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Someone's Making A Working Copy Of Pokémon Red In Minecraft

Well, this is pretty damn incredible.

Minecraft Can Now Do In-Game Tutorials

Visually, this Minecraft map is nothing fancy, but it does demonstrate how the game could be used as a teaching tool.

A Spectacular Minecraft Rant About Boats

Dayshot: Boats in Minecraft, due to their durability (or lack thereof), have been nigh impossible (or at least highly aggravating) to use on anything but the open sea for years now. One player took to Reddit to vent a bit on the matter. And thank goodness he did.

Netflix And Twitch Coming to Oculus Connect

At Oculus Connect today, the company announced video apps, including Netflix and Twitch, and confirmed Minecraft is getting proper VR support in 2016. An updated Gear VR, compatible with all 2015 Samsung phones, hits in November for $US200, but no word on a price or release date for the Rift…yet.

We Can All Learn Something From This Young Minecraft Fan

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a political flashpoint throughout Europe. Some people are being arseholes about it. Then you’ve got this kid, spotted at the “Solidarity with Refugees” march in London.

Dragon Quest Builders Cannot Deny Its Minecraft DNA

Dragon Quest Builders, Square Enix’s new block making RPG feels like a rebellious child — not wanting to acknowledge its heritage, even though it’s really obvious.

Minecrafters Built The Best-Looking Homes Out Of A Simple Block

Planet Minecraft’s first solo contest, Penthouse, Sweet!, came to an end recently. Appropriately enough, the results are quite sweet.

The Minecraft Server Where You're Greeted By The Joker

Actually two Jokers and one Harley Quinn, but eh, details.

Today's Minecraft Mobile Update Is Quite Huge

Minecraft: Pocket Edition gets patched to version 0.12.1 today, adding quite a lot of community-requested features and putting it even closer to its PC version daddy.

Hobbiton, Via Minecraft, Is Just Beautiful

Just when I thought I was sick to death of seeing these kind of things, along comes a Tolkien tribute to blow my socks off.

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