Here Is A Thing That Happens In The 3DS' StreetPass Zombie Game

This is a Nintendo Mii killing zombies by… making them do maths in school. The deadliest manoeuvre! The dreaded “cram session” is just one of the terrific special attacks in Battleground Z, Nintendo’s zombie game. Multiple GIF warning!

Nintendo Won't Make The 3DS Region-Free, But The NX Might Be

People hate Nintendo’s region-locked consoles. While the Kyoto-based game maker says it can’t unlocked current 3DS unit, the upcoming NX console could be region free. Nintendo is looking at that right now. No promises, though!

Duelling Guitars Over Nintendo Music. Bliss.

The last thing the world needs is another YouTuber playing Nintendo music for clicks. But.


When it’s this good I can’t resist.

A Real Plumber Wouldn't Last Long In The Mushroom Kingdom (NSFW)

Video: “What the f**k is this place?!” Now that’s the sort of down-to-earth question a real plumber would ask when confronted with a magical mushroom kingdom.

Nintendo Admits It Screwed Up Amiibo, Promises To Do Better

It’s no big secret that Nintendo has totally bungled the way it handles Amiibos, its line of plastic figurines based on iconic characters like Mario and Peach. Today, Nintendo’s finally admitting there’s a problem — and it’s vowing to do better.

If Every Game Was A Pokemon Clone

Video: Pokémon‘s turn-based battles and exploration have been delighting gamers for nearly two decades, but does the formula work when applied to Halo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and more?

What Mario's Nightmares Sound Like

Nothing gets a party going like every sound effect in the original Super Mario Bros. all at once. Looped. For 12 hours.

Gengar, Who Is The Best, Will Be Playable In The Pokémon Fighting Game

The #1 Pokemon of all time according to snack website will be a contender in the upcoming Pokkén Tournament game. YES!

Sony Hack Reveals Intent To Acquire Super Smash Bros. Film Rights

Included in the deluge of Sony executive emails, memos, PDFs and presentations released on WikiLeaks earlier this week is one little nugget that will warm your inner child’s heart: Sony may be trying to nab film rights to the Super Smash Bros. series.

Watch Zelda Being Cross-Stitched In Real-Time. It's Cool.

I can’t recall every really being excited about cross-stitching, but this is probably the only moment where I’ve been like ‘whoa… cross-stiching is awesome’.

It’s one of those sped up watch-me-do-things videos. It’s cool. It helps that the art being created is amazing.