Players Turn Team Fortress 2 Into Splatoon

I suppose it was inevitable, wasn’t it? Pretty much since day one, comparisons between Wii U-exclusive Splatoon and early Team Fortress 2 have run thick, like wet paint or a rotting bucket of squid chum.

Mario In Unreal Engine 4 Just Ain't Right

Video: Would you look at that. Turns out the uncanny valley works both ways. YouTube’s Aryoksini, the guy behind the Blender version of Super Mario 64 from last year, demonstrates why we like our Mario games in colourful cartoon kingdoms and not realistic office buildings, kitchenettes and museums.

Nintendo America Boss Teases Release Of Smaller New 3DS

The smaller version of Nintendo’s more powerful New 3DS line of handhelds may finally make it to North America, thanks to popular demand. At least that’s what we think Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was hinting to me when we discussed Nintendo’s most capable handheld at E3.

Nintendo's E3 Presentation: At Least We Have Puppet GIFs

The dust settled, it slowly began to dawn on me. That was it. That was all Nintendo had to show at E3. Oh well, at least we have a ton of puppet GIFs.

Watch Nintendo's E3 Presentation Here!

It’s the last of the big three! Nintendo is holding its ‘Digital Event’ or it’s E3 presentation in roughly 15 minutes. You can watch it all live here!

Nintendo E3 Presentation Liveblog: We All Really Need To Get Some Sleep

Man, was it ever hard to drag my broken down flesh capsule out of bed this morning. The events of the last two days have left me sleep deprived, delirious and — now — extremely sick. Feels like I have a golf ball in my throat.

Not to worry. The lozenge of video games shall cure what ails me.

Someone Made A Pretty Cool Pokémon Trainer Battle System For Minecraft

With all the necessary elements and that familiar layout included, PhoenixSC‘s work is probably the best attempt yet to recreate Pokémon’s battle system in a completely different environment like Minecraft.

Now You Can Play Splatoon In Minecraft

Intrigued by Nintendo’s competitive online multiplayer painting game but don’t own a Wii U? Thanks to the magic of mods, anyone with a PC and a copy of Minecraft can enjoy a fairly accurate Splatoon experience.

Hardware Manufacturers Are Trying To Rid Themselves Of Conflict Minerals

Do your gaming devices use, tantalum, tin, tungsten, or gold? These minerals are often sourced from conflict zones, and report has outlined how many suppliers are guilty of this, as well as how many we just don’t know about.

Thought You Had Collected The Mario Amiibo? Now He's Gold And Silver

Australian amiibo collectors will be getting two new versions of Mario, starting at the end of the month.