Last Year's Halo Is Such A Mess, They're Beta-Testing The Next Patch

Of all the broken video games that we were stuck with in 2014, none were as broken as Halo’s Master Chief Collection, which even now, months after release, is still broken. But it’s OK! You can now sign up for a beta. For an update that may or may not fix it.

Microsoft's Hologram Plans Apparently Leaked Back In 2012

Today, Microsoft announced Hololens, an ambitious new piece of hardware designed to make it so you can finally hang out IRL with Hatsune Miku. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it totally is: turns out we’ve kinda known about this for three years now.

You'll Be Able To Stream Your Xbox One Games To Any Windows 10 Device

The games that have been locked to Microsoft’s latest home console will now be able to live on other devices running the company’s upcoming operating system, Microsoft said today.

Get A Load Of Microsoft's Holographic Vision For Minecraft's Future

Microsoft’s biggest reveal during today’s Windows 10 event was Project Hololens, a wearable visor that will insert holograms into a person’s field of vision. If their hype video is to be believed, it’s going to be just the thing to make Minecraft completely immersive. And completely inescapable.

Official Minecraft Simpsons Somehow Look More Deformed Than Fan Ones

It was only a matter of time before Minecraft put out an official licensed something related to The Simpsons thanks to its new corporate overlords at Microsoft. What’s genuinely surprising about the Simpsons “skin pack” announced today is just how… unsettling it looks.

Man Stuffs PS4 And Xbox One Into A Single Laptop

Modder Eddie Zarick took one PlayStation 4 and one Xbox One and put them into one laptop. Because, why not, really.

Fans Are Bringing Counter-Strike's Most Popular Maps To Halo

Halo and Counter-Strike both have guns, but otherwise they couldn’t be more different. And while I really hope someone focuses on upping Halo‘s chicken count soon, for now a couple classic Counter-Strike haunts will have to do.

Forza 6 Announced

Microsoft just showed the first trailer for Forza 6. And by trailer, I mean commercial for new car that also happens to be in the game.

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About The Sega Dreamcast

The latest from the video game trivia masters at Did You Know Gaming? tackles Sega’s ill-fated but fondly remembered Dreamcast — from inception to downfall.

Taking The Minecraft Vegetarian Challenge

Minecraft is a lot of different things to a lot of different people; a place to build a word processor, recreate Westeros or trap incredible monsters. For many players it’s simply about survival, which means making sure you have shelter at night, forging armour and weapons with which you can fend off attackers, and somehow finding food to keep your hunger meter full. It’s that last one that presented a problem for me when I picked the game up again recently.