Tracking Where A Mouse Moves While Gaming

Over the weekend, Gking19 posted the results of an interesting experiment: tracking the movement of the mouse through their favourite video games.

Minecraft Player Named 'MojangSucksDick' Gets Pranked By Mojang

Making a username in a fit of rage can lead to some pretty silly situations. Just ask the Minecraft player who gave themselves the username ‘MojangSucksDick.’

Playing Pokemon Inside Minecraft

To think, in 2013 we’d get excited about people building Pokemon maps in Minecraft. In 2015, it takes a lot more than that: it takes recreating Pokemon systems in the game, from Pokeballs to the little (and big) pocket monsters themselves.

The Video Games That Come Full Circle

I remember the precise moment when I fell in love with Dark Souls.

Minecraft's Rocks Don't Burn, And Other Geological Lies

Are there kids out there who think the real world actually works like Minecraft? Geoscience Australia, a department of the federal government, seems to think so.

Minecraft Battle Mech Destroys An Entire Village

Iron Golems? Useful when your village faces skeletons or zombies. Not so much when it’s the Colossus.

Minecraft Is Now Free In All Secondary Schools In Northern Ireland

As part of an initiative set up by Northern Ireland’s Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, Minecraft will now be distributed to all schools in the country for free.


Five Nights At Freddy's, Meet Minecraft

If you can’t beat ‘em, hit them in the face repeatedly with a pick axe while weeping, and then build a giant wall to make sure they never get close to you ever, ever again.

Survival Games Have Gotten A Bit... Predictable

Alternate headline: “Every PC Game Released In The Year 2015.”