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CSR Racing 2 Does Its One Thing Better Than Before

When it debuted back in 2012, CSR Racing‘s bite-sized bouts of drag racing were just the right amount of driving excitement for mobile gamers. CSR Racing 2 keeps the action brief, but gives players a little more control over a lot prettier cars.

Gaming App Of The Day: The Best Street Races Only Last 10 Seconds

Making a good-looking racing game for the iPhone isn’t that difficult, but winding tracks and multiple laps don’t sit well with players looking for a quick fix. You know what does work well? Drag racing.

My Horse Is Nintenhorse In All But Name

NaturalMotion, best known for its Euphoria engine (GTAIV, Red Dead Redemption) and its own titles like football game Backbreaker, has recently released something a little tamer.

Did Backbreaker Just Get An NFL Licence?

Torsten Reil, the co-founder and CEO of NaturalMotion, on Sunday tweeted this picture which he says is from an iPhone version of Backbreaker: Vengeance, a spinoff of last year’s football game Backbreaker which challenged Madden NFL without any NFL branding. Reil’s picture shows someone for the Seattle Seahawks leaping over an Arizona Cardinals defender, in a stadium carrying NFL branding on its signs.

Backbreaker's Team Checks In Again With Icebreaker

In real life, I skate like a waddling five-year-old forever on the verge of crapping his pants. In Icebreaker, I’m light on my feet, spinning, deking and sprinting away from the bowel-loosening checks coming my way.

Backbreaker Studio Hits The Ice With Icebreaker For The IPhone

First spied in development seven months ago, Icebreaker will arrive on the iTunes App Store next week as a hockey-style complement to Backbreaker, the football title whose “Tackle Alley” minigame saw tremendous success as an iPhone port.

Backbreaker: Vengeance Is Official; Releasing Only On Xbox 360

Backbreaker: Vengeance, a variant on the original Backbreaker’s wildly popular “Tackle Alley” mode, will be released for the Xbox 360 over Xbox Live this year by NaturalMotion and 505 Games. It’s exclusive to the 360.

These Are Some Of The Guys Who Made Red Dead Look So Good

THE PHYSICS OF VIDEO GAMES from Dave Thomas on Vimeo.

Half the visual appeal of Red Dead Redemption is in the landscapes. Those were done by Rockstar. But the other half is John Marston’s swagger, or the way a bandit gets caught in his horse’s stirrups.

Backbreaker's "Greathouse" Patch Is Now Available

Although it wasn’t out by Wednesday it didn’t take much longer. Backbreaker’s game-remaking “Greathouse” patch is available over both PSN and Xbox Live. See here for a rundown of everything it fixes and adds.

Backbreaker's Officially Bigtime Now - It's Sold Out To KFC

A day after releasing news of its behemoth patch on Xbox 360, the folks who make Backbreaker say its free iPhone version has picked up a Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsorship. Runners will now celebrate with, what else, the Chicken Dance.

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