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UN Headquarters Recreated In Minecraft

Dayshot: When redditor officialvide showed Minecraft to his dad, his first order of business, after picking up the basics, was to recreate the NYC United Nations Headquarters in-game. Impressive for a WIP, and especially for a first project. Much fancier than a wooden hut, anyway. There are five more renders below.

When Minecraft Meets Architecture, Magic Happens

Minecraft is cool. People create awesome things in Minecraft. But what happens when a team of dedicated architects get to grips with Minecraft’s tools. What happens then?

Sweet Minecraft PC, Guy

Spencer Kern built a new PC recently, but he didn’t just go and build any old tower with some fans. He wanted a Minecraft-themed computer, and boy did he make one.

Planet Minecraft's 'Under The Sea' Contest Was Won By BlockWorks

Planet Minecraft’s “Under The Sea” contest was won by BlockWorks and their amazing “Deep Sea” map, which we featured last month. Meanwhile, Pandora’s Blocks’ “Xephira” nabbed 2nd place, and MysticAbsents’ “Echoes from The Deep” placed 3rd.

Minecraft Crochet Dolls, In Case The Original In-Game Creatures Weren't Charming Enough

Dayshot: These were made by DeviantArt’s AradiyaToys (via Pixalry) — look below for the hi-res photos, and check out her DA Gallery to find more gaming and pop culture-related amigurumi.

Deep Sea Wonderland Built In Minecraft Looks Incredible

Minecraft players build ridiculous and elaborate structures all the time. But it’s rare to come across a Minecraft creation that feels lush, convincing, alive.

2,000,000 Blocks, 40 Days Of Work, One Huge-Arse Shark

As a bonus, this huge-arse shark also happens to be a flying monstrosity armed with a metric crapton of guns. Pretty neat, unless you’re the enemy.

Minecraft: Story Mode Looks Charming

Here’s the very first trailer for the Minecraft adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games. It looks like a proper Telltale adventure with lovely characters (with a main character called Jesse) and according to the Telltale blog the game will also have a pretty cool cast.

The Best Batman Mods For Good PC Games

So Batman: Arkham Knight on PC is kinda… not great. Having waited in desperate anticipation for months, you’re probably feeling pent up — like you need to don bat pyjamas and fall to your knees in the cold night, weeping. But wait, there are other options.

Yes, This Starcraft Mural Was Made In Minecraft

The above. It looks like any old screenshot from Starcraft, right?

Wrong. This was made in Minecraft and is the largest piece of pixel art ever created in Minecraft — 1,128,960 blocks were used to create this. Mindblowing.

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