World Shark? World Shark.

Dayshot: It was built by Planet Minecraft’s Zeckou, who calls it a live coral reef, which explains the little floating fish and jellyfish. It’s also deceptively big. Check below for the hi-res version of the three pics and the obligatory in-game shots, and click here for the world download.

Alice In Wonderland-Based Minecraft Build Is Kinda Magnificent

Dayshot: It also doesn’t have a world download, which is criminal. Instead, it has a rather well-put-together video.

An Incredible Minecraft Recreation Of Dark Souls

Maybe it’s because we die so frequently in that world, and have to backtrack so often, but the world of Lordran is just such a familiar one to anyone who has played Dark Souls. That’s why this pitch-perfect Minecraft recreation of the game’s environment is so tremendous. It’s like I can remember every single square inch of this place.

Get A Load Of Microsoft's Holographic Vision For Minecraft's Future

Microsoft’s biggest reveal during today’s Windows 10 event was Project Hololens, a wearable visor that will insert holograms into a person’s field of vision. If their hype video is to be believed, it’s going to be just the thing to make Minecraft completely immersive. And completely inescapable.

Watch A Guy Build Bender In Minecraft

Dayshot: In 24 hours, no less — although the video clocks in at just four minutes. Thank goodness for timelapse.

A Dark Theory About The Origin Of Minecraft's World

Have you ever stared up into Minecraft‘s night sky? I mean, like, really taken a good, hard look into the frigid cosmos? You might notice that something’s amiss. It’s kinda empty, and the moon is always opposite the sun, and… this world doesn’t work like ours, does it? Here’s a shockingly bleak theory on why that is.

Massive LEGO Minecraft Castle Is Full Of Goodies

ZaziNombies’ castle looks incredible on its own, but he created it by only using blocks that fit into Minecraft‘s blocky aesthetic. The result is a much bigger and detailed 20,000 piece version of the tiny official Minecraft LEGO sets.

Official Minecraft Simpsons Somehow Look More Deformed Than Fan Ones

It was only a matter of time before Minecraft put out an official licensed something related to The Simpsons thanks to its new corporate overlords at Microsoft. What’s genuinely surprising about the Simpsons “skin pack” announced today is just how… unsettling it looks.

Brian May Has Become A Massive Minecraft Fan All Of A Sudden

Yep, that Brian May. Lead guitarist of Queen, owner of the most sustained white-boy Afro of all time, now a Minecraft devotee. For the last day now Brian May has been doing tweeting about Minecraft constantly…

Taking The Minecraft Vegetarian Challenge

Minecraft is a lot of different things to a lot of different people; a place to build a word processor, recreate Westeros or trap incredible monsters. For many players it’s simply about survival, which means making sure you have shelter at night, forging armour and weapons with which you can fend off attackers, and somehow finding food to keep your hunger meter full. It’s that last one that presented a problem for me when I picked the game up again recently.