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Sony Patent Aims To Add New Challenges To Emulated Classics

Streaming emulated classics to a video game console from the cloud is neat. Adding new challenges not present in those streaming classics? That’s awesome. It’s also the idea behind a recently revealed patent filed by Sony.

Is This A New PlayStation Move?

Is this a new PlayStation Move? There’s a newly-published Sony patent for a certain “flat joystick controller” which seems to look a lot like a PlayStation Move, but with a touchpad on the front.

GameStick Falls Off Kickstater Briefly Over IP Issues

You’d imagine that developing a new console system could well be a minefield of intellectual property related issues surrounding patents, design and the like. Recent Kickstarter project and Android-based tiny console GameStick overnight got pulled for the oddest of reasons.

Sony Patent Could Stop You From Playing Used Games

A patent application published today resurrects the rumour that Sony’s next gaming console will suppress the playing of used games and outlines how such a scheme would be accomplished without the use of an always-on internet connection for verification. In short, an RFID ID stamped onto the new discs would track their usage history and restrict them to one console.

This Kinect Patent Is Terrifying, Wants To Charge You For License Violation

A patent filed by Microsoft last year, but only made public last week, wants to turn your Xbox 360’s Kinect into an instrument via which large companies can monitor your media usage and, if you’re found to be in violation of something, charge you for it.

Sony Wants Your PlayStation To Automatically Know Who You Are

In May this year, Sony Computer Entertainment filed an application for a patent concerning biometric security. Not an entirely new idea, since there are consumer devices like phones (and the Kinect) that already have things like facial recognition, but it’s the scale of Sony’s thoughts on the matter that are important here.

The Next Xbox Could Transform Your Living Room Into One Massive 3D Display

It’s not quite holodeck technology, but it’s not far off. A patent filed back in March by Microsoft describes advanced display technology that extends the gaming environment from the television to all four walls of a room.

Sony Wants To Turn Commercials Into Video Games

A Sony patent called “System for converting television commercials into interactive networked video games” is trying to do…well, exactly what its title says it’s trying to do.

Time To Play "What The Hell Is This Thing Sony Just Patented?"

What the hell is this? A steering wheel? A jet fighter’s yoke? It’s certainly a peripheral for the PlayStation Move, with swing-wing handle grips out at the side. Why is that feature necessary?

Microsoft Working On A Gaming Helmet, Glasses

Since 2010, Microsoft has been working on a gaming display system so small that it wouldn’t need to be sitting on an entertainment unit or even held in your hands. You could wear it in a pair of glasses. Or in a stupid helmet.

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