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Steam's Digital Homicide Fiasco Is Valve's Fault

It’s been a dramatic handful of days for Steam. Infamous shovelware developer Digital Homicide sued 100 Steam users for $US18 ($24) million and subpoenaed Valve for their information, at which point Valve booted them and all their games from the service. The worst part? This was all painfully avoidable.

Video Games Are Better The Second Time You Play Them

Everyone remembers the first time they played a really good video game. The constant surprises of Half-Life, or the drama of Final Fantasy VI, or the stress and catharsis of Far Cry 2. As good as those games were the first time around, they’d almost certainly be better the second. Or the third. Or the fourth.

Our Favourite Games From July

July was a whirlwind for new games. From a mobile phenomenon to indie releases, here are our favourite games from July.

Our Favourite Games From June

From big-budget hits to indie gems, we played some great games this month. Let’s look at some of our favourite games from June.

Our Favourite Games From May

A lot of great games came out in May, from reboots of classics to new team-based shooters to the end of a dashing adventure series. Take a look at some of our favourite games from the last month.

JRPGs, We're Close To A Reconciliation

In the last couple of years, I’ve developed a strange relationship with JRPGs. I found myself tiring of their beautiful exteriors that lacked heart. Since writing that article about my growing frustrations, I took a break — distancing myself from the genre that dragged me into gaming. It was a necessary betrayal.

Our Favourite Games From April

We got some big games this past month, including Dark Souls III, the new Ratchet & Clank and the Banner Saga sequel, to name just a few. But those three are just a small part of the two dozen games we’ve looked at, and loved, in April. Have a look:

God Of War 4, And Why It's Time To Kill Off Kratos

You must have heard by now. Word on the grapevine is that God of War is swapping out a loin cloth for hide trousers, sandals for boots and the Blades of Chaos for axes, and heading north to desecrate the world of Norse mythology.

Why People Love Persona

How many games do you know that manage to combine Jungian psychology, Japanese school-life and urban legends? Just like me, the Persona series isn’t as popular in the West as Final Fantasy, but it’s been around just as long (since 1987), and is arguably much more interesting.

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