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Here's The First 20 Minutes From Gears Of War 4

If you wanted to get a sense of how the new Gears of War plays out, here’s the first 20 minutes to get you started.

N64 Emulator Pops Up On Xbox One, Gets Removed

A Nintendo 64 emulator was briefly available on Xbox One earlier this week, but Microsoft yanked it from the store today. Sad news for people who yearn to play Paper Mario on an Xbox.

Forza Horizon 3 Runs Fine On PC

Forza Horizon 3 marks the series’ PC debut as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. I’ve been playing the PC version since yesterday, and so far nothing horrible has happened. In fact, almost everything is fine.

Firewatch Is Having Classification Issues In Australia

Firewatch came out on Xbox One this week.

Correction: it came out in just about every other region besides Australia.

Why the delay? Apparently there’s a small issue with classification.

Forza Horizon 3 Is A Good Upgrade

Forza Horizon 3 is classified as a racing game, only really it’s not. It’s an open-world adventure game of the (mostly) four-wheeled variety, with a focus on celebrating everything exciting about cars and driving — even racing.

Microsoft Accidentally Sent An Xbox One To A Random Customer Two Months Before It Was Announced

In March of 2013, two months before Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One, they accidentally mailed one of their prototype units to a random customer. For years that story has remained quiet — until today.

The Forza Horizon 3 Demo Is Out This Morning

If you’ve been looking forward to driving around a fanciful version of Australia with dune buggies, a ute from the 1950’s, kangaroos, and, uh, a Lamborghini, then you’ll be pleased to know that the demo is available now.

Target Is Selling The Xbox One For $269

We’ve now got the Xbox One S. Project Scorpio is around the corner. So, as everyone expected, that means the price of the original Xbox One is coming down.

And apparently, it’s coming down real fast.

Halo's Warthog Probably Handles A Lot Better In Forza Horizon 3

After years of pleading from fans on both sides, Microsoft is finally crossing-over two of its most popular characters: Forza car and Halo Warthog.

Microsoft Blames Wikipedia For Bing Maps Putting Melbourne In The Sea

If you searched on Bing maps last week for Melbourne, you would have instead been re-directed to a spot in the North Pacific Ocean, off the East coast of Japan.

How did this happen? Bing was using inaccurate information from Wikipedia, namely, Wikipedia didn’t include the all-important South on the co-ordinates.

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