The Sad Life Of Mobs In World Of Warcraft

Whether it’s a crowded zone or an abandoned one, the life of World of Warcraft mobs is so simple that it can be summed up in a one-minute clip.

A Fallout MMO That You Can Play Very Soon

Interplay’s Fallout MMO might have been nuked into oblivion by a lengthy legal battle that Bethesda ultimately won, but that doesn’t mean all hope for massive scale wasteland shenanigans is lost. FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a free fanmade Fallout MMO coming next week, and it certainly looks the part.

The Warlords Of Draenor Expansion Pack Coming To World Of Warcraft On November 13

Briefly: The Warlords of Draenor expansion pack is coming to World of Warcraft on November 13, Blizzard just announced. Get ready for some serious Orc action!

Yep, Blizzard Still Makes The Best Trailers

The wait is over, World of Warcraft fans and people who love amazing short CGI films. Blizzard has finally pulled the lid off the next big WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor. And it looks… well, what did you expect from the king of video game trailers?

Square Enix Is Bringing Back Its First Game, But It's Not What You Think

When game companies Square and Enix merged in 2003, JRPG fans were on edge as to what masterpiece the new juggernaut was sure to make. They made a game. And now, 11 years later, they have brought it back. It’s not the game you think it is.

Blizzard Sets Corgis On Fire For WoW's 10th Anniversary

It’s World of Warcraft‘s tenth anniversary, and to encourage people to come celebrate Blizzard is offering — among many other nostalgia-tacular goodies — a molten corgi. You know, like classic mega-dungeon Molten Core only… yeah, you get it. Cue uncontrollable squealing.

Blizzard Adds Silly Mount Descriptions In Warlords Of Draenor Beta

Still no news on when we can finally name our mounts in World of Warcraft, but that doesn’t mean there can be no cool additions to the UI. One of these are some pretty cool brief descriptions of all the mounts in the game.

VR Diving Game Implements Community-Made My Little Pony Shipwreck

Well, that’s certainly one way to foster community-developer relations. Being a partly community-funded game, supporters of online diving sim World of Diving always had the option to get their ship ideas in the game as explorable underwater wrecks.

The New Online LEGO Game Is Diablo For Kids

Meet Bumblebee Girl. Isn’t she adorable, with her little wings and pot of honey and ability to completely obliterate skeletons, pirates and trolls with her area-of-effect attacks? It may look cute, but LEGO Minifigures Online is a challenging Diablo-style game.

Ubisoft's MMO Racer, The Crew, Is Out November 11

Video: Ubisoft’s MMO racer, The Crew, is out on November 11. A closed beta for the game’s PC version is starting on July 23, for which registrations are already open. This is the new Coast To Coast trailer, which shows off a two-hour driving mission from Miami to Los Angeles.