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PC Classic Gets A Gentle Glove Slap To The Face

One of the best PC games ever made is Sid Meier’s Colonization. A big part of that is the way it simulates the great unknown: as you venture westwards, unless you’re playing on the boring “real” map, you’re truly venturing into the great unknown.

PC Game Lets You Play As The Mighty Conquering Jews

For something that’s such a big part of many people’s daily lives, religion doesn’t play a terribly big role in video games. It does in Crusader Kings II, however, and that role is about to get a lot more interesting.

Viking-Themed Sequel To War Of The Roses, Now Available Via Early Access

Vikings are the next pirates. The Nordic follow-up to medieval melee simulator War of the Roses, Fatshark’s War of the Vikings is now available for early access on Steam.

Europa Universalis IV: The Kotaku Review

At the height of its powers in the early 18th century, the British Empire spanned all corners of the globe, from Brazil to Alaska, Austria to Manchuria, and… wait, what?

This Game Is About Blowing Up Your Friends -- Accidentally Or Otherwise

Arrowhead Game Studios’ 2010 action-adventure Magicka was memorable not only for its unique spellcasting system, but also for the hilarious accidental deaths caused by said spellcasting system. Now that Magicka: Wizard Wars exists, there should be a lot more of that coming.

Leviathan: Warships Takes A Level In... Smooth Jazz

Hey, remember Leviathan: Warships‘ smooth jazzy pre-order trailer? Well, the makers of this snazzy little wargame put out a free update that introduces that smooth jazziness to the game itself — by making the trailer’s narrator one of the announcers. How’d they reveal the update? With a smooth jazzy trailer, of course!

The World Is Yours In This Massive PC Strategy Game

If you’re new to the world of grand strategy games having picked up the gateway drug that is Crusader Kings II, may I suggest you look into this, Paradox’s big follow-up game, Europa Universalis IV. It’s lacking in Crusader King II’s intimacy, but shifts its weight by letting you control just about any faction of people on Earth during 300 years of global expansion and colonisation.

The World's Most Boring Viking Game Is A Blast

There’s a point, maybe around an hour in, where you might feel a little disappointed with The Old Gods, a new Viking expansion for epic strategy game Crusader Kings II that was released this week.

These Guys Make The Best Damn Trailers In The Business

They don’t use expensive pre-rendered cinematics. They don’t license famous old songs. They don’t play on TV during the NBA playoffs. But that doesn’t matter. Niche PC publisher Paradox Interactive still makes the best video game trailers in the world regardless.