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Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Talks Me Into Enjoying It

What defines Spider-Man? Is it his special powers? His great responsibilities? His Jenga prowess? No, true believers. Spider-Man’s most definitive trait is his witty banter, and double the Spider-Man means double the snappy patter right? Thank goodness Edge of Time had Peter David.

See The First Trailer And Screens For Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

In order to help the Amazing Spider-Man save the future, Spider-Man 2099 has to save the past. That’s the kind of convoluted story you get when you start messing with temporal physics, but who cares when it looks this good?

Return To 2099 In Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

Developer Beenox and Activision cross continuities again in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, a time-hopping adventure that’s one part Amazing Spider-Man, one part Spider-Man 2099.

Next Spider-Man Video Game Shall Soon Be Revealed

Following up on the compelling-yet-flawed Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Activision once again taps developer Beenox to handle the next Spider game, with a grand reveal slotted during a panel at next month’s Wondercon in San Francisco, with some very special guests.

Albion's Adventures Continue In Fable: The Balverine Order

It’s a book! For Fable diehards with a thirst for some off-game fiction – courtesy of prolific writer Peter David – there’s Fable: The Balverine Order. It’s the rare paperback that lets players unlock a unique item in a video game.

Epic Mickey Spawns ‘Tales Of The Wasteland’ Comic Book Spin-offs

Disney’s Epic Mickey is only coming to the Wii, but a newly announced pair of comic book projects based on the game will bring Mickey’s adventures to other platforms, including paper, PSP and the iPhone.

Developing A Shadow Complex

Witness Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski, Chair’s Donald Mustard, and sheer awesomeness’ Peter David talking about the final Summer of Arcade game, Shadow Complex.

Shadow Complex Has Peter David Written All Over It

Chair Entertainment’s brilliant looking Metroid-esque adventure Shadow Complex appears to have some storytelling meat to it, not just tried and true side-scrolling gameplay. The developer announced today that comic book scribe Peter David penned the game’s original story.

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