2,000,000 Blocks, 40 Days Of Work, One Huge-Arse Shark

As a bonus, this huge-arse shark also happens to be a flying monstrosity armed with a metric crapton of guns. Pretty neat, unless you’re the enemy.

Minecraft: Story Mode Looks Charming

Here’s the very first trailer for the Minecraft adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games. It looks like a proper Telltale adventure with lovely characters (with a main character called Jesse) and according to the Telltale blog the game will also have a pretty cool cast.

The Best Batman Mods For Good PC Games

So Batman: Arkham Knight on PC is kinda… not great. Having waited in desperate anticipation for months, you’re probably feeling pent up — like you need to don bat pyjamas and fall to your knees in the cold night, weeping. But wait, there are other options.

Yes, This Starcraft Mural Was Made In Minecraft

The above. It looks like any old screenshot from Starcraft, right?

Wrong. This was made in Minecraft and is the largest piece of pixel art ever created in Minecraft — 1,128,960 blocks were used to create this. Mindblowing.

Microsoft's Holographic Minecraft Demo Is Stunning

Minecraft is a game we’ve seen countless times before. And yet! The virtual reality demo showcased by Microsoft today makes the game almost seem brand new.

Someone Made A Pretty Cool Pokémon Trainer Battle System For Minecraft

With all the necessary elements and that familiar layout included, PhoenixSC‘s work is probably the best attempt yet to recreate Pokémon’s battle system in a completely different environment like Minecraft.

Now You Can Play Splatoon In Minecraft

Intrigued by Nintendo’s competitive online multiplayer painting game but don’t own a Wii U? Thanks to the magic of mods, anyone with a PC and a copy of Minecraft can enjoy a fairly accurate Splatoon experience.

LEGO Just Launched Its Own Minecraft

The best way to describe Minecraft is as “digital LEGO”, so I guess it was inevitable that LEGO would make its own version too.

Tracking Where A Mouse Moves While Gaming

Over the weekend, Gking19 posted the results of an interesting experiment: tracking the movement of the mouse through their favourite video games.

Minecraft Player Named 'MojangSucksDick' Gets Pranked By Mojang

Making a username in a fit of rage can lead to some pretty silly situations. Just ask the Minecraft player who gave themselves the username ‘MojangSucksDick.’