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Upcoming Astronaut Space Exploration Game Looks Amazing

Damn. Astroneer wasn’t on my radar before — but it sure as hell is now.

What Star Wars: Battlefront Will Let You Change On PC

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta is going to be swarmed by tens of thousands, if not more, gamers on the three main platforms later today. We already livestreamed a few hours of the gameplay on PS4 yesterday, but that was on PS4 and it was only the single-player Tattoine survival mission.

But what if you’re not playing on a console? What if you’re a hardcore Battlefield fan who has a beefy rig? Well, then you’re in luck.

StarCraft's Latest Patch Is Massive, Notes Run Over Several Pages

The Legacy of the Void developers were making a bit of a song and dance about patch 3.0 for all versions of StarCraft, and they weren’t kidding — it’s bloody huge.

Riot Bans Key Reseller G2A, G2A Could Abandon League Of Legends Sponsorships

The third-party Steam key resellers have fallen afoul of the League of Legends developers, and it could spell disaster for some prominent professional teams.

Counter-Strike Is Broken In Australia And New Zealand

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of local fraggers who have been trying to hit up Valve’s long-standing shooter franchise, then I’m willing to bet there’s a 99.999999% chance you’ve either seen this happen to someone in your game, or it’s happened to another CS:GO fan you know.

It’s only limited to Aussies and New Zealanders though — and it’s bloody annoying.

This Australian-Made Skyrim Mod Is Like An Official Expansion

The Forgotten City was made by Nick Pearce, an Australian modder. It’s ridiculous.

DESYNC Mashes Bulletstorm, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon And Quake Into One Hypnotic Shooter

It’s not due out until next year, but this explosion of neon on your screen might be the most interesting game Film Victoria has ever funded. Even if it is liable to give someone a seizure.

Min-Maxing Ruins RPGs For Me, But I Just Can't Stop

It’s almost become a ritual at this stage. Double-click the name of the game on Steam. Watch the intro animation. Click “New Game” on the menu. Go into the character screen — and then fire up a web-browser so I can see the most optimised character creation guide.

It’s happening every time I try and fire up a traditional computer RPG. It’s ruining my experience. So why can’t I just play without risking the bad choices, or the suboptimal builds?

Jared Hahn Talks About Mori And Hating His Job At EB Expo 2015

In one of the only interviews I was able to do at EB Expo, primarily because the Australian section was so threadbare, I spoke to Jared Hahn about his new game, Mori, hating your job, and the trials and tribulations of focus testing your game.

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