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Are You A Creepy Geek? Take This Test And Find Out!

Maybe you are creepy geek (née “otaku”). Maybe you’re not! But maybe other people say you are, and you’d really like to know whether you are, in fact, a creepy otaku. Good thing there’s now a test you can take.

What 'Nerd Fashion' Will Make You Look Unpopular In Japan

Earlier this week, Yahoo Japanposted a poll that revealed how Japanese females thought they could pick out unpopular guys. The take away? Apparently, if you are wearing pretty much anything, you’re so not cool.

Marvel At This Japanese Nerd Dancing

If you’ve ever been to an idol (virtual or real!) concert, you are familiar with Japanese nerd dancing. It’s called “otagei” (オタ芸) or “wotagei” (ヲタ芸), which is short for “otaku” (geek) and “gei” (芸), which can mean “performance” in Japanese. In short, it’s a bunch of geeks dancing!

Public Nerd Display Shows The 'Frightening' Side Of Twitter

Forget people acting like idiots on Twitter. That’s not scary. It’s stupid. What’s scary is just how pervasive — meta, even — Twitter has become.

The Awesome Giant Monsters Of Japanese Video Games

Godzilla and his atomic breath are one of the most recognisable metaphors for the atomic bombings of WWII — and they’re also icons of Japanese pop culture. With a steady supply of Kaiju movies, giant monsters nestled themselves comfortably in video games, creating a huge library of monster mayhem-based titles. We have selected some of them, both niche and well-known, featuring battles with these towering beasts.

In Japan, This Might Be The Nerdiest Way To Fight Crime

In late 2011, the Japanese city of Matsudo launched the first in a series of anime style posters, designed to appeal to young people and help stop crime. Since then, the character, who is named “Aya Matsumiya”, has appeared in several poster campaigns to help fight crime.

Anime Females Vs Real Women: Japanese Geeks Sound Off

The eternal question of whether or not otaku (geeks) like anime ladies over real ladies has apparently been answered. Or something!

Inside The Rooms Of Female Otaku

In Japan, the stereotype is that all geeks are dudes. Walking around nerd areas like Tokyo’s Nipponbashi and Osaka’s Den-Den Town, the large number of guys would lead you to think that. That would be incorrect.

Explaining The Difference Between Male And Female Otaku

In Japan, there are male nerds and female nerds. And there are key differences between the two, besides their gender: The way they shop and interact with fandom are not the same, reports Excite Bit.

Japan's Most Wanted Criminal Is One Slippery Troll

Above is a small Madoka Kaname figurine. The character is well known to Japanese anime fans, and now, the entire country. The reason, however, is not the anime she stars in, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It’s for a computer virus and a suicide threat.

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