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Our Favourite Games From January

Last month, game releases picked up in speed after the end-of-holiday lull of December. As a result, we have 21 recommendations for you, from triple-A fare and indie gems to a simulator about breeding cute slimes. There’s all kinds of games to choose from, so dig in.

American Truck Simulator Impressions: I Nearly Crashed Into A Bus

I’m falling asleep at the wheel. I’ve been driving for 16 hours straight, hauling freight across the border between Nevada and California. Yawning, my eyes briefly flutter shut and I lose sight of the road. My eyes flick open and I straighten up my lorry.

Seven Public Domain Books That Would Make Great Games

Once a work enters the public domain, it is no longer subject to copyright laws. A publisher can print their own edition of the Beatrix Potter books, a filmmaker can make a film of any of Shakespeare’s plays, and a game developer can adapt any of the characters, scenes or even whole stories from public domain works.

Our Favourite Games From December

December — a time for sun, Doctor Who Christmas specials, and slow game releases. But slow doesn’t mean we didn’t come across anything worth checking out. And so, below is what we played and liked in December.

I Still Love My Kinect

In a home filled with technological marvels of all shapes and sizes, one piece of oft-derided hardware gets more love from my family and I than any other. Kinect, tell the nice people how much I cherish you.

Heroes Of The Storm Finally Releases Elusive Vulture Mount...For A High Price

There’s been a running joke among Heroes of the Storm players about what happened to the snazzy-looking Vulture mount. Blizzard announced it in September, but never released it. Did it disappear? We wondered. Was it incurably bugged? Today Blizzard confirmed the mount does still exist, but getting it will cost you.

Our Favourite Games From November

Game releases slow down as we near the end of the year — this is evident if you look at how short this list is compared to last month’s. Although that could also be attributed to the release of Fallout 4. In any case, there were still plenty of games we liked, such as…

Blizzard Is Hurting Heroes Of The Storm By Not Calling It A 'MOBA'

Ever since they changed Heroes of the Storm’s name from Blizzard All-Stars and, even more regrettably, Blizzard Dota, Blizzard has insisted on calling its excellent new MOBA a “hero brawler” and therefore not calling it a MOBA. It was a silly choice when Blizzard first made it. Now, it’s become a damaging one.

Our Favourite Games From October

Like September, October saw plenty of game releases, big ones and small ones alike. And while we did have a few disappointments, the games on this list are pretty good.

The Truth About Ninjas

Today, ninjas are all around us. They’re in our movies and comics and video games; they’re even in our everyday language (“I can’t believe you ninja’d that in there at the last second!” “Come join our team of elite code ninjas!”). Far from their origins in medieval Japan, ninjas are now arguably that country’s most famous warrior type. We talk about pirates versus ninjas, after all, not pirates versus samurai.

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