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Graphics Card Battle 2015: Nvidia Versus AMD At Every Price Point

You might say 2015 hasn’t been the most exciting year for graphics cards, though in many ways it was more eventful than 2014. The only big highlight last year was the arrival high-end Maxwell GPUs in the form of the GeForce GTX 980 and 970. Then this year Maxwell did what many thought was impossible: becoming considerably faster.

DirectX 12's Mixed AMD / NVIDIA Mode Can Outperform SLI And Crossfire

The onslaught of new 3D APIs, including Metal, Vulkan and Direct3D 12 is busting preconceptions along with performance barriers. This time around it’s Microsoft’s contender, showing that you’ll not only be able to run mixed GPUs in a quasi-SLI / Crossfire configuration, but they can run faster than single vendor setups.

The First Tests On DirectX 12 Using NVIDIA And AMD Together Are In

One of the interesting advancements in DirectX 12 is the way it allows graphics cards from different manufacturers to be paired together. Traditionally if you wanted a multiple GPU setup, you had to get two cards from the same manufacturer and often they had to be the same model too.

But DX12 is giving developers much more control over accessing and manipulating GPUs, and one manifestation is the freedom to pair different GPUs. It will still take a few years before the real-world benefits become much more commonplace, but the first benchmarks are in and the results are highly intriguing.

Want The Latest NVIDIA Drivers? Then You'll Have To Go Through GeForce Experience

For years people have happily gone through NVIDIA’s site to get the latest and greatest drivers for their Big Green cards. New beta? Time to get a new driver. Major AAA release? There’s a new driver. The GeForce Experience application made it a little easier to keep track of proceedings, although it wasn’t always great and sometimes resulted in some software conflicts.

But if you want to keep downloading the latest Game Ready drivers into the future, you’ll have to have GeForce Experience installed — and you’ll have to give your email over to the GPU manufacturer, too.

Microsoft Surface Book's Secret Nvidia GPU: What Is It?

There’s an optional discrete graphics card available in higher-spec variants of Microsoft’s brand new Surface Book laptop; it’ll make the thin and light laptop powerful enough for a bit of casual gaming as well as demanding graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop. Probably, at least — we don’t actually know anything about it, and Microsoft and Nvidia are staying pretty quiet on the topic.

Microsoft's Surface Book Can Store A NVIDIA GPU In The Keyboard

We don’t know how much it’ll cost locally yet, or what model of GPU it is, but the fact that Microsoft’s new Surface Book can house a discrete graphics card in the keyboard is pretty damn cool.

Unreal's Latest VR Tech Demo Looks Pretty, Well, Unreal

Virtual reality is already at the point where it demos better than ever before. But, as Epic’s latest demo for the technology shows, it’s also fast becoming a must have.

NVIDIA Is Giving Out Free Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Keys

If you’ve been intrigued by the return of the objective team-based shooters and wouldn’t mind playing another, then perhaps you might want to give the Rainbow Six: Siege beta a try.

NVIDIA Wants The MOBA Market's Millions With The GTX 950

NVIDIA wants to target the low-end PC market just as much as they want the enthusiast builders. Question is, what’s the best way to prosecute your case? Their answer: latency.

NVIDIA Wants You To Experience Local Co-Op Through The Internet

NVIDIA wants you to do more with GeForce Experience besides recording gameplay and uploading drivers — they want you to be able to share the local co-op experience as well.

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