Final Fantasy XIV On PC Vs PS3 Vs PS4

It’s time for a graphical showdown, MMO style. If you are curious about the different versions of Final Fantasy XIV, particularly when it comes to the visuals, then you should watch this comparison video by IGN. To me, it seems like the differences between all the versions aren’t too pronounced — but obviously the PS3 version doesn’t quite look as good as the PS4 and PC versions of Final Fantasy XIV.

Why Does This MMO Seem So Much Better Than The Stuff We Get?

Black Desert, the Korean MMO that as a fantastic character creation system, is more than just a pretty game, you know. Judging from the trailer below, which showcases some battle mechanics, it also plays differently than many of the MMOs that we know.

Sony Is Making A Zombie MMO

Sony Online Entertainment is making its very own massive multiplayer online (MMO) zombie game, SOE head John Smedley announced last night in an interview with the web show Game Talk Live. It’s called H1Z1, and it’s coming to PC via Steam early access in four to six weeks and the PlayStation 4 console at an unspecified later date.

Meet The World's Coolest Character Creation System

When I first saw Korean MMO Black Desert last year, I thought it looked too good to be true. Now it’s looking way too good to be true.

Log Horizon Makes You Really Think About Being Trapped In An MMO

Log Horizon is one of the fall season’s best anime shows. It’s not particularly action-filled, but it takes its sci-fi premise and runs with it — addressing the logical implications of being trapped in an MMO world. The second half of the series steps it up a notch and adds war, international politics, and magic to the mix.

Celebrate The Transformers Universe Beta With Two New Bots

The massively online tactical action Transformers Universe has officially entered closed beta this weekend, giving developer Jagex the perfect opportunity to dole out brand new Autobots and Decepticons like they own the place. Meet Front-Line and Conduit.

Ever Wanted To Play Frozen In An MMO? Now You Sorta Can!

Popular South Korean MMO Aion just got an update. Included in this recent patch was a new golden blond braided hairdo. Gosh, this looks like Elsa from Frozen.

Watch Vin Diesel Playing World Of Warcraft With Paul Walker

We already knew that Vin Diesel had a World of Warcraft past, and now there’s direct proof. He just shared a video on his official Facebook page, where he roams around in Tanaris, with the late Paul Walker, back in 2010.

Describing The Star Wars Movies...As An MMO

The plot of the original three Star Wars movies is a long and, when you think about it, weird one. It makes a lot more sense when you break the Rebel’s quest down into simpler terms. Like those you’d find in an MMO.

If The People Of Azeroth Had YouTube

What would Thrall, Jaina and the average NPCs of World of Warcraft do on their imaginary YouTube channels? SlightlyImpressive shows us — with some amazing voice acting — that they would handle it pretty well.