Minecraft Makes An Incredible Beatbox

YouTuber Minkks pulled out all the sound effects from Minecraft and turned them into a series of songs made from only those sound effects. The results are fantastic.

Minecraft's New Terrain Generator Looks Amazing

Mojang has been slowly teasing out details about the next big update for Minecraft dubbed for a while now. This Tuesday, the team decided to drop a bombshell on fans of the legendary PC game in the form of a quiet little YouTube video announcing how players will soon be able “to create their own wild and crazy terrain!”

Welcome To The Lands Of Iuvem

Created by redditor crpeh, Iuvem is a world file for Minecraft that you can download and adventure on with your buddies. Or just stare at the scenery by yourself, since it all looks so holy-crap-incredible. The map can be downloaded here, and there’s more shots below.

Minecraft Worlds, 3D-Printed. They're Amazing.

Looking at these photos makes me want a 3D printer so bad. Printing figurines or other small items is one thing, but entire Minecraft worlds? Minecraft enthusiast Dave Russell used Mineways, an open source 3D printer program, to bring all these blocky builds to life.

This Isn't What We Meant When We Wanted GTA V On PC...

Give humanity a game that lets them build and explore entire worlds and you can bet they will use that power to… recreate pop culture locations. In this case, Michael’s house from Grand Theft Auto V, which has been faithfully restored, Minecraft-style, both inside and out.

Minecraft Items, According To Someone New To The Game

Pixelated Minecraft items can be confusing for someone not familiar with the game — like Redditor CyanideX-Ed’s wife in this case — with pretty hilarious results when they try to guess their names.

Super Popular Minecraft YouTuber To Create An Educational Minecraft Channel

If you happen to be a fan of Minecraft, or Let’s Play YouTube videos in general, you might be aware of Stampylonghead, one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers out there. After making a great success of his Let’s Play videos, Stampylonghead (real name: Joseph Garrett) is about to launch an exclusively educational Minecraft channel.

You Can Play Titanfall In Minecraft

If it exists, it will get recreated in Minecraft — and Titanfall is no exception.

Watch The Simpsons' Minecraft Intro Here

Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons – Luca$, featuring Zach Galifianakis — aired with this silly Minecraft-themed intro. It’s cute, if not exactly the best thing they have ever done. At least Moe makes for a good Creeper.