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Peter Molyneux, 30 Seconds After Seeing Someone Else's Fable Remake

As I walked into Microsoft’s Xbox booth at E3 yesterday, I spotted storied game designer Peter Molyneux waltzing in, looking for Fable Anniversary. He was hunting down the Xbox 360 re-make of a game he’d led the development of on the first Xbox.

The Second Molyjam Promises To Blow E3 Out Of The Water

Peter Molyneux became infamous for promising things that were impossible to deliver. So infamous in fact that he spawned an impersonator on Twitter, Peter Molydeux, that made a career out of tweeting game ideas that were so hilariously outlandish they couldn’t possibly be real. Then things got even more meta. Molyjam, a 48-hour game jam dedicated to trying to create the games that Molydeux tweeted, was born. It was a huge success, to the point where the real Peter Molyneux attended! Now Molyjam is getting a sequel.

This Is What Was Inside Curiousity's Cube...

Some people got extremely excited about Curiousity, about what was inside the cube. I fully expected it to be a GIF of Peter Molyneux eating popcorn, or something equally insignificant, but the above video reveals precisely what the actual prize was and I’m sort of disappointed. I expected the winner to be raised inexplicably into the air and surrounded by lightning. Basically I wanted it to be the end of Highlander.

Nobody Wants The Next Xbox To Be "Another Way Of Looking At Facebook"

Speaking with Edge, former Lionhead boss and Microsoft exec Peter Molyneux wins some brownie points for his hopes on what the next Xbox will offer.

Peter Molyneux's Son Doesn't Seem To Care About Half-Life 3 Anymore

Peter Molyneux has been doing a bit of clock-watching lately. Right now, the game designer behind the Populous and Fable game franchises has been watching time tick down on the Kickstarter for the Godus project from his 22Cansdev studio. I spoke to him about raising money for Godus but also asked him about his son Lucas. Does he know when Half-Life 3 is coming out yet?

If Peter Molyneux's Kickstarter Isn't Funded, His Marriage Might Be In Trouble

Peter Molyneux hasn’t really had to worry about the money needed to make games before. Back when he was making games as a smaller operation, he’d starve himself until a project was done and kick the software out into the world. Then, in his later days as a Microsoft exec, he had access to the huge coffers and resources of the company’s Xbox division. He may have had to lobby internally for the cash but it’s not like it wasn’t there.

OK, So Peter Molyneux's Next Game Is Looking Pretty Nice

GODUS, the next game from Peter Molyneux and his 22cans development team, is a spiritual successor to classic PC game Populous. That game had a cute visual style, one that GODUS looked to be cashing in on, but without video footage, how could we tell?

The Curiosity Team Is Working Hard To Compensate For Your Boundless Enthusiasm

Peter Molyneux and his team at 22cans are a visionary group, but that vision didn’t include a million people eager to find out what’s inside the cube in the developer’s first foray into experimental mobile games. Today 22cans thanks tappers for their patience and promises to fix the connection and coin-retention problems with Curiosity.

Too Many Curious Cats Seem To Be Killing The Curiosity Cube

It seems the world is indeed curious about what’s inside the cube. 22 Cans, the new experimental studio headed by Peter Molyneux (Fable, Black & White, Populous), launched their much-discussed new mobile app Curiosity today.