Mecha Punching Sure Is Intense

This is Project Hon. It’s a mecha game with machines that shoot, transform and smack the crap out of each other.

WildStar Finally Gets Around To Talking About Raiding

With less than a month left before the June 3 official launch of WildStar, Carbine Studios gives prospective players a look at the high-end raid content topping off the eagerly anticipated science fiction MMORPG.

WildStar Launches Worldwide In June, Preorders Begin Next Week

Carbine Studios’ animated space opera has been teasing MMORPG fans with colourful characters and hilarious CGI videos since its announcement in 2011. On 3 June, WildStar opens the wild space frontier to the public. Let’s see what goodies we can get for preordering.

It's Finally Time To Take Down Guild Wars 2's Most Notorious Villain

This is Scarlet Briar, posing here next to her massive drill ship, currently tearing a gigantic hole in the harbor outside of one of Guild Wars 2‘s most important cities. Somebody should probably put a stop to that.

There Is So Much Customisation In WildStar

Upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar isn’t just about carving out a corner of some twisted alien planet. It’s about making that corner your own, decorating it to your tastes, and putting a bowl of ramen atop your giant hamster ball.

Tonight On Guild Wars: Scooby-Doo

The gang gets lost in Twilight Arbor while searching for the Lake of Fear. They should have picked another MMO, they won’t find any Scooby Snacks here. It’s still an awesome shot, made by Guild Wars 2 player Lua and her friends.

One Of Korea's Most Talented Game Artists Leaving NCsoft

After eight years, illustrator Hyung-Tae Kim is leaving NCsoft. Earlier today, Kim confirmed the departure on his blog.

The First 15 Minutes Of WildStar Make A Compelling Case For More

Signing up for a new subscription-based MMORPG is a big decision, especially when it’s an untested brand like Carbine’s colourful WildStar. helpfully recorded the first 15 minutes of beta play, which just might help your decision along.

China's Online Games Just Keep Getting Better

2013 seems to be a great year for China’s online video game market with the release of some pretty cool online games. Deviating more and more from the standard click and grind RPG format, Chinese game companies have been pumping out interesting and visually appealing games, foreign and domestically developed alike.

Yeah, You Should Be Scared Of Wildstar's Full Class Lineup

That is if you’re planning an incursion against the nicer folks making a living on the planet Nexus in Carbine Studios upcoming MMO. My god these people make a good trailer.