Nintendo Will No Longer Sell Consoles Or Games In Brazil

Nintendo is pulling out of Brazil. The company announced yesterday that it will no longer distribute products there due to the country’s high tariffs on electronics, despite its “many passionate fans” that live there.

I Don't Understand Amiibos

A coupld of weeks ago Nintendo sent me an Amiibo to check out. Here’s where that Amiibo is right now: roughly a couple of feet from the child seat in my car. Before that it was lodged in my two year old’s mouth, being chewed upon, drooled on, thrown at the patio glass door with vigour. My Amiibo has been in the bath. My Amiibo has been dropped in a potty and covered in pee. My Amiibo has done everything an Amiibo could possibly dream of doing. He has been in nightmarish situations. He has done everything except be scanned into a Wii U controller.

Nintendo Has Been Granted A Patent For Game Boy Emulation... Again?

Nintendo is, arguably, sitting on a goldmine of older games for platforms like the Game Boy. The problem is getting those games onto modern devices. In addition to companies such as Apple being less than keen about emulators running on their hardware, Nintendo has been reluctant to go down this path anyway. That mindset may be changing however.

Up Close And Personal With Nintendo's Amiibo Figures

Because the Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures weren’t enough, the toy population of my desk has been increased by a dozen Nintendo icons. Let’s meet the Amiibo!

Prepare For Super Smash Bros. With This Poster

Image: Smash on Wii U is less than a month away, so how about a neat poster by Marinko Milosevski to prepare yourself?

Someone Made Mario Kart In Team Fortress 2

This is probably the closest thing we’ll get to a PC version of Mario Kart, er, ever.

How Bayonetta Got Dressed Up As Nintendo's Most Famous Characters

It surprised people when Nintendo revealed alternate costumes for Bayonetta that let her look like some of the company’s family-friendly characters. Now, you can see the design process for getting Platinum Games’ sexy witch-warrior into Princess Peach, Link and Starfox costumes.

Love, Heartbreak, Smash Bros. This Nintendo Commercial Has It All.

Meet Jack. Jack is just a normal kid with normal interests: mainly video games and trying to kiss/assault his older brother’s girlfriend Gina.

At least I think it’s his older brother’s girlfriend Gina. Who knows what the hell is going on in this sick, twisted cacophony of debauchery.

This Is The Closest You'll Ever Get To Real Life Mario Kart

As fun as going Go-Karting is — and it is awesome — the fact that I can’t drift like in Mario Kart is always super disappointing. Never mind not having access to red shells and mushrooms and whatnot.

This might be the closest we’ll ever get.

One Guy Is Trying To Sell More Video Games Than You've Ever Seen

Remember that one NES game that you played every night for weeks then never got back from a friend you lent it to? This guy probably has it. And thousands of other games from the 1980s and 1990s, too. He’s selling his entire collection for a whole lot of money.