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Minecrafter Builds Extremely Detailed Replica Of Disney Cruise Ship

Dayshot: Can’t afford or don’t have time for an actual cruise? Spend a couple minutes exploring this 1:1 scale recreation of a cruise ship. In Minecraft, of course.

Havana From Assassin's Creed IV, Recreated In Minecraft

Dayshot: Who needs a holiday to the Caribbean when you can just boot up this lovely Assassin’s Creed Havana map in Minecraft? The majority of people, probably. But hey, it’s still a pretty cool build.

Players Are Recreating The Entirety Of GTA V In Minecraft

Video: Los Santos has never looked so…blocky.

This Mod Lets You Write And Run BASIC Programming Code In Minecraft

We’ve heard of creative players embarking on some rather advanced projects in Minecraft, but this takes the cake. Modder SethBling has made a working BASIC interpreter within the block-ridden world. And “basic” is certainly the right word to use to describe how functional it is.

Today's Feat Of Minecraft Engineering: A Working Submarine

Dayshot: Admittedly it looks and moves more like a worm (it’s even partly made of slime blocks), but hey, it’s underwater and it keeps you dry. A bit proof of concept-y, but it’s a Minecraft submarine.

Dragon Quest Builders Will Not Be Compatible With PlayStation Vita TV

Briefly: The PS Vita version of Dragon Quest Builders, the Minecraft meets Dragon Quest title, cannot be used with PlayStation Vita TV. A bummer for PS Vita TV owners!

Fake Minecraft Sequel Tops iTunes Charts

The Apple Store has long been full of apps that make money through cloning, copyright infringement and other scammy techniques. Sometimes, thanks to Apple’s never-ending vigilance, these scams can even make it to the top of the iTunes charts.

Some Surreal Minecraft Art To End Your Night

Dayshot: Nothing like a burning church inside a giant truck.

Minecraft Update 1.8.8 Goes Live For Consoles Today

Video: Minecraft update 1.8.8 goes live for consoles today, Microsoft just announced. It will come with a bunch of new biomes and monsters.

Minecraft Characters Invade Fantastic Stickman Animation

Video: Animator Alan Becker brings back the early internet years, full flash animations and stick warriors for a few minutes with his superb clip.

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