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John Marston Died On The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a game with a blunt message: you will all die. Repeatedly. Educational, perhaps, but also bleak. It could do with a little lightening up.

Can You Spot All The Gaming References In Today's Expansive XKCD Comic?

Today’s xkcd comic is… huge. Enormous. Seriously, the thing goes on for pages. It must have taken creator Randall Munroe forever to draw it all out.

Organ Trail Adds Zombies To That One Educational Game Where You Could Get Sick And Die

Ryan Wiemeyer gets asked the same question all the time, so basically before you can ask it, he’s answering it: Yes, you can die from dysentery in Organ Trail, his indie team’s zombie version of the classic old-school educational game Oregon Trail.

Where Are They Now? Diseases That Killed You In Oregon Trail

You have died of dysentery.

These are five words familiar to anyone who has attempted to caulk a wagon and ford rivers en route to the Willamette Valley. Oregon Trail not only taught generations of kids about Western migration in 19th-century America, it also familiarised them with various strange-sounding diseases. Let’s catch up with some of those diseases and find out if they’re just as nasty today.

Oregon Trail Copyright Owners Sue Frontierville Maker

The May 30 launch of an “Oregon Trail” expansion pack in the popular Facebook game Frontierville has caught notice of the company holding the copyright to the edutainment classic, and it has sued to put a stop to the plans of Frontierville maker Zynga.

Nine Names For Your Oregon Trail Family

Emily Weiss has a list of surname possibilities next time you’re playing the American educational classic. ‘Somebody has cholera’ does indeed add a new element to the intrigue. [The Hairpin]

At The Intersection Of The Oregon Trail And L.A.

An unwise choice, but something tells me all the numbers end with dysentery. Humorous sign posted on a Los Angeles street corner. As seen on Pleated Jeans.

Now That's Appetizing

Going away present for a family member moving to Oregon. Presumably no rivers need fording. Seen via Reddit.

The Oregon Trail Uh, Trailer - There Will Be Dysentery

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This trailer, allegedly for a movie based on everyone’s favourite edutainment game Oregon Trail, is so well done I honestly triple-checked to make sure the movie wasn’t really being filmed.

And Now, For Some Drawings Of Oregon Trail, Game Boy & Robocop

Reader Bill emailed us earlier this week, asking if we would like to post some of his drawings. “Sure would”, we replied, because they’re great.