Controversial Game Highlights Flaws In Steam's System

Earth: Year 2066, a game that was greenlit by the public on Steam earlier this year, is receiving a lot of negative attention recently because it charges $US19.99 for a shoddy game that plays horribly and seems unlikely shape up down the line, despite developer promises to improve the game. Worse, the developer, “Muxwell”, is being accused of stealing artwork and erasing all criticisms of the game on the Steam forums.

Amazon Adding Metacritic Scores Is Bad News For Everyone

The immensely powerful aggregation website Metacritic just got a little more powerful, partnering up with Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world, to display Metascores on video game pages.

The Best Thing About Titanfall Is Not The Giant Robots

From the marketing to the name of the game itself, Titanfall pitches itself as a game defined by its use of giant combat mechs. And indeed, in your first few hours with the game, that will be all you really pay attention to.

The Disappointment Of Video Game Guns

Back in mid-2012, for four minutes and six seconds, I thought the coolest big-budget video game I’d seen in years didn’t have guns. I was wrong.

A Super-Technical Look At The Lighting Of BioShock Infinite

Programmers don’t generally have reels, but we do have blogs. I’ve been explaining the rendering work I did on BioShock Infinite quite a bit due to recent events, and I thought it made sense to write some of it down. For the bulk of development, I was the only on-site graphics programmer. As Principal Graphics Programmer I did quite a bit of implementation, but also coordinated and tasked any offsite rendering work.

Another Big 2014 Video Game Is Ditching Last-Gen Consoles. Cool.

Today, Warner Bros. announced a new Batman game, called Arkham Knight . It’s got some exciting features: An open-world Gotham City! A drivable Batmobile! And equally exciting, it’s only coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The 3DS Is Three Today. It's Still The Best Gaming Machine Out There.

Last year, at around this time, I declared that the 3DS is the best dedicated gaming system you can buy. Today, the 3DS turns three. It’s still the best gaming system you can buy. DECLARATION SUCCESSFUL.

Why I Am Unable To Enjoy Space Dandy

A few weeks back, I asked our readers about what they thought was the best anime of Q2 2014 is. Hands down, the answer was the latest anime from the creators of Cowboy Bebop: Space Dandy. Unfortunately, it is an anime I am completely unable to enjoy.

The Titanfall Hype, Explained

If you haven’t played Titanfall yourself yet, you may be one of those wondering: what the hell is with all the hype around that game? It’s just another shooter, right? Not quite. It’s better.

Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With A Game

BestGameShowEver is a brand new series on YouTube from one of our favourite DayZ-obsessed YouTubers. In today’s launch of said series, they invite several other hosts and producers of various other YouTube shows to discuss what it means to be obsessed with a game. We’re talking interrupt-your-lifestyle levels of obsession.