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The Original Unreal Got Aliens Right

Editor’s note: I’m sure I’m not the only one with fond memories of the original Unreal, which came out on PC one million years ago in 1998. What was it that made that game special? Let’s find out.

TheWorse Mod Releases Its Final Update

Briefly: TheWorse mod, which pumps up Watch Dog’s graphics to more closely resemble the visuals shown during E3 2012, has now released its final update. You can see the mod in action here, and download the final release here.

Multi-Screen Gaming On A Laptop? Crazy, But Sure, Let's Roll With It

Matt Relf has found a smart way to turn a small laptop into the kind of multi-screen setup you normally only see on a verge large desk with a very important desktop computer.

11 Years Later, Modders Are Still Making The Original Halo Better

Halo: Combat Evolved released in fall 2003 for PC. Bungie has moved on — but the community keeps the game alive through mods. Take SPV3, for example.

How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog

PCs and dogs have lots in common, you know. No, really!

My First 63 Hours With Dota 2

I’ve spent the last two weeks doing one thing: trying to learn Dota 2.

It Will Take Him 17 Days To Get To The End Of Minecraft

Thirty thousand kilometres. That’s how far JL2579 has to travel to get to the edge of Minecraft--more than twice the diameter of Earth. You can watch him do it live, right here.

Watch Cube World's New Quest System In Action

Though we initially heard a little about Cube World’s questing system back in January, today the developers gave us a glimpse of how they would work in the gorgeous voxel-based RPG.

The Internet Reacts To World Of Warcraft's New Dudes

World of Warcraft is getting a facelift — and yesterday, Blizzard unveiled the new models for human males. The update was met with a lot of playful snark, as folks dissected the goofier elements of the new models.

You Shouldn't Interrupt A Counter-Strike Player's Game Of Tetris

It might seem like this player is being reckless by choosing to focus on the Tetris game built into Counter-Strike. But they’re still paying attention to what’s going on around them — so much so that this player actually nabs the game-winning kill.