.

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