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LEGO Exoskeleton Is Like A Tiny Pacific Rim

Now if we can just scale it, we’ll be able to kick those Kaiju’s asses.

Pacific Rim, You've Met Your Match

The Evangelion movies always look terrific. They have always been, at the very least, visually interesting. But the CG in this latest Evangelion short is something else.

Pacific Rim 2 Announced For 2017

Guillermo del Toro is getting his kaiju on once again, and we’ll see the results in a few years — Pacific Rim 2 is coming in 2017.

​Robot Drummer Performs The Pacific Rim Theme, Aided By Lightning

I love the Pacific Rim theme. You love the Pacific Rim theme. And from the looks of it, this robot drummer loves the Pacific Rim theme.

Amazing Pacific Rim Cosplay Made From Rat Traps, Spoons, Everything

If you haven’t seen Pacific Rim, there’s a Chinese mech called Crimson Typhoon. Well, this is the Brooklyn Typhoon. It may not be as big as its inspiration, but its made of way more interesting stuff.

Fine Art: The Art Of The Giant Robots Of Pacific Rim

You know what was cool about Pacific Rim? All those giant mechs. You know what’s cool about Hugo Martin, the guy who helped design those mechs? He’s now working on Doom 4.

China's Military Says Pacific Rim Is American Propaganda

Pacific Rim is doing very well in China, despite some tiny subtitle problems, proving again that the Chinese love giant robots. However, even with all the popularity, the Chinese military isn’t very happy, claiming that the movie is nothing more than propaganda to spread “American values and ideas”.

Controversy Over The Chinese Pacific Rim Translation

Pacific Rim is a smash hit in China. People love it, even if the subtitles are iffy.

Maybe Pacific Rim Should Have Ended Like This

Sure, there wasn’t anything wrong with Pacific Rim’s ending (don’t worry, I’m not about to spoil it) — but really, the whole thing could have been much simpler. Heck, why not throw in some absurd cameos while we’re at it?

I Would So Play This Fake Pacific Rim Video Game

Pacific Rim never got an 8-bit Nintendo game. Why? Because Guillermo Del Toro wasn’t making big Hollywood movies during the 1980s, that’s why. But what if he were… OK, title screen up there. Ignore the 2013 copyright and pencil in 1987. Do it.

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