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New Xbox One Controller Is Pretty Hot

Alongside a new bundle announcement, Microsoft showed off this new Xbox One controller today. It’s official name is the “Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller”. I like it a lot.

Hardcore Pirates Are Reportedly Banning Windows 10

There’s casual Pirate Bay piracy, and then there’s private torrent trackers: members-only clubs that share the best movie and TV rips among themselves. As you’d expect, they tend to be pretty hardcore about privacy, enough so that some groups are banning members from using Windows 10.

Windows 10 Insiders Get Memory Manager Improvements In The Latest Preview Build

Those who were in the Windows 10 Insider program had the joy of letting everyone know whether or not Windows 10 was going to break for us on launch. But after Windows 10’s release, they’re going to be getting updates ahead of time too — including the ones pushed out today.

How To Unlock 'Very High' Streaming From Xbox One To PC

You might have noticed that the Xbox One-to-PC streaming currently on offer via Windows 10…doesn’t always look as good as you might have hoped. Turns out there’s sometimes a reason for that. And, as luck would have it, a workaround as well.

Crackdown 3 Shows What The Xbox One Can Really Do

Much was made of the Xbox One’s “cloud capabilities” around the time of its announcement, but until now, the only prominent use of that technology was Forza‘s “Driveatar” functionality, which essentially created a simulacrum of a player’s driving personality that lived on a server somewhere. Crackdown 3, however, has a much more interesting use for it: the creation of a city that is entirely, 100% destructible, where you can do anything from shooting a hole in a wall to collapsing an entire building, watching it crush another as it falls down. This right here is the next level of blowing things up.

Unfortunately, Quantum Break Looks A Bit Rubbish

For two years, we’ve wondered what Quantum Break actually is. Having seen it, I’m now worried that Quantum Break is a bland-looking shooter interrupted with 20-minute episodes of bad television at the end of every chapter. It should be so much better.

I'm A Bit Worried About Halo 5's Campaign

You can always rely on the Halo series to have great music, and even though it was a piecefrom the original game, hearing it kick in as Master Chief and the other three members of Blue Team hurtled through space towards a Covenant-infested ship in Halo 5 did make me go all gooey inside.

How Cross-Play On Xbox And Windows 10 Will Work

With the release of Windows 10, one of Microsoft’s new headline features is Cross-Play between Xbox One and PC players. This isn’t the company’s first foray into cross platform play.

Microsoft Will Put Its Own Games On Xbox Early Access

Since announcing Xbox Game Preview (Xbox’s version of Early Access) at E3, Microsoft has had “a mad rush from the game development community” to be part of its pilot program, says the company’s head of publishing Shannon Loftis — even Microsoft itself plans to release its own first-party games through the service.

Skylanders Is Getting Online Multiplayer

Activision revealed today that they’re adding online multiplayer to Skylanders: Superchargers. The game’s getting online land, sea and air races for up to four players, along with an online co-op story mode.

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