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Tax Breaks For Games Makers Are So Rich, Even Oil Companies Question Their Fairness

The New York Times this morning published an extensive look at the system of tax incentives and breaks exploited by games makers, concluding that their write-offs to research and development costs satisfy the letter, but not the spirit, of 50-year-old tax policies that by now defy common sense.

Xbox Live Gamer Suspended For Living In Fort Gay

When banned 26-year-old Xbox Live gamer called Xbox support to explain that his town of Fort Gay, West Virginia, was a real place and not a homosexual reference, he was threatened with account cancellation.

Blizzard Policing Inappropriate StarCraft II Maps Because They Can

Unlike the original StarCraft, Blizzard is reviewing player-made maps for StarCraft II, deleting those they deem inappropriate. When players in the forums ask why, Blizzard responds, “Because we can.”

AT&T Tells Feds That Gaming Is Not "Broadband"

The games industry is unhappy that AT&T, in comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission, described real-time online video gaming as an “aspirational service” of broadband communications and not a core need.

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