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A Minecraft Spider Mech, Crawling Under The Night Sky

Dayshot: Very serene, up until the point when the spider mech starts shooting boxes of TNT at another mech. But that’s just what Minecraft mechs do.

Up Close, 3D Minecraft Art Gets Pretty Freaky

Dayshot: The above gif progresses as follows: Minecraft 3D art as it’s meant to be viewed, as a 2D-ish render; Minecraft 3D art in-game; Minecraft 3D art in-game, but closer. It’s quite the transformation.

Fans Are Making A 1:1 Scale Minecraft Version Of Vienna

Vienna is a city full of historical sites, exciting architectural styles and most importantly, it’s not a giant metropolis. So it’s the perfect candidate for a crazy Minecraft project.

Start Off Tuesday With Some Blocky Snacks

Dayshot: The blocky sushi and blocky salad are both sublime. To enjoy them, all you need is a copy of Minecraft.

Minecraft Player's Pretty Good At Castles

This looks way way way better than my castles, which are basically stone blocks with teeth. It’s why I mostly stick to the tried-and-true Crappy Wooden Rectangle™ houses nowadays.

Minecraft: Story Mode Works Surprisingly Well

The reveal of Minecraft: Story Mode was met with a lot of internet scepticism in 2014 — could a narrative-driven take could even work for such an open-ended exploration game? I’ve played through the first episode of the new series, and can say with confidence that yes, actually, a story fits Minecraft pretty damn well.

Woolworths Wakes Up, Realises Minecraft Is A Thing

“How do you do fellow kids, tell me more of your ‘Mining Craft’…”

Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 

Turns out, playing video games can pay off quite handsomely — at least for some people.

John Carmack Is Making Sure Minecraft Works In VR

John Carmack’s departure from iD Software to Oculus was fairly understandable given the man’s career and his passion for technology. It’s sad to see him not working on iD Tech engines any more, but hey, the guy’s a genius and he’s played a large part in making this wave of virtual reality work.

Given that his entire career effectively revolves around making new things — or existing things better — it’s always interesting to see what has caught Carmack’s eye. As it turns out, that new thing is Minecraft.

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