Minecraft Screenshots Always Look So Great When They're Isometric

Dayshot: Minecraft screenshots always look so great when they’re isometric and the buildings have this classic strategy game feel. Just like this one by superhoiee. It reminds me buildings from the first Settlers game or larger castles from Age of Empires. Really cool build.

Diablo II Maps In Minecraft Will Fill You With Nostalgia

Even though the Arcane Sanctuary and the jungles of Act 3 in Diablo II were not the nicest maps with their unforgiving layout and enemies, there’s something in laztheripper‘s Minecraft recreation that makes me want to log back and run through them again.

New Minecraft LEGO Will Fit Your Minifigs

There’s been Minecraft LEGO for a while now, but it’s been on a tiny scale, with tiny little figures. These new sets are “normal” scale, meaning your Star Wars v Minecraft fan-fic role-playing just got a lot easier.

When Do We Get To Play This Minecraft Walking Dead Mod?

Remember that ‘it only does everything’ campaign for the PlayStation 3? That totally should have been for Minecraft because, seriously, at this stage in the game, what can’t Minecraft do? It’s just ridiculous.The above GIF was posted on the Minecraft subreddit today. It’s part of a modpack that will apparently be out this Spring.

Watch Notch Pour A Bucket Of Ice Water Over His Head

You may be vaguely aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge in which folks dump a bucket of ice over their heads in ice to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now Notch, the creator of Minecraft has taken the challenge, promptly inviting Cliff Bleszinski, Bobby Kotick and Phil Spencer to do the same.

This Is What A Minecraft Resource Pack Can Do To Your World

Dayshot: These shots come courtesy of udlose, soldier and the builder behind Autumnvale — now known as Ambervale — and they show off the capabilities of the Conquest pack, with vanilla Minecraft on the left and Conquest on the right. Two more below.

Shady Minecraft Convention Disappears, Ticket Money Missing

Over half a million dollars could be MIA as the organisers of a failed Minecraft convention refuse to explain what they did with all the ticket money — or why they have deleted their website and Twitter account.

Saying Goodbye To A Three-Year-Old Minecraft World

Generally for Minecraft players, the more time they spend in their world, the more attached they will be. I don’t tend to get too attached because I play in several-hour spurts, usually moving on to a new file each time. But what if you decide to move on from a world that’s been with you for three years?

Mirror's Edge + Minecraft = Edgecraft

Nothing surprises me about Minecraft anymore. After watching this brilliantly put together version of Mirror’s Edge in Minecraft my first thought wasn’t, “oh this is cool” it was, “why did it take so long for someone to make this?”

Videos About Minecraft Doors Are A Lot More Fun Than You'd Expect

Generally, when you build your lair in Minecraft, you need a door. There are two ways you can go about getting one: either craft one out of wood or metal, or engineer a clever gate using redstone machinery. These videos are about the latter, but they’re fun even if you don’t care about the doors themselves.