Up Close, Dragon Age Dragons Are Quite Menacing

And you can get all up in this one’s face thanks to Block_Fortress’ Minecraft map.

Realistic Minecraft Neighbourhood Looks Straight Out Of SimCity

Playing with the camera angles and the shaders to make this Minecraft town look like something from a city-building game was the easy part. Designing and building all the unique houses must have been a lot harder.

Huge Sci-Fi Battleships Are Made For Exploration

Dayshot: Especially when said huge battleships are Minecraft creations.

Minecraft Player Turns Squids Into Deadly Bombs

Dayshot: He also makes bats drop TNT and does a couple of more spectacular things. All without mods.

Old-School RuneScape Rebuilt In Minecraft

This must be one of the flattest Minecraft worlds out there, but that’s how you remake a classic browser game.

Minecon Returns In 2015

Briefly: There was no Minecon event in 2014, but the convention returns in 2015. Minecon 2015 takes place July 4-5 in London at the ExCeL Exhibition and Conference Centre. Tickets go on sale next month.

Explore Gondor's Ancient Capital From Lord Of The Rings In Minecraft

Dayshot: Osgiliath, capital of the Kingdom of Gondor, was the Kingdom’s greatest city before it was eventually abandoned in the Third Age. Now, you can take a walk in Osgiliath, both in its glory days and beyond, courtesy of two fantastic Minecraft builds.

125 People Are Building All Of Game Of Thrones In Minecraft

Look at this video. Just look at it. Forget the stilted narration by Bran Stark and just look at those goddamn cities and mountains. It is amazing what a group of driven people can do with enough creativity and time.

World Shark? World Shark.

Dayshot: It was built by Planet Minecraft’s Zeckou, who calls it a live coral reef, which explains the little floating fish and jellyfish. It’s also deceptively big. Check below for the hi-res version of the three pics and the obligatory in-game shots, and click here for the world download.

Alice In Wonderland-Based Minecraft Build Is Kinda Magnificent

Dayshot: It also doesn’t have a world download, which is criminal. Instead, it has a rather well-put-together video.