Huge Minecraft Desert City Was Built By One Player Over 20 Months

And it still isn’t done! Although Whiteark really is huge — it occupies a 1057 by 824 block area — the most amazing aspect is probably its rich lore. Reading over the description of each landmark or city district, you can slowly put together a history of slow expansion littered with raider attacks, of a city dominated by a classist, plutocratic society.

One Day, We'll Have The Whole Earth Remade In Minecraft

Until then here’s a blocky version of Mount Everest made by the talented 2. He used a terrain generator program called World Machine to replicate the mountain range and, well, the result is damn realistic.

The 'Largest Minecraft Project' Will Cover An Area Over 5200 Square Kilometres

A group of people are working on Aerna, described as the “largest [multiplayer] server to ever exist in Minecraft“. Calling it merely ambitious would be a pretty big understatement.

Valiant Hearts' Trailer In Minecraft Is Both Silly And Poignant

We’ve got the first trailer for Valiant Hearts, Ubisoft’s fantastic game about World War I, with its own distinct visual style and powerful narration and music. Now, what if we take this visual style, and substitute it for Minecraft? Surprisingly, it works. Kinda.

Here's What It Takes To Make Star Wars In Minecraft

Building unsurprisingly. Lots of building. Here’s a new video showing the sets and ships being created for Paradise Decay’s Minecraft version of Star Wars A New Hope.

Minecraft's Main Character Is Kind Of A Jerk

When you think about it, Minecraft can be a bit of a jerk simulator.

It's A Joy To Watch This Giant Minecraft Battle Robot Move

It’s called the Mega Gargantua, and if you see it appear on the horizon, it’s probably a good time to run.

Minecraft Star Wars: A New Hope Looks As Good As Ever

Good news: there’s a fresh trailer out for Paradise Decay’s big Minecraft remake of Star Wars: A New Hope, which we’ve last heard of in 2013. Bad news: This is the last trailer we’ll get before the film comes out next year.

Minecraft Is Everywhere -- Even The Desk Of CNN News Anchors

Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon; we all know it. But every once in a while the breadth of that phenomenon becomes apparent. Minecraft is everywhere — even on the desk of CNN news anchors.

Beautiful Minecraft Village Helps Soldier Deployed In Afghanistan

“Autumnvale. Serving in Afghanistan, so I created this world so I finally have something pretty to look at.” Redditor udlose submitted a build to r/minecraft yesterday with the above description.