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Nissan's Twitter Thought Video Game Screenshots Were Real Cars

For all its problems, the developers behind Driveclub on the PS4 can at least be proud of how good the game’s screenshots look.

One Piece Has An Official Minivan 

In the past few years, Nissan has rolled out a Serena minivan that’s covered in One Piece. You couldn’t buy it. But now in Japan you can.

Yes, Anime Style Electric Car Charging Stations Exist In Japan

Of course they do! Well, at least in one town. Hakone, Japan, which is located outside Tokyo, has Neon Genesis Evangelion electric car changers.

Hooray, The First Free DLC For SimCity Is... An Advertisement

Developers have found clever ways to advertise brands in the games we play. Last year, we discovered that Sim City Social featured a Dunkin Donuts building that was much, much better than the normal bakeries in the game.

This Is Perhaps The Nerdiest Car In Japan

Perhaps! There are lots of nerdy cars, but damn, this is pretty nerdy. This Toyota Auris has been customised in the image of Gundam character Char Aznable. The concept car was shown at a recent hobby event outside Tokyo.

The Secret Life Of Metal Gear's Songstress

Meet Donna Burke. The Australian-born talent moved to Japan in 1996, and since then, she’s left her mark on gaming.

It's Like Gamer Achievements For Your Car

To motivate gamers, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network give players achievement points and trophies. How does one motivate drivers?

Before Painting Your Car, Consult A Picture

It’s hard to find fault in any Xterra owner who takes it upon themselves to paint their rear hatch with the controls of a Game Boy…if they do it right. We’d love to be the types not make fun of people who try really hard at something and kind of miss on the execution, but we’re just not that secure. So spot the big screw-up in the comments!

Oh, and that said, this car, spotted on the street by one intrepid photographer, is more than a little fantastic. And it’s not likely to be replaced by various forms of emulation any time soon, which is a plus. gamer 4 [deviantART]

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