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Cities: Skyline's Mods Are Already Going Crazy With Road Porn

Cities: Skylines hasn’t even been out for a week and already the game’s selection of mods is becoming overwhelming. Some of these mods are great, and genuinely add worthwhile new content to the base experience! Most, however, seem to cater towards one thing: road porn.

A Smarter Approach To PC Gaming Piracy

There are two ways you can tackle piracy: the way that doesn’t work (threats, control and lockdowns) and the way that does (offering a superior service to piracy).

Cities: Skylines: The Kotaku Review

Cities: Skylines is a game coming in hot. The People want a good city-building game to play, and it’s been a long time since they got one. So there’s a surprising amount of excitement and expectation for Colossal’s attempt at fixing SimCity’s mistakes.

Conquest, Murder, Pillage... Yup, That's Christmas

Video games don’t usually get into the Christmas spirit. Which is a shame! So it was nice to see that, upon reinstalling Crusader Kings II yesterday, I ran into this: a new holiday soundtrack to one of the most bloodthirsty games ever made.

Excellent PC Strategy Game Also Wants To Be An RPG

And here I was, only just saying how good Crusader Kings II – nominally a strategy game – was at depicting inter-personal relationships. Guess I’m not the only one who digs that aspect of the game, because developers Paradox are now going to double down on it, announcing an expansion that’s all about role-playing.

Dayshot: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!

Not even in Europa Universalis IV. Among the weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and a completely glitched cavalry. A popular mod for the game, called “MEIOU & Taxes” causes this, so use it carefully.

Mount & Blade Developer Strikes Out On Its Own, Parts Ways With Paradox

For a few years now, Mount & Blade II developer TaleWorlds has kept a low profile, with the only nugget of news on the upcoming game being a few — admittedly nice-looking — screenshots. Well, there’s more news now, but it’s not about Mount & Blade II — it’s an announcement that the indie studio will disembark from its Paradox-shaped mothership.

This Is How You Support An 'Old' PC Game

If you needed further proof that Crusader Kings II is one of the best-supported, most expansive games of all time, check out this new expansion.

Briefly: Paradox Development Studios Tries Its Hand At An RPG

Paradox Development Studios, known for its grand strategy games on PC, is trying its hand at an RPG. A Norse mythology-themed fantasy RPG, specifically, titled Runemaster. There’s a short teaser for you above. At the same time, Paradox also announced the fourth entry in their Hearts of Iron strategy game series.

The Best PC Patch Notes Keep Getting Better

It’s OK, Crusader Kings II isn’t for everyone. I get that. But I’d like to think we can all at least find common ground and enjoy the game’s patch notes, which continue to be the very best.

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