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Enormous, Beautiful Minecraft Map Took 400 Hours To Build

Dayshot: Pictured above: six kilometres by six kilometres of pure magnificence, in Minecraft map form.

The End Of Minecraft

I finished Minecraft a few weeks ago.

Yep, that famously endless game ends, and as someone who gets weirdly excited about things ending, I wanted to check it out.

Thank God Minecraft Doesn't Really Have Physics

Dayshot: In Minecraft, a few block types like sand, gravel or water are affected by gravity, and that’s mostly it for the in-game physics. In this animation, however, it takes very little for a painstakingly built mansion to totally and utterly collapse.

The Great Pyramid From Game Of Thrones, Recreated In Minecraft

Dayshot: The Great Pyramid of Meereen, as depicted in the Game of Thrones TV show, as depicted in Minecraft. It’s as far from the books as you can get, but at least you can explore this version.

Minecraft Is An Example Of The Gear VR's Biggest Problem

It seems like just about every kid with a passing interest in technology has been touched by Minecraft in some way. I’ve heard some parents complain about how it’s the only thing their children want to play.

So good news! There’s a new way to play Minecraft. Which totally involves them becoming immersed in a way that will happily let you ignore them for hours. Probably. But there’s a problem.

Minecraft As American Political Commentary

Dayshot: Today, courtesy of a Minecraft map, we get a glimpse of a grim future brought on by an economic crisis, which started shortly after Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Minecraft In Virtual Reality Is The Real Deal

Like chocolate and peanut butter, Minecraft and virtual reality go together about as well as two things can. This is easily one of the best things I’ve done in VR.

By The Way, You Can Now Play Golf In Minecraft

Can’t wait until our children grow up and all video games are swallowed, consumed and digested by Minecraft.

We’ll all wear Minecraft clothes, carry Minecraft swords.

All hail Minecraft.

The Village Is The Biggest Official LEGO Minecraft Set Yet

The LEGO Minecraft Village is a $US199 ($260) box containing 1600 pieces used to create something an 11-year-old could create on their computer in an hour. Plus it comes with an enderman, which is somehow scarier in LEGO form.

Minecraft Sells 10,000 Copies A Day

Today in the New York Times Magazine there’s a pretty great story about the Minecraft phenomenon, approached deftly by Clive Thompson in a way that offers new insight into a story we’ve all heard thousands of times before.

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