The Surprising Messages In A 'Sexist' Game

When Hyperdimension Neptunia first made its way West from Japan in 2011, folks weren’t too happy with it. “Worthless” and “sexist” and “stereotypical” were the sentiments thrown around, because we were seeing cute anime girls being silly and wearing short skirts. But the stated purpose of the series is to make fun of the games industry, and when I look deeper it seems evident that Neptunia is also lampooning the very pervasive sexist culture and tropes it’s been accused of perpetuating. This so-called “sexist” franchise is actually, ahem, anti-sexist.

This Horror Film Should Be Exciting, So Why Am I Bored?

Japan recently released the trailer for the live action Kiseiju (寄生獣) aka Parasyte movie. While seeing one of my favourite manga of all time brought to life on the big screen should give me a hard-on that could be seen from space, in reality, it didn’t. In fact, it had pretty much the opposite effect.

The Need To Talk About Consent

Last weekend, Max Temkin, co-creator of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, wrote a blog post about a rape accusation. The post went up somewhat unnoticed, thanks to a combination of EVO, the World Cup, and GaymerX happening all at the same time—but he mentions something that we, as a gaming community, should talk about.

Not Being Able To Talk Trash Online In Mario Kart 8 Is Strange

Something strange happened the first time I played Mario Kart 8 online. I had finally convinced my friend Francis to get a Wii U. Once his console arrived, we decided to take Mario Kart‘s online multiplayer out for a spin.

The Diversity Question

“How long is your game?” That used to be the tough one. That used to be the question a video game creator could hardly give an answer to without birthing a scandal.

Leave Michael Bay Alone, Transformers Is Awesome

I love Transformers. I don’t mean the toys, the cartoons, the comics, any of that stuff. I mean the new Transformers, the Michael Bay Transformers. I know this is an unpopular opinion. But as far as I’m concerned, Transformers first came to life in Michael Bay’s series. And it is therefore the best Transformers until something better comes along to replace it.

Maybe Shorter Boss Fights Would Be Better Boss Fights

Since their inception, video game bosses have been all about challenge, action, endurance and repeated death. But what if there was a shorter, better way? The sad passing of Eli Wallach this week had me watching The Good, The Bad & The Ugly for the 1000th time last night, and the one scene that slapped me in the face – like it does every time I watch it – is the film’s final showdown between the three principal characters.

Too Many PC Games Are A Pain To Get Running

When setting up a new PC, it’s fun to go back and play older games and see how much better they run on your new hardware. Just install them and fire them up. Easy, right? If only.

I Want To Look Forward To Final Fantasy Explorers

I have to admit, I was rather sceptical about Final Fantasy Explorers when I first heard the game’s description, but after hearing the game director’s initial pitch… I’m actually even more sceptical.

The One Thing Nintendo Left Out At E3

It has long been a silly and antiquated tradition for video game fans to pledge allegiances to companies, or to declare that any one of those companies has “won” E3. Yet it’s also inevitable that every single year at the Video Game Extravaganza in Los Angeles, one or two companies will have a stronger show than the rest. They are The Winners.