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YouTube celebrities, especially women in the beauty vlogging community, have been open about how their extremely public job affects their mental health. In many cases, showing their face to millions of people has led them down dark paths. Self-harm, anxiety, depression and eating disorders are just some of the mental health issues inspired by being endlessly critiqued online.

A war is raging on one of the longest-running servers in Minecraft, 2b2t. Some of the battle is fought with diamond swords and lava buckets, as you might expect, but the rest of it unfolds with racist memes, shocking gore and porn, as well as monstrous contraptions designed to make the server literally unplayable. It's not just a war for imaginary space. it's a war for what kind of server 2b2t wants to be.

Following fast on the heels of Mojang's first console mini-game -- Battle -- is another competitive arena game mode, but this time with a little bit more polish and a lot more fun. Rather than trying to badly emulate the highly niche and wonky PvP that is popular on big Minecraft servers, Tumble takes all of the best elements of one of Minecraft's oldest existing minigames, polishes them and presents it all in fast-paced package. Where Battle was something of a disappointment, Tumble plays to Minecraft's strengths and manages to offer something to console players that is unique and fun.

After enjoying years of undisputed dominance as the king of unlimited exploration, Minecraft has a new challenger in -- you guessed it -- indie darling/gaming messiah/space sim extraordinaire, No Man's Sky. Boasting an explorable universe with an inconceivably large number of planets (2^64, or 18 quintillion, but who's counting?), it seems that No Man's Sky has seized the title of "biggest game" from Minecraft once and for all.

Today is the 15th birthday of acclaimed Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. As a token of gratitude to the Japanese movie that opened up so many virgin minds to the wonderful and sometimes bad world of anime, Minecraft user Alan Becker has reconstructed the entire world of Spirited Away (and a little of My Neighbour Totoro) in Minecraft. We covered him two years ago, but since then, he's made astounding progress.

The newly-launched Minecraft Battle mini game (free on consoles) is Mojang's latest attempt to recapture some of the massive market that plays on independent servers on third-party maps. The Battle mini game is pretty simple -- it's a big free-for-all with up to eight players, where you try to kill, hide, and survive, hoping to be the last player standing.