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Paradox Wants To Know How Evil You Are For Their Next Game

“Watch some cute animal videos. Remind yourself that you could easily kill and eat every one of those tiny, helpless creatures. Preferably in front of their owners.”

What the hell kind of game is this?

Paradox Interactive Will Try To List On The Stock Market This Year

They’re pretty much the go-to studio when it comes to grand strategy games. Hell, they might even become the go-to studio for grand strategy/4X hybrids once Stellaris launches later this year. God knows that’ll be interesting.

But in the meantime let’s talk business. Because that’s what Paradox Interactive wants to do. They’re thinking big. Stock market big.

That Time A Horse Became Empress Of Rome

Only in Crusader Kings II could a horse rise to power and, after decades of war and conquest, restore the might of the Roman Empire.

Four Years Later, Crusader Kings II Keeps Getting More Stuff

Crusader Kings II was released in 2012, and promptly became my Game Of The Year. And that was in its paltry vanilla state! In the years since, it’s gotten so much new content and so many big expansions that it’s practically become its own sequel.

The Best Cities: Skylines Mods

Cities: Skylines is a very good video game, but in my review, I noted it had a few problems. I also noted, however, that most of those could probably be fixed with mods, and that’s exactly what’s already happening.

The Best (And Weirdest) Cities: Skylines Creations

We’ve seen road porn, we’ve seen useful mods, now let’s take a look at the best of the most obvious kind of Cities: Skylines creations: buildings and maps.

The Fourth Hearts Of Iron Game Is Looking Prettier

Video: The Hearts of Iron series has long sat neatly between the worlds of “strategy video games” and “hellish grognard icon wasteland”. The fourth game is looking, if nothing else, prettier.

Paradox Explores, Expands Into Space Games

Paradox Interactive, the studio behind one of the best strategy games of modern times, are for one of their next titles moving past the ages of sword and horse, into the age of starships and aliens with a game called Stellaris. I couldn’t be more psyched.

Cities: Skylines Comes To Xbox One In 2016

Briefly: Some good news coming out of Gamescom for fans of city builders: Cities: Skylines from Paradox Interactive is coming to Xbox One next year.

Cities: Skylines Patch Adds Tunnels, May Disable Some Mods

Well-liked city-building game Cities: Skylines is getting a meaty update today. The good news about the update is that it adds tunnels and more than 50 European-style buildings to the game. The (potentially) bad news is that it end up breaking some mods in the process — at least for now.

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