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Mojang Bans Paid Advertisements Within Minecraft

Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft, has made big changes to its policies on companies being able to promote their products using Minecraft. It could make a video like this, depicting a Verizon mobile phone, a thing of the past.

Someone Is Building All Of Destiny In Minecraft

Some Minecraft players like to build houses, or castles, or mazes full of monsters. Others prefer to recreate the entirety of Destiny.

Minecraft Is Getting A PVP Battle Mode

The folks behind Minecraft are adding a set of new mini-games, starting with a competitive multiplayer mode that will release on consoles in June.

Nintendo's Awful YouTube Policies Accidentally Impacting Minecraft Videos

Nintendo has a complicated history with YouTube, to say the least. So when Nintendo characters were added to Minecraft recently, people were sceptical. Wouldn’t the company apply the same draconian copyright measures to Minecraft videos on YouTube? They weren’t supposed to! But, well, they did.

A Look At Minecraft's Official New Mario World

Video: This Minecraft statue of Mario is different than other Minecraft statues of Mario. Because this one is official.

Super Mario Is Headed To Minecraft: Wii U 

On May 17, the digital version of Minecraft: Wii U Edition will get a free update that brings the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, which features Mario skins, music, item textures and a Super Mario-themed world.

Enormous, Beautiful Minecraft Map Took 400 Hours To Build

Dayshot: Pictured above: six kilometres by six kilometres of pure magnificence, in Minecraft map form.

The End Of Minecraft

I finished Minecraft a few weeks ago.

Yep, that famously endless game ends, and as someone who gets weirdly excited about things ending, I wanted to check it out.

Thank God Minecraft Doesn't Really Have Physics

Dayshot: In Minecraft, a few block types like sand, gravel or water are affected by gravity, and that’s mostly it for the in-game physics. In this animation, however, it takes very little for a painstakingly built mansion to totally and utterly collapse.

The Great Pyramid From Game Of Thrones, Recreated In Minecraft

Dayshot: The Great Pyramid of Meereen, as depicted in the Game of Thrones TV show, as depicted in Minecraft. It’s as far from the books as you can get, but at least you can explore this version.

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