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Counter-Strike Bot Saves The Day, Becomes Match MVP

Watch as an Oliver Bot shows the humans how it’s actually done. God damn.

10 Secrets Hidden Inside Of Five Nights At Freddy's 4

Between all the jump scares and creepy animatronics, it’s pretty easy to miss some of the easter eggs and smaller details hiding in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. But they are there, waiting to be noticed. Better yet, they might tell a pretty disturbing story about what’s ‘really’ happening inside of the game.

Fallout: New Vegas Mod Asks You To Survive A Hellish Icy Wasteland

That nuclear winter that everyone in Fallout wanted so badly? It’s here, thanks to this awesome New Vegas mod.

Fans Are Making A Spiritual Successor To P.T., And It Looks Terrifying

Forget Konami. We have Allison Road, a new horror game that is heavily inspired by the Silent Hills demo.

The World's Most Advanced Gaming Mouse (Trailer)

How epic can a trailer for a gaming mouse get? This epic.

Watch Me Play Lego Worlds, Minecraft's New Challenger

Even in its unfinished state, Lego Worlds is a game that inspires wonder. What sorts of marvellous things might we find in its universe today?

The Best Thing About LEGO's Take On Minecraft

I’ve spent a couple of hours in Lego Worlds this week, and I am absolutely loving it. The main reason? There are a ton of things and creatures lying around, all of which you can ride with the press of a button.

Street Fighter Mod Lets You Recreate Goku Vs Frieza Showdown

You know, I never realised how similar Goku and Ryu actually are until now.

The Only Way To Get This Steam Achievement Is To Cheat

Invisible, Inc. is a game that is all about secrecy and hacking. Fitting, then, that one of its achievements can only be nabbed if players mess around with the game’s files.

Glitch Brings Temporary Peace To MMO Battlefield

Under normal circumstances, “World versus World” is a game mode in Guild Wars 2 where players from different servers duke it out. The entire point is competitive conflict. But yesterday, that strife briefly disappeared.

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