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Report: Activision Buys Out Major League Gaming

According to a report from eSports Observer, Activision has entered into an agreement to purchase a majority of North American eSports organisation Major League Gaming’s assets for a sum of $US46 ($63) million.

The Grand Finals Of The 2015 Call Of Duty Championships Are Happening Today.

The grand finals of the 2015 Call of Duty Championships are happening today. Which of the 32 competing teams is going to walk away with $US400,000? Head over to the Major League Gaming event site to watch live and see which 29 teams are definitely not winning.

eSports Is Getting Its Own Network --

” link=”lightbox” size=”xlarge” align=”center” nocrop=”true” clear=”true”] Video gaming’s not a sport? Don’t tell that to MLG.TV — an Internet-broadcast network that’ll showcase the league’s major events and, yes, broadcast a studio show with highlights and news, akin to the coverage that, yes, real sports get.

This Is How You Hijack A League Of Legends Tournament

This must be one of the funniest e-Sports stream hijacks I’ve seen so far. During a League of Legends event at this year’s Gamescom, someone in a classic creepy horse mask continuously kept distracting viewers from the commentators. So good.

The Must-See League of Legends Match Of The Weekend

Over the weekend, many professional League of Legends, StarCraft II and Call of Duty players convened in Anaheim, California, to compete in Major League Gaming’s Spring Championship. But one of the most riveting battles involved American pro Xpecíal’s incredible, 40-minute play displaying some of the most impressive unit-control and micro-management I’ve seen.

A Blizzard/MLG Tournament Is Not The Place To Cheat At StarCraft II

The 2013 World Championship Series, a massive global StarCraft II tournament being put on by Blizzard and MLG, ran into some controversy last week. Some Chinese players were found guilty of cheating in the tournament’s qualifiers.

News Channels Discover That Girls Play Video Games

Girls? Playing VIDEO games? YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT.

Korean Pro Gamer Flash Has Deep Rituals When It Comes To StarCraft II

Among other Korean pros, legendary Brood War player Flash — already switched over to and having great success in StarCraft II — attended MLG Winter last weekend.

Some Think Video Games Belong On TV, Others Say It Will Never Happen

Competitive gaming has millions of fans. Its biggest stars earn six-figure salaries. Yet it’s nowhere to be found on American television. You may happen upon bowling, lumberjack contests, or even rock-paper-scissors while channel surfing, but nary a match of StarCraft or League of Legends.

Misunderstood Bro Culture And Obnoxious First-Person Shooter YouTube Videos

You press play. A homemade logo or two pop up — maybe a clan or a made-up studio. You notice the name of the player — lots of X’s, maybe a 420 reference, and the rest seems incomprehensible. That’s when the top 40 song begins. Then it happens: a man dies. Cause of death? Headshot, intentionally timed to connect when the bass dropped (if the song happens to be dubstep.) We’re watching an earnest kill montage video of a popular shooter, likely from an MLG hopeful.

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