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Microsoft Officially Kills Lionhead

In early March, Microsoft announced plans to cancel Fable Legends and put forth a “proposed closure” of the iconic studio Lionhead. Today, it’s official: Lionhead is no more.

GTA V Player Pulls Off Absurd Stunts With A Vespa Bike

Video: The Enduro bike isn’t the only suitable vehicle in GTA V for wild custom stunt maps. The Vespa bike might be sluggish, but when handled correctly it’s a good choice for parkour maps as well.

Tony Stark Was Able To Build This Xbox In A Cave! With A Box Of Scraps!

Video: Xbox France had three of these consoles made up as a promo for The Latest Comic Book Movie™. You can’t buy them, but you can look at them and wonder why we can’t at least get that controller.

Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production

After a successful ten-and-a-half-year run, the Xbox 360 is officially saying goodbye. One might even say it’s turning around 360 degrees and walking away.

Dark Souls 3 Party Steamrolls Everything With Armour Of Thorns

Video: That’s a lot of players getting rolled to death. The “Armour of Thorns” is a special set in Dark Souls III, covered in thorns, that does damage when rolling into enemies. The damage is minimal, but not when a whole group of players are wearing it in 4v1 pvp.

Want To Know How Well The Xbox One Is Doing? Ask EA

Out of the three major console manufacturers, Sony has been the most vocal when it comes to their sales figures. And you would be too if you were beating your main rival to the tune of tens of millions of consoles.

So it’s understandable that Microsoft haven’t been overly loose lipped when it comes to the size of their install base. But that’s OK, because EA is.

Quantum Break Gets The Best DLC: A Quit Button

I’m as big a fan of the Alt+F4 rage quit as much the next gamer. Hell, if you grew up playing Counter-Strike and Quake it’s practically a rite of passage. Dota and League of Legends fans know the feeling of a healthy abandonment, and there’s plenty of games that just need a speedy abort when things start to break.

But Quantum Break is a different kettle of fish — because the developers forgot to add a quit button to the main menu.

Age Of Empires II Buildings, In LEGO Form

Here are some nice LEGO versions of essential medieval buildings from Age of Empires II by a group of LEGO enthusiasts. An Archery Range by Mark of Falworth and Barracks by Andrew JN above, and a few more below.

This Is Windows Solitaire In 2016

Video: Welcome to tonight’s instalment of “Game Ads For Dads”.

Gears Of War 4: The First Trailer

It’s time for Gears of War: Son Of Marcus Fenix.

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