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Dota 2 Really Makes Me Want To Buy Stuff

I am 132 hours into Dota 2. During this time, I haven’t spent a single cent on the game, but damned if it’s not doing everything in its power to tempt me.

The Witcher's Fourth Act Takes RPGs To The Next Level

If you’ve played a role-playing game in the last several years, be it Mass Effect or The Elder Scrolls, chances are that most of the game involved people asking you to go places, bop things on the head, and return with items for a reward. Unless you’ve played The Witcher.

AMD's New Radeon SSDs Appeal To The Average Gamer

Mirroring the arguments over Xbox versus PlayStation, Mac versus PC, and Coke versus Pepsi, PC gamers have their own perpetual debate: AMD or Intel? (And, by extension, Radeon versus GeForce.) If you come down on the AMD side of things, you’ll soon be able to kit your gaming PC out with a new branded component: AMD is getting into the SSD game.

I Just Spent Two Weeks Being A Space Commander

“Don’t be That VR Guy,” I keep thinking. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks playing Elite: Dangerous, a PC space-sim that works with the newest Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It’s been pretty amazing, and I’m having a hard time not being That VR Guy.

Hell Breaks Loose When You Mod Skyrim

PC Skyrim players all must have a moment where they get bored of vanilla Skyrim and then look into mods. What happens after that key moment may be completely bonkers, depending on what someone actually decides to download.

How To Always Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors In Divinity: Original Sin

In Divinity: Original Sin, disagreements are often settled not with steel or spells, but with a game of rock, paper, scissors. Want a guard to let you pass without paying the toll? Rock, paper, scissors. Want a magical being to cough up the location of a spell you need? Rock, paper, scissors.

Skyrim, As Told By Steam Reviews

Despite being out for nearly three years, Skyrim continues to be played and well-loved by tons of folks — especially by those willing to dive into its bewildering modding world.

I Love This Battle Music From Divinity: Original Sin

Video: It doesn’t fit with the overall vibe of the game at all. It sounds more like…spy music? You know, from a spy game. But all the same, I love it. Every time it starts playing, I laugh.

Damn You, Counter-Strike Chicken

You gotta love Counter-Strike chickens. Even when they get in the way, the result is hilarity.

Why You Don't Go For Roshan At The Start Of A Dota 2 Match

Most people wait a little before pitting their team against Roshan. Not these guys though.