New Minecraft LEGO Kinda Misses The Point Of LEGO

While there have always been jokes about Minecraft LEGO — the toys have done much of what the game does for decades without its help, thanks — this new set takes things to a whole new level of “wha huh?”.

What Rendering Software Can Do For Minecraft Screenshots

Dayshot: Here’s a very good example of what rendering software (in this case, Chunky, combined with a texture pack) can do for Minecraft screenshots. It’s like comparing a finished CG shot from a film to a photo of the set, though here, you get Minecraft blocks standing in for a greenscreen. Look below for the hi-res pics.

I Want To Live In This Sexy Minecraft Apartment

Last Friday I posted about this incredible Minecraft city. This glorious looking apartment feels as though it belongs in that city. I would like to live in the apartment. I fear I could not afford an apartment like this in real life.

He Built This City. He Built This City On Minecraft

How? This is usually my first question when I encounter something mind boggling in Minecraft. How is this possible? How did the person find the time, how did he/she put it together?


Someone Built A 'Working' iPhone Inside Minecraft

Every time I think I’m sick of seeing stuff made in Minecraft, along comes something like this to make me exhale deeply and wonder how we haven’t solved world peace yet.

It Took Two Years To Make Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft

Minecraft modder Killerx20 has finally released his giant re-creation of Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgar, which he’s been building (with help) since early 2012.

Portal Built In Vanilla Minecraft

Someone’s built a working version of Portal from basic Minecraft. No mods, just science and a lot of people trying to work out how it was done.

Silent Hills P.T. In Minecraft Is Spooky, Hilarious

Seriously, this is so spot-on. For those not in the know, P.T. is an interactive teaser Konami released to announce that Metal Gear (more like Metal FEAR) creator Hideo Kojima and famed horror director Guillermo del Toro (more like Guillerm-boo del OhNo!) have teamed up to make the next Silent Hill, titled Silent Hills. P.T., however, was a remarkably scary, interesting horror game in itself.

Entries Are Open For Planet Minecraft's Next Big Contest

Video: Entries are open for Planet Minecraft’s next big contest, “Industrial Revolution“. Like last time, the task is to build something magnificent on Planet’s Minecraft’s map (shown in the trailer above). The contest runs the whole month, so expect a lot of cool Minecraft machines and factories to pop up during that time.

These Minecraft Players Should Design Disney Rides

The latest skin pack for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is Doctor Who, and the roller coaster that these players built with it — block by block — is nothing short of incredible.