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How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

One of the most requested additions to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list, Red Dead Redemption is now available for download and play. Folks just need to own the game digitally and find someone already following the game. Don’t worry, I know a guy.

The Managing Director Of Microsoft Australia Wants To Get More Women Into... Rugby?

Pip Marlow is the Managing Director of Microsoft Australia and has been since 2011.

She also loves Rugby. A lot.

Which is why she’s recently been appointed as a Director of the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Board with one strategic aim: getting more women interested in rugby.

Streamers Rejoice: Skype Now Hides Your IP Address By Default.

Streamers rejoice: Skype now hides your IP address by default. The move should cut down on game streamers being harassed and DDOSed by folks resolving their Skype address into an IP.

Halo Still Isn't The Esport It Could Be, But ESPN Might Help

The “mainstreaming of esports” is continuing, with ESPN saying this week that they will broadcast parts of the Halo Championship Tour event at the X Games in Aspen on the main network at the end of the month, while streaming it on WatchESPN. It’s a move that will give the surprisingly low-profile Halo competitive scene a chance to connect with an audience on a huge network, while also giving ESPN the chance to showcase a game that its viewers can connect with.

Last Week, Microsoft Reportedly Sold 99 Xbox Ones In Japan

In a nation of 127 million people, last week only ninety-nine of them wanted to buy an Xbox One. Ouch.

Microsoft Is Recalling Surface Pro Power Cables Due To Overheating

Microsoft is doing a voluntary recall on the power cords for its Surface Pro tablet range due to an issue with the cable that causes the power supply to overheat, which can pose a fire hazard. Hundreds and thousands of Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 users could be affected. Here’s what Microsoft has to say about the issue.

Microsoft Announces Plans To Donate US$1 Billion Of Cloud Resources Over 3 Years

In a blog post earlier today, the corporation announced through its president and chief legal officer that it would be donating US$1 billion over three years to researchers and not-for-profit organisations through its Microsoft Philanthropies division.

Microsoft And Mojang Announce Minecraft: Education Edition

Launching this winter, Minecraft: Education Edition will be an “expanded” version of Minecraft for classrooms, distributed to educational institutions worldwide.

US Supreme Court To Hear Microsoft's Appeal Of Xbox 360 Disc Scratching Lawsuit

Way back in 2007 lawyers gathered together a group of gamers angry with Microsoft over scratched Xbox 360 discs to form a class action lawsuit. Nine years later the US Supreme Court is preparing to hear Microsoft’s plea to have the case dismissed for a second time.

You Won't Be Able To Spectate League Of Legends In HoloLens - At Least Not Yet*

Thanks to the immense social footprint of League of Legends, the most popular community idea for Microsoft’s HoloLens was a spectator client for Riot’s iconic MOBA. But it’s something that’s never going to happen, according to a response from Microsoft.

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