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Why Everyone Should Rewatch E3 Several Times

The funny thing about E3 is how it’s all about That First Reaction. The curtains rise. The lights dim. The speakers begin to boom. Or in Sony’s case, the orchestra.

And then everything comes to a close and the internet sits around deciding Who Won. But in my case, I went back and rewatched everything. The trailers, the speeches, the streams. All of it. At least three times. And you know what? I’m bloody glad I did.

Final Fantasy XV's Director Says He Found Out About Scorpio At Microsoft's Conference

The director of Final Fantasy XV says they haven’t worked with the new consoles from Microsoft or Sony yet. In fact, he says he found out about the upcoming Project Scorpio while sitting in Microsoft’s green room.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer: 'We Will Ship Games On Steam Again'

If you’re a PC gamer, the big news out of E3 this year was Microsoft’s decision to (finally) re-embrace PC as a gaming platform. If you buy their games on Xbox One, you’ll get them on PC as well (and vice versa). For big games, however, Microsoft’s been awfully Microsoft in recent times. Its store or bust.

A Bloody $200 Gears Of War Control Pad

Look, considering how gorgeous the standard Elite controller is, this official Gears 4 version with GOUGES and BLOOD might be a bit much. Especially at $US200 ($272). That said, those d-pad overlays could be a neat accessory for future games…

The Entire Xbox E3 Press Conference Leaked Before It Started

Microsoft is a leaky company, but today we saw something unprecedented: Minutes before the Xbox E3 press conference, the entire lineup leaked on Twitter.

The New 2TB Xbox One S Will Retail For $549.95 In Australia

We were all aware of its existence, but now we know it’s a real thing: Microsoft is releasing a smaller, leaner version of the Xbox One called… the Xbox One S.

Thanks to this official listing, we now know that the 2TB Xbox One S will retail for $549 in Australia.

Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft's E3 Conference

E3 wasn’t really going to start this year until Microsoft’s conference this morning, and it was expected to be a big one. Sony had already revealed that they wouldn’t show off their new hardware this year, so all eyes were on Microsoft. And show things they did. Here’s what you missed.

Scalebound Looks Crazy, Features Giant Enemy Crab

Today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Platinum Games showed off a massive co-op boss fight from Scalebound, their take on Monster Hunter-ish co-op beast slaying.

Gears Of War 4 Will Have Cross-Play And Cross-Buy On Xbox And PC 

Day one of E3 kicks off today with Microsoft’s press conference, where we learned that anyone who purchases Gears of War 4 will get it on both PC and Xbox One — and there will be crossplay between both platforms.

Watch Microsoft's E3 Conference Here!

Good morning everyone! Crazy enough to be awake at this time in the morning?

Why not watch Microsoft’s E3 briefing!

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