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The Sims 4's Nudity Mods Have Gotten Really Detailed (NSFW)

When players modded the censors covering characters up in The Sims 4, they found that sims were pretty much Barbies underneath the clothes. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone took matters into their own hands and changed that. Warning: This post has NSFW content.

Nvidia Makes Gaming Notebooks Much More Powerful... Again

Nvidia’s 800m line of laptop graphics chips? They’re so two months ago. Today the company that’s been one-upping itself for years does it again with the Maxwell-based Geforce GTX 980m, promising 75 per cent of the performance of its desktop counterpart.

Someone Actually Managed To Kill The Reaper In The Sims 4

How does one kill death itself? By getting your hands dirty, of course.

You Can Resurrect Some Deleted World Of Warcraft Characters Soon

Are you missing a deleted character in World of Warcraft? Wish you could bring them back? Good news. You may be able to recover them using a built-in game feature thanks to an upcoming patch.

Huge Dota 2 Update Changes The Map, Tweaks Other Stuff

Lots of changes for Dota 2 today, thanks to a new update called ‘Rekindling Soul’. The most notable change that affects everyone though? The map is now a bit different.

What Happens When You Don't Play The Sims 4

In a word: hilarity. You probably noticed this while playing, but the AI in The Sims 4 isn’t exactly the brightest.

The Sims 4 Mods Are Officially Starting To Become Amazing

Despite being so new, The Sims 4 has relatively robust mod offerings. Some mods are sort of saucy. Some are useful. And some, well, some are just sort of amazing.

Nvidia's New GeForce GTX GPUs Are All About Energy Efficiency

It’s a big day for PC gaming. Graphics card powerhouse Nvidia has a new family of GPUs — the GTX 980 and GTX 970 — based on a brand new chipset, designed to deliver more visual power and higher frame rates than previous generations, while consuming less power. If you believe Nvidia, they’re “the new benchmark in performance and efficiency for gaming on the PC.”

An Inkjet Printer? Of Course It Runs Doom

Another device, Canon’s Pixma printer, has joined the endless list of things that can run Doom. We might still have to wait for the “police radar gun” but security researcher Michael Jordon‘s mod is just as good.

The Sim Who Refused To Die

Over a dozen hours into The Sims 4, I’m only now starting to delve into a core part of the experience: killing your sims. At least, I assume that killing sims is an important part of the experience, given all the backlash surrounding the lack of pools in The Sims 4.