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In A World Full Of Fantastic Fictions To Try, Guild Wars 2 Players Remain Fixated On Humans

Guild Wars, the first game, didn’t offer a whole array of character races for players to choose from. Players were always human, even while free to play with variations on appearance. And it seems that Guild Wars players who got used to their looks have brought that bias with them into Guild Wars 2.

World Of Warcraft Gets Its Cross-Server Real ID Party Started

Blizzard’s Real ID system allows World of Warcraft buddies to chat no matter what game server they reside on, but talk is cheap, and we came to party. With the Real ID Party system, star-crossed pals can now team up to take on dungeons no matter what realm they roam.

Funcom Teams With EA For The Secret World

Independent developer Funcom has joined up with EA’s EA Partners division in order to co-publish the upcoming present-day paranormal MMO The Secret World.

Game Power 7 Bringing MMOs To The Middle East

Perhaps some of the strife in the Middle East can be attributed to the fact that they don’t have any massively-multiplayer online role-playing games localised in Arabic and Farsi. New publisher Game Power 7 is looking to rectify that unfortunate oversight. They’ve just launched themselves as the first online game publisher in the Middle East and North Africa, established to help game developers publish localised versions of their online games in the region. Think of them as the Arabic version of China’s The9. Game Power 7 plans on revealing the first Arabic MMO title in the fourth quarter of this year.

Game Power 7 [Official Website]

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