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NCSoft Is A Great Game Company For Working Parents 

[Image: Pitch One]

If you have small children, you might wish your company did more to help. You might wish it was like South Korea’s NCSoft.

We Had A Good Run Blade & Soul, But I'm Out

After my first month in NCsoft’s martial arts MMO Blade & Soul I hit a wall. I wasn’t annoyed or frustrated. In fact up to that point I’d been enjoying myself immensely. I was satisfied with what I had played, and felt no need to continue. That’s odd, right?

Blade & Soul's First Expansion Arrives Just Two Months After Launch

It’s really hard to find a stopping point to review Blade & Soul when new content keeps coming out. Today Ncsoft announced the first expansion pack for its massively multiplayer martial arts role-playing game is launching in two days. Sheesh.

Blade & Soul Finally Gets Some Damn Warlocks

Finally something to do with the Warlock-only equipment that’s been dropping since NCsoft’s martial arts MMO launched in the West back in January.

Blade And Soul MMO Log Two: Grinding To A Halt

It’s been a little over three weeks since I started playing NCsoft’s martial arts MMO import, and my desire to reach the level cap has lessened considerably.

Blade & Soul Dresses Me Funny

This is actually a good look for me. One of several good looks that highlight one of my favourite features of kung fu MMO Blade & Soul: playing dress up.

My New Best Friend Is A Blade & Soul NPC

NCsoft’s martial arts MMO Blade & Soul is filled with colourful non-player characters voicing their enthusiastic praise, desperate pleas for help or dramatic plot advancement. Then there’s Ronsul. She’s the best.

Blade & Soul MMO Log One: I Know Kung Fu

Technically I know advanced assassination techniques, but it’s all a sort of Kung Fu as far as NCsoft’s latest Korean import is concerned. Check out my impressions after one week of that sort of fighting — you know, the one everyone is doing.

Movement In Blade & Soul Is Extremely Cool

Martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul launched in the West today, bringing with it one of the most gut-wrenchingly awesome movement systems I’ve ever experienced in the genre. Hold on to your stomachs, kids.

The Dramatic Opening Moments Of Blade & Soul

Wildly popular Korean fantasy MMO Blade & Soul finally launches in North America and Europe tomorrow. Check out the thrilling opening sequence players in the early head start are experiencing over and over right now.

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