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Norway's Prime Minister Busted Playing Pokemon GO In Parliament

Governing isn’t all big speeches and campaign trails. There’s a lot of boring humdrum as well, something Norway’s Prime Minister has an effective solution for.

Norwegian Dudes Freeze For Counter-Strike Stunt

Video: Take Counter-Strike. Some Norwegian YouTubers and pro-gamers. Stick them outside in the freezing snow. And then? Watch them shiver.

The Norwegian Military Is Testing The Oculus Rift To Drive Tanks

Virtual reality and gaming technologies have been used by militaries across the world for training and therapeutic purposes. But the Norwegian military has taken VR-assisted combat to the next level with this Oculus Rift-supported rig used to pilot tanks through dangerous combat situations.

16 Hours Of Gaming + Too Much Energy Drinks = Kidney Failure, Coma

“I was playing Call of Duty”, Norwegian teenager Henrik Eide Dahl told The Local. “Then everything went dark and I passed out.”

Norway Mass Murderer Demands Better Video Games In Prison

Anders Behring Brevik killed 77 people in Norway in 2011. Since he said that he used Call of Duty to practise his aiming and World of Warcraft to hide his plans, video games have been became part of the story of his horrific crime. Now, 18 months into a 21-year prison sentence, he’s demanding that his PS2 be upgraded to a PS3.

Norwegian Retailer Has A Fantasy Wii U Launch Lineup

Norwegian retailer CDON has, as it should, a page up ready for people order Wii U games. It’s also got something most other retailers don’t: listings for games many Nintendo fans can only dream of.

Holographic Star Wars LEGO Toy Display Is Better Than All Three Prequels Combined

A pair of LEGO Star Wars sets become the state for a holographic interstellar war in what could be the most amazing store window advertising I’ve ever seen.

Norway Killer's Court Testimony Reveals How He Used Call Of Duty To Train

It’s already a matter of record that Anders Behring Breivik wrote about using Call of Duty to hone his marksmanship before he shot 69 people to death last year. But yesterday he testified in a Norwegian court about the roles that the FPS series and World of Warcraft played in his life leading up to the attack.

TV News PWN3D By Dodgy Graphic

A news program on Norwegian channel NRK got a little more than it bargained for last month when its producers needed a graphic for an eye chart.

Norway Mass Killer May Be Declared Insane

Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was legally insane when he killed nearly 80 people, many children, during a bombing and shooting rampage in Norway in July, according to a psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court, the Associated Press reports.

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