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Twitter Rises Up In Protest Over The PS4's Rumoured Used Games DRM

Yesterday, GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley revealed that, according to his sources, the PlayStation 4 will employ some form of digital rights management when dealing with used games. Twitter took it upon themselves to show Sony how bad an idea this is.

About Microsoft Being 'Six Months' Behind With The Next Xbox...

My article on Monday about Respawn Entertainment’s first post-Call of Duty game, a sci-fi multiplayer shooter, coming exclusively to the current and next-gen Xbox consoles, turned some heads. So did the part of the piece about Microsoft falling behind with their next-gen machine.

This Is What One Guy Thinks The PS4 Will Look Like

Let’s all remember: We haven’t seen the PlayStation 4 yet. Along with games that were purportedly running on the system specs, Sony’s event last month only showed viewers the controller.

A Small Detail About The PlayStation 4 Could Have Big Implications

Among the bits of information dropped during last week’s PlayStation 4 announcement was this from PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny, as he discussed the system’s enhanced social features:

Ubisoft Told Sony To Make PS4 More Like PCs And Phones

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot likes the PlayStation 4. Otherwise he wouldn’t have showed up at Sony’s big PlayStation 4 event last week, right?

Maybe The Bungie Guys From The PS4 Event Really Should Form A Boy Band

One of the oddest, most memorable parts of last night’s PlayStation 4 announcement event wasn’t a game or a piece of hardware. It was four dudes, standing still.

A Man Who Has Used The PS4's New Controller Tells Us Why It's Better

You have (probably) not held a PS4 controller yet. Neither have I. But Shuhei Yoshida has. He’s the head of Sony’s worldwide studios, so he better have!

Sony's Wildest Plans For The PS4: How Likely Are They?

Last night, during the big PS4 conference, Sony brought Gaikai’s David Perry on stage to deliver some lofty promises for the new gaming console.

Last Night's Entire PS4 Event In Three And A Half Very Funny Minutes

Did you miss last night’s big PlayStation 4 announcement? Want to watch a highlight reel that has the benefit of being both a lot shorter than the actual event and quite funny? VideoGamer‘s got you covered, with this “abridged version” of the event. I very much enjoyed this. Good show, guys.

PS4 Will Not Require An Always-Online Connection

Stemming fears of the always-online requirement still rumoured strongly for the next Xbox, a Sony PR rep confirmed to Kotaku that: “PS4 games will be playable without an Internet connection.”

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