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Twenty Years Later, A Furry MMO Fights To Stay Alive

At Furcadia’s September town meeting, a hundred humanoid animals lounged on purple pillows in a lush, 32-bit meadow. Emerald Flame, Executive Producer of the oldest social MMORPG, was explaining Furcadia’s largest update since its 1996 founding to the motley pile of furry avatars, known in-game as “furres.” It was called the “Second Dreaming.”

Remembering The Brutality Of Meridian 59, 20 Years On

Before the recent wave of excitement around new virtual reality technology convinced everyone that the future was inside of a headset, people longing to escape the constraints of their everyday lives invested their hopes and dreams in ugly looking worlds housed on distant computer servers. Massively multiplayer online games offered a meaningful substitute to the real world not because of how faithfully it could duplicate it, but because of how little it tried to.

FFXIV's Dungeons Sure Can Feel Like 'Duties'

What are dungeon runs for? In Final Fantasy XIV, you run dungeons because you have to. Fittingly, in FFXIV they’re called “Duties”.

"Pay To Win" Protests Hit The Streets Of Black Desert Online

Korean MMO Black Desert Online — yes, the pretty one — recently made a change to the game’s economy. To say players are pissed would be to sell it a little short.

Free Sidescrolling Permadeath MMO Is Surprisingly Fun

I didn’t expect to get so into StarBreak. It’s a free-to-play sidescrolling MMO — think Contra, but with, like, 30 other people swarming around you — where every death counts. If you die, loot and stats go out the window. Despite that, it’s weirdly relaxing to play.

That's No Moon...It's A Video Game Space Station

Space combat/trading MMO EVE Online has a new expansion called Citadel. Even as someone who doesn’t play the game, I am very impressed by the scale of what’s going on here.

EVE Online Is Moving Towards Its Largest Conflict In History

After two years of relative peace, various recent events are dragging the players of online space MMO EVE Online towards another massive war. This time it’s between the game’s biggest coalition, The Imperium, against an alliance of smaller factions.

YouTuber's Journey Into Abandoned MMO Is Creepypasta Material

Active Worlds is an MMO from 1995 that nobody really plays anymore. That’s where this story begins.

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Damage In The Division With One Video

The fun with MMOs, RPGs or games that use elements of both is that the statistics behind them can get very tricky. And if you’re playing something that takes elements from both those genres and happens to have a heavy PvP element, it’s worth knowing how all the stats works.

That’s especially true for people who have been enjoying The Division, a game that is rapidly growing a strong following. Fortunately one bloke has broken down everything you need to know.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Attempt At Episodic Storytelling Is Off To A Rough Start

I got restless after waiting three months with little to do in Star Wars: The Old Republic since the launch of the expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Initially, the idea of continuing its story through monthly episodes seemed compelling. The first of those episodes, Chapter X: Anarchy In Paradise, came out last week, and it unfortunately wasn’t worth the wait.

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