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Heroes Of The Storm Babies Its New Players Too Much

Over the weekend I created a new smurf account for Heroes of the Storm, “smurf” being an alternate account an experienced MOBA player makes, usually to play with friends who are just starting out in the game. What I found to my unpleasant surprise was a far less enjoyable game than the one I’ve been playing.

The 'Yelp For People' App Is A Terrible Idea That Won't Go Anywhere

A story went viral last night about an upcoming smartphone app named “Peeple,” which bills itself as being like the popular review service Yelp, except for humans instead of bars and restaurants. People are horrified by this idea. I don’t think we need to worry, though, because I seriously doubt much will come of it.

Our Favourite Games From September

Kotaku tries a lot of games, both good and bad. This list contains all the good ones we played last month.

The Ten Best Game Expansions

Whether it’s a good old-fashioned expansion pack or modern DLC, spinning additional content for already-released games has been a standard practice in the industry for decades. But the best expansions do more than simply add a few extra hours of the same game for you to play.

How Are We Supposed To Play All These Enormous Video Games?

I played the opening few hours of Batman: Arkham Knight in August. You know what I did after that? I opened up the map, saw that it was forested with icons, and then turned the game off forever.

My Love/Hate Relationship With Destiny

Compared to a whole lot of people on the Internet, I have not played much of Destiny at all.

Rocket League Needs To Be The Next Big eSport

You may have seen a flood of highlight reels and slow motion GIFs of Rocket League cars smashing into each other and scoring unbelievable goals lately. There’s a reason for that. Rocket League is insanely fun to watch and play.

10 Things I Noticed As A First-Time Player Of Metal Gear Solid 3 And 4

In preparation for Metal Gear Solid V, I’ve been playing through the entries in the series that I missed. It’s been enlightening.

6 Games I Bought Purely Because Of Their Graphics

I like to think I’m not a superficial person. (So do we all.) I’m not technically-minded, so conversations about frame-rates and resolution et cetera sort of float by me.

The Forgotten Narrative Innovation Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 did a rather strange thing with its campaign that no other Call of Duty has, and it’s a twist that made it one of my favourite games from the last generation just for the story (that Treyarch multiplayer isn’t the only reason I have affection for Blops). Black Ops 2 has a branching plot but not in the normal RPG manner in which the player makes explicit decisions. It’s more subtle, and brilliant. Spoilers to follow!

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