Blizzard Adds Silly Mount Descriptions In Warlords Of Draenor Beta

Still no news on when we can finally name our mounts in World of Warcraft, but that doesn’t mean there can be no cool additions to the UI. One of these are some pretty cool brief descriptions of all the mounts in the game.

VR Diving Game Implements Community-Made My Little Pony Shipwreck

Well, that’s certainly one way to foster community-developer relations. Being a partly community-funded game, supporters of online diving sim World of Diving always had the option to get their ship ideas in the game as explorable underwater wrecks.

The New Online LEGO Game Is Diablo For Kids

Meet Bumblebee Girl. Isn’t she adorable, with her little wings and pot of honey and ability to completely obliterate skeletons, pirates and trolls with her area-of-effect attacks? It may look cute, but LEGO Minifigures Online is a challenging Diablo-style game.

Ubisoft's MMO Racer, The Crew, Is Out November 11

Video: Ubisoft’s MMO racer, The Crew, is out on November 11. A closed beta for the game’s PC version is starting on July 23, for which registrations are already open. This is the new Coast To Coast trailer, which shows off a two-hour driving mission from Miami to Los Angeles.

A Portrait Of One Game's "Average" Gamer

The developers behind Runescape, in conjunction with photographer Chris Dorley-Brown, have taken survey data and real player’s faces and combined it all to create this composite portrait of the game’s “average” player.

EVE Player Stalked For Nearly Two Years By Very Patient Punks

EVE Online, a sci-fi MMO that’s full of scheming players, is famous for its many ridiculous stories of dedication, betrayal and intrigue. And the story of how some players became obsessed with someone who had one of the most expensive ships in the game feels emblematic of what the game can turn into for the most hardcore players.

The Distant, Lonely Worlds Of EVE Online

EVE Online is not just about gigantic space battles. There’s beauty out there in the vast emptiness of space.

EVE Monument Vandals Get Punished With A Lifetime Ban

EVE Online is at least in part a game about space pirates. But it’s also a massive, teeming online ecosystem that often blurs the line between virtual and real-life experiences. So when you mess with EVE, it’s fair to say that you can expect to be met with swift and brutal justice both online and off.

Free Far Sight Screenshots Of The World Of Warcraft Zones

Redditor LPain01 took someamazing screenshots of the World of Warcraft zones, using the Free Far Sight tool to double his in-game view distance. They really have an RTS feel, but I don’t even want to think about that.

EVE Online's Real-World Monument Has Already Been Vandalised

The real, physical monument to EVE Online players hasn’t even been open for a week, but already it’s been vandalised.