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The Ugliest Characters Of Black Desert Online

Some people are using the “best character creation tool” out there to make hideous monstrosities in Black Desert Online, and the results are hilarious.

2016 Is A Crucial Year For Star Wars: The Old Republic

With Knights of the Fallen Empire, the latest expansion for SWTOR, Bioware tried something different, and right now I’m not talking about all the gameplay changes I applauded back when it first hit in October. The game is in a better place than it was. Now it has to keep improving.

If You Need More RPGs Or MMOs In Your Life, Lineage 2 Is Hitting Steam

Given that it’s free-to-play, doesn’t have a level cap and has more than 30 classes, this probably isn’t the worst time sink to help distract you from your family and friends over the Christmas holidays.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Says Not To Build Nukes

Do you read the end user licence agreements for software? No? You should. Sometimes they say important things. Like not to build nukes.

There's A Reason Why Everybody Hates Hunters In World Of Warcraft

Even after a bunch of nerfs, the Hunter class in WoW is pretty strong right now. They dominated everything since Warlords of Draenor‘s release. So it’s not a surprise that they have became an easy scapegoat lately.

Looking Back At How GTA Online Has Changed, Nearly Two Years On

When it was announced, GTA Online felt like the most exciting thing to ever happen to Grand Theft Auto.

One MMO Is Sending Its Trolls, Hackers And Griefers To A Virtual Alcatraz

How precisely do you deal with people in MMOs that are found guilty of botting, cheating, griefing and generally being a negative influence? One MMO is trialling an interesting answer.

Despite 23 Months Without Updates, Cube World Devs Say Game Isn't Dead

Cube World grabbed endless headlines for good reason: it looked incredible. A playable alpha was released in July 2013, but the game only received a few updates before things got weird. The last time the developers said anything publicly was over a year ago. Is it dead? Apparently not.

I Wish Crowfall's Sub-Game Could Be Turned Into Its Own Game

Video: Crowfall is an upcoming MMO that I am not interested in, because it’s an upcoming MMO. I do wish, however, that this sub-game thing where you design your own fantasy kingdom could be broken off and turned into its own game. It looks great!

Players Built An MMO Inside Of Second Life, And It Looks Wild

Woah. This trailer for Remnants of Earth is about as Second Life as you can get, but still — it’s an MMO inside of an MMO, and it looks bonkers.

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