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Our national holiday is fast approaching. A day of sasuages. Triple M on the radio. Backyard cricket. Companies doing stupid things to get attention. And (probably) an awful lot of drinking.

But what plans will you have for the upcoming public holiday?


I make it a point not to eat pizza, or at least as little as humanly possible. It's not that I hate the doughy, topped delight that Italians brought into the world - it's that I love it too much.

But when I was in Las Vegas for CES last week, I made an exception. And holy shit, did I make the correct choice.


Part of the reality every Christmas is that people get bored. I'm talking real bored. And since you've got to kill time anyway, and sitting around a television or a screen is a great way to do that.

But everyone has different tastes. So the question is: when you've got a few hours to kill over Christmas, and you and your family or chosen family are all in the one room, what do you watch?


Real talk: custard is, without a doubt, the bee's knees. And given that Christmas is literally weeks away, that means its not long before I get to consume my body weight in cold, glorious custard.


So we're just a few weeks away from Christmas, and because I spent most of my life as a fat kid who loved nothing more than a big family dinner I can't help but think about the future.

That future being Christmas food.


Since chess is already in the news, it's a perfect time to talk about our experiences and memories with the iconic game.


I was already thinking about Christmas earlier this year, so it seems only appropriate to extend the conversation to food. Or at least the food at Christmas that I really like, which is cake.


So as anyone who said hello to me at PAX over the weekend will have immediately seen, I have next to no fucking clue when it comes to my hair. Besides washing it, obviously.

But this week's off topic isn't about that so much. I'm intrigued by what you do to yours.


So today is obviously Melbourne Cup day, which means people are going to take time out to have a drink, crap food and all the rest of it.

Our office in particular, like many others, is going to have a bit of a BBQ. And that got me thinking: what exactly do you like to have on a BBQ?


It's probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but something I've come to enjoy over the past few weeks has been a nice, thick berry smoothie in the morning. I used to not really enjoy anything at all; I'm not a breakfast person, unless that breakfast comes in the form of caffeine.

But, unsurprisingly for someone with a huge appreciation for yoghurt, I do like my berries. And berries go great in a smoothie.


If you leave them at home, the day is immediately and markedly more intolerable. If you don't have a good set at work, the day to day minutia becomes harder.

I'm talking about headphones, an essential tool for anyone who commutes, works in an office or games.


Rather than sit at home for the whole long weekend, I went with my partner on a day trip of the Hunter Valley. I've never been before, and given that I like nice food and nice wine, it seemed like a sensible mini-holiday.

But something I wasn't anticipating was a trip to the Smelly Cheese Shop, something that's a bit of an institution in the Hunter Valley. And as a result, I've got cheese on the mind.


If you're anything like me, chances are you'll probably be spending a little bit of time today tuning into the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It's too gargantuan of a debate not to. But I'm also the kind of person who enjoys the energy of it all, as well as how they're are organised, structured and executed.

In actual fact, the lead-up to the debate is often more fun than the debate itself.


Either by chance, stupidity or just poor management, last night I managed to completely bugger up the index finger on my right hand. It was basically unusable, to the point where I needed an ice pick just to reduce the throbbing pain.

Of course, I've incurred actual injuries in the past. Some arsehole stomped on my hand while playing basketball once and fractured the snot out of my finger; I also managed to slice my heel completely open on a wheelbarrow when I was little.


It's an experience most people have or recognise from growing up — the packed school lunch, filled with treats, a sandwich wrapped in glad wrap, a roll-up or two, maybe a chocolate, slices of apple, dried apricot. You get the drill.

Some carry this habit into their working lives, preparing food, storing them in communal kitchens, whether it be at a nearby food court or cafe somewhere. Thing is, that costs a bloody fortune.


Over the course of the week, my partner and I get all the cuttings from vegetables, bits and pieces from dinners we don't use, and put them into a freezer bag.

Those cuttings then go into a pot, with water, and we get our own stock. It's pretty great; it's formed the basis for the soup I'm having for lunch today.


Over the last couple of weeks I've been rewatching a lot of TV shows and even reading stories featuring the criminal underworld in some way, shape or fashion. I'm almost done rewatching the first Underbelly series, while halfway through the second. Hell, there was a great story about Yakuza talking about what it was like to play Yakuza 3.

Question is: what are your favourite stories, books, films and shows about the criminal underworld?


So you might not have known, but today Australia's national dictionary has just been updated for the first time since 1988. It's basically a book about Australian mannerisms, the words and phrases we use that sound like utter garbage to other countries.

Question is — what's your favourite Aussie slang?