Felicia Day And Gamergate: This Is What Happens Now

Earlier this week, Felicia Day wrote a blog post. In it, the well-known actor eloquently expressed something that a great number of people in the video game scene have been feeling lately: She said she was afraid.

In Defence Of Button Mashing

The first time I played Tekken 3, I was hilariously bad. I was used to 2D fighting games, where the buttons corresponded with attack strength, and tapping ‘Up’ meant ‘Jump’. This new, 3D genre, where each button corresponded with an attacking limb and tapping ‘Up’ meant ‘Sidestep’ (pressing ‘Up’ still meant ‘Jump’), was difficult to wrap my mind around.

I Cannot Play Horror Games, But I Wish I Could

Are you enjoying Alien: Isolation? What about PT, or any other big horror game? Are you thrilling at the scares, revelling in the fear, shivering at the spooks? If yes, then know that I envy you.

I Wish GameCube Controllers Worked With More Wii U Games

If you were looking forward to using the GameCube controller with any Wii U game other than the new Super Smash Bros., Nintendo had some bad news for you today: the forthcoming adaptor will only be compatible with the new fighting game when the two come out next month.

Below Is My Most Anticipated Xbox One Game

It is lazy to describe a game by comparing it to other ones, but it’s also terribly useful sometimes, so here goes: Below incorporates some of the most captivating elements from two of my favourite game series, Zelda and Dark Souls, and I think that’s why it has me wrapped around its little finger.

I Want To Play Video Games, Not Grind Through 'Content'

Earlier this week, Techland announced that its new zombie-killing adventure Dying Light will have “50+ hours of gameplay”. Some might considering this good news. I don’t — at least at face value.

Diablo III Still Has A Difficulty Problem

The fall is usually a time for people plow through the latest and greatest games. This year, however, I’ve also been revisiting an old friend of sorts in Diablo III. But as I work my way through the game anew on my PS4, a big problem has flared up once again: something about its difficulty still feels…off.

Destiny's Squads Are Too Small

Something feels off in Destiny — and it’s not just Peter Dinklage’s delivery.

Destiny Needs More Chat Options

We’ve probably all been there at least once before. You’re innocently going about your business, shooting around corners and throwing grenades to cover your teammates when a high-pitched voice on the other end lashes out: “What the f!@#, man! You’re such a !@#$!” In-game socializing doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause or that it isn’t still incredibly useful.

Goodbye, PS3, It Was A Fun Seven Years

Last year was a sad year. Sure, I got some new consoles and handhelds, which is always fun, but I also said goodbye to my Wii, my Xbox 360 and my Nintendo DS, all replaced by newer, more expensive machines. Lots of good memories there, lots of good times to say goodbye to. My PS3, however, lingered on.