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Inside The Anime That Portrays Guns, Horses And Countries As Girls

Weird tropes find their way into anime, and I’m not just talking about tentacle porn. Judgment aside, cat girls, superpowered transfer students and Vespa-riding aliens are objectively a little eyebrow-raising as television plot hooks. To be an anime fan, you get used to things you wouldn’t normally poke with a five-foot pole. Regardless, I was completely unprepared for Uma Musume Pretty Derby, a “moe anthropomorphism” anime that, like others of its genre, portrays non-human subjects as megacute people.

Just A Guy Snowboarding As Gundam

This is Nama Gundam. He likes to snowboard, dressed in Gundam gear. Bless him.

The World's Most Advanced Hug Pillow

Technology! It does good things like make our lives better. You know, like making things such as computers, smartphones and talking hug pillows possible.

Get Your Butt Kicked At This Maid Cafe. Literally.

For years now, maid cafes have been popular in Japan’s geek and gaming districts. Most of them are similar and staffed by frilly maids that speak in high-pitched voices. This cafe, however, has a cheeky twist.

Behold, The Forever Alone Pod

Sometimes you like being with others. Other times, you want to be alone with your hobbies and diversions. For those times, there’s this.

Outbreak Company Is A Comedy For All You Otaku Out There

Outbreak Company is a love letter to otaku everywhere — and that is both its greatest strength and greatest weakness.

The Craziest Otaku In The World

That’s not my opinion, mind you. That’s what people online in Japan are saying.

Video Game Asks Players To Bake Real Cakes For Virtual Girlfriends

You know how in-game romances go: you say whatever it takes to get your love interest. Usually, all you have to do is be nice to another character and willing to listen to their life story for like 30 minutes and boom, they’re in the bag forever.

Does Animal Crossing 'Promote Otaku Citizenship'?

That’s the question explored in this week’s PBS Idea Channel video. Now, I’ve been writing on the internet long enough to know that otaku is Internet Dynamite. Like “dubstep” and “roguelike”, it’s a word that you can’t even say without making hundreds of people break their keyboards typing apoplectic comments.

Japanese Media Seems To Want Otaku To Be More 'Otaku-ish'

For the longest time in Japan, to be an otaku was to be an outcast. To be labelled an “otaku” was to be branded with the staple of being an awkward, obsessive social outcast, and/or potential sexual predator/criminal. While the times have changed, it appears that Japanese mass media’s preconception of the “otaku stereotype” has not.

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