Microsoft Australia Is Giving Customers 3 Months Of Free Netflix With The Xbox One

With news that Netflix is launching here in Australia on March 24, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are touting their own Netflix functionality.But the Xbox One has landed the first strike, announcing that its own Netflix app is available for download as of today, ahead of the launch.

Perhaps more importantly, Microsoft is giving away three months of Netflix free with new purchases of the Xbox One.

Pneuma: Breath Of Life: The Kotaku Review

The people who made Pneuma: Breath of Life are trying to convince players that their game is talking to them. Not, like, in terms of art direction, puzzle design or anything like that. It’s more in the vein of an actual conversation. Part of it is worth listening to, while the other part feels like background noise you can’t quite tune out.

DirectX 12 Could Let You Mix NVIDIA And AMD GPUs In The Same PC

DirectX 12 should be one of the more exciting updates to Microsoft’s multimedia API since DirectX 9. Along with vastly reduced CPU overhead and a focus on giving developers more control, it might be possible to mix GPUs from different vendors in the same machine, if recent rumours are to be believed.

Fast & Furious Is Coming To Forza Horizon 2 Next Month

Briefly: According to the AP, a new standalone expansion called Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious won’t require the main game. The add-on will have a storyline that has players trying to acquire a bunch of new F&F-themed cars for the film franchise character played by Ludacris.

Xbox One Burgers Now Available In Hong Kong

Hungry? Why not have a tasty Xbox burger and a delicious beverage to wash it down? In Hong Kong, you can.

I Just Took A Screenshot Directly From My Xbox One

Members of Microsoft’s Xbox Dashboard Preview program are now enjoying the ability to tap a button twice or say “Xbox take a screenshot” and create a still image suitable for making your dashboard wallpaper — and not much else at the moment.

More Than A Third Of 2014's Big-Budget Games Got Day-One Patches

You may have had the feeling lately that the games you’ve been buying and playing didn’t quite get finished when they were shoved out onto store shelves. Well, a lot of them weren’t done baking.

Studio Behind Phantom Dust Reboot Shuts Down

Independent development studio Darkside Games, which was working on the planned reboot of the cult classic Phantom Dust, shut down this afternoon in the wake of news that Microsoft had cancelled their version of the game, Kotaku has learnt.

The Xbox One's Upload Studio Video Editor Just Got A Whole Lot Beefier

Video: Videos can now be created with up to 15 segments with a maximum run-time of 30 minutes, and users now have access to transitions, title cards, green screen effects and other tools that separate a video hobbyist from a YouTube professional.

Finally, A GTA V Stunt Montage With Birds

All the jets are grounded. GTA V‘s birds are here to show how to pull tricks off properly.