EVE Online Is A Video Game With Its Own News Show

I don’t play the game, so I had no idea this even existed, but hey, turns out that space MMO EVE Online has its own official TV news show! And it’s pretty good!

The Triumphant Return Of Dungeons & Dragons' Most Famous Hamster

Whenever I think of BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate series, one line of dialogue springs immediately to mind: “Go for the eyes, Boo!” We might soon hear those words again, as Minsc and Boo will play a big role in Neverwinter‘s Elemental Evil expansion when it launches for PC March 17.

Steam's Hottest New Zombie Game, Summarised In Six Minutes

H1Z1, the DayZ-like zombie MMO by Sony, has been at the top of the Steam charts since release. But what’s it all about?

Attack On Titan Comes To... MapleStory

Briefly: This is not a joke. There’ll be “themed content” that lets you “Hone your skills with familiar faces” and “compete in thrilling mini-games”. MapleStory players, there’s more info here.

Blizzard Rewards 10-Year World Of Warcraft Vets With Rad Statue

World of WarCraft has been around for more than a decade now, and Blizzard Entertainment appears to be rewarding its most loyal customers with a pretty incredible statue.

A New Sign That The Elder Scrolls Online Might Go Free-To-Play

The Elder Scrolls Online recently did away with its six-month subscription option, a change that the MMO’s developer and publisher have had very little to say about publicly so far. In the absence of any solid justification about its removal, fans are guessing this mean it’s going free-to-play in the near future.

Transformers Universe Is Closing, Six Months After Open Beta Launch

Jagex’s multiplayer arena combat game Transformers Universe launched in open beta on July 4 of this year. On January 31 it’s shutting down for good. That was fast.

Famous Celebrities Recreated In Stunning MMO 

We’ve seen Black Desert’s lovelycharactercreator system. It really looks fantastic. Now, let’s see how it can be used to bring famous people to life.

Borderlands Online Lands In China In 2015

Earlier this morning, China time, the fine folks at Shanda Games dropped a bombshell. They’re bringing Borderlands to China. That’s right, they have announced Borderlands Online, a made for China action RPG/online shooter.

Gorgeous New PC Game Still Looks Too Good To Be True

Black Desert Online, the Korean MMO that has the best character creation system of all time, is about to enter open beta. So we get a new trailer, taunting us with how this game looks. Excellent.