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Microsoft's Hololens Isn't Really For Gaming

Picking up where Pokemon GO leaves off, Microsoft’s Hololens delivers a new way of looking at the world.

Everything Xbox One Costs Bugger All On The Microsoft Store Today

If the prospect of buying an Xbox One for not much money is tempting to you, then the Microsoft Store has a cracking deal.

Every Xbox One S Has A Tiny Master Chief Inside

Look at him. Cute as a button. Just don’t go trying to find him on yours, if you ever decide to pick one of these things up.

The Xbox One S Is Marginally Faster Than The Original Xbox One

Microsoft has been busy touting the smaller footprint and sleeker look of the Xbox One S. But when it comes to performance, the company was adamant. It’s largely the same as the original Xbox One. One Microsoft executive even said the Xbox One S’s newer hardware would have “literally no impact” on games. Literally nothing.

They were wrong: the Xbox One S is a smidgen faster.

The Weird Truth About Halo's Ghosts

Have you ever fought a ghost in Halo? Not many have — but there are some rare players out there who encountered a very mysterious enemy while playing online.

Damn This Halo Trailer Was Good

Game trailers tend to be forgettable things. Explosive diversions paving the way for a marketing campaign that hits you, tries to sell you something then fades into nothingness as the next hype train takes its place. ODST’s live-action clip, though, lingers long after the game has disappeared off the charts.

It's Hard To Make The Official Xbox One Custom Controllers Look Bad

Last month Microsoft announced fans would be able to apply their own style to the Xbox One’s new wireless controller, creating a custom design to have shipped to their door. Mine just arrived, and it’s even prettier in person.

All The Current Options For Buying An Xbox One S

The sleek-looking Xbox One S starts shipping next week, but if you want one, you may want to hold off. More options will be available later thanks to a new set of bundles Microsoft announced today.

Australians Can Get The Xbox One S From August 2

While we’d previously known that the slimmer version of the Microsoft Xbox One S was coming out in August, we didn’t have a precise date. Today, however, the Microsoft Store has one.

Microsoft Polls PC Gamers, Calls Civilization An RTS

Microsoft has been making a renewed push to impress PC gamers for a while. There hasn’t been a flood of gamers rushing to the Windows 10 Store in lieu of Steam just yet, and some developers are still cranky about how the Universal Windows Platform has played out so far.

But what do gamers think? What do they really want from Windows 10? That’s what Microsoft wants to find out.

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