Japan, The Xbox One Isn't Giving Up On You Just Yet

The Japanese Xbox One launch was an utter disaster and recent console sales have been shockingly bad. No wonder that today in Tokyo, newly minted Microsoft Japan boss Takuya Hirano was asked during in a Q&A whether or not the Xbox One was going to be pulled from the country’s market.

There Are A Lot Of Indie Games Coming Out On Xbox One

In the beginning people were quite critical of Microsoft’s strategy for indie games on the Xbox One. Now? There’s been a real about turn. The ID@Xbox program is absolutely bustling with interesting video games and some of them are being made in Australia.

Nothing Says Intel And Computers Like Anime Art

As part of an promotional effort, Intel is holding a “personification contest” online in Japan. You know, see which anime style characters be resemble computers that run Intel. Or something.

Phantom Dust Has Quietly Disappeared

At E3 2014, Microsoft thrilled hardcore gamers by announcing a reboot of the Japanese cult classic Phantom Dust. E3 2015 was somewhat less thrilling: the new Phantom Dust has vanished, and it’s unlikely we’ll see it again.

Xbox One Reaches A New Low In Japan

Just when you think Microsoft could do no worse in Japan, the console proves that, yes, it can do even worse. Much worse.

Microsoft Wants To Turn Xbox Home Into Facebook

The new Microsoft Xbox One software update will bring in a host of changes that will overhaul the Xbox Home dashboard. The Xbox Home facelift will make it look more like Facebook, for better or for worse.

Kinect Totally Isn't Dead. No, Really: Microsoft

Microsoft came out with all guns blazing at this year’s E3, delivering one of the best press conferences in recent memory. In dizzyingly fast succession, the euphoric audience was hit with one huge announcement after another — from backwards compatibility for Xbox One to the potentially game-changing HoloLens in action. One thing that wasn’t announced was anything to do with Kinect. As in, literally zero mentions in any context.

A Guided Tour Of The Pricey Xbox One Elite Controller

This fall’s Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is packed with killer controller tech, but $US150? Perhaps a live walkthrough with Xbox senior marketing manager Navin Kumar can shed some light on the hefty price tag.

Xbox One Getting New Dashboard UI

As part of an update due in late 2015, the Xbox One will be getting a new dashboard user interface. Looks nice!

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Is The Good Kind Of Crazy

Much more than just a stereo headphone jack, Microsoft’s newly-revealed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a modular, remap-able and tweak-able work of engineering art.