Watch Zelda Being Cross-Stitched In Real-Time. It's Cool.

I can’t recall every really being excited about cross-stitching, but this is probably the only moment where I’ve been like ‘whoa… cross-stiching is awesome’.

It’s one of those sped up watch-me-do-things videos. It’s cool. It helps that the art being created is amazing.

Community Review: amiibos

There’s been a dearth of new, major releases for us all to talk about, so why not take the time to talk amiibo? Are you buying them? Are you using them? Do they just sit on your shelf and look pretty?

The Amiibo Rap Knows Your Frustration

Video: This song is for anyone who has made a beeline for the video game section of their local retailer and cursed loudly at empty shelves. Musical comedy group Hot Chocolate Party apply their lyrical mastery to the Amiibo phenomenon, singing the praises of immobile plastic married to computer chips, at least until they try to go buy one for themselves.

All The Indie Game News Out Of GDC

The Game Developer’s Conference is indie game central this year. There’s so much indie new that it’s difficult to keep track of. Here are the major announcements compiled into one great big list for your convenience.

The Big Question: Best Mario Game Of All Time?

Okay, I’ve opened Pandora’s Box and now we’re doing votes on video game franchises. Why not?

Today it’s Mario. Which is terrifying because even if we remove the Mario Tennis games or the Super Mario RPGs of this world, there are still a hell of a lot of games to choose from.

Let’s settle this!

HAL Laboratory, The Studio Behind Smash Bros. And Kirby, Just Turned 35

Who knew 35 years ago that a small software company founded in Chiyoda-ku Japan to make personal computer games would one day be responsible for some of the most popular video game franchise on the planet? Happy 35th anniversary, HAL Laboratory.

'Realistic' Smash Bros. Clapping Video Is The Dumbest Way To End Sunday

You made it to the end of another weekend! Your mother and I are proud of you. And so are all of these Super Smash Bros. characters, who will now clap “realistically” at you for five minutes. Just watch (with sound on). It’s as great as it is dumb.

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse: The Kotaku Review

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse is a good game with a weird problem. If you play it, you most likely won’t be able to appreciate its graphics. This isn’t because The Rainbow Curse‘s claymation-style graphics are too beautiful for your primitive senses to comprehend. No, you probably would look at this game and think it’s beautiful.

More Than A Third Of 2014's Big-Budget Games Got Day-One Patches

You may have had the feeling lately that the games you’ve been buying and playing didn’t quite get finished when they were shoved out onto store shelves. Well, a lot of them weren’t done baking.

Now They're Never Getting Nintendo TVii In Europe

Which service was Nintendo TVii again? Oh yeah, the cable/program guide thing. In case anyone in Europe was waiting for that Wii U service to launch, you can officially stop waiting now — Nintendo of Europe has given up because it’s too hard.