portal 2

Someone Made A New Portal 2 Campaign... Without Portals

I was poking around for interesting Portal 2 maps to play, and instead found an entire mod that replaces the portal gun with a gun that shoots the blue and orange gel from Portal 2. Even better, it has an entire storyline with a new character.

Wheatley Probe Goes To Space

Looks like Wheatley’s space travels took him all the way to the Mun from Kerbal Space Program, with a little help from redditor Technotreese. Kerbals have quite the penchant for testing, so Wheatley should feel right at home.

Is this... The Valvengers?

The Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America and Thor (poor Thor) all transformed into Valve characters. With the Scout and the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 and a zombie from Left 4 Dead, teaming up with Gordon Freeman, this team probably wouldn’t function smoothly.

Intense Portal Short Film Will Give You Chills, For Science

Considering the fact that it’s a fan-made short put together for under $500, Portal: Survive has some truly incredible moments. Based on both the game and its tie-in comic, “Portal 2: Lab Rat”, it tells the story of robot science’s triumph over human science, for the sake of science.

Possibly The Best GLaDOS Cosplay Ever. Dang.

Now, we’ve featured plenty of GLaDOS cosplayers before — all great! — but no cosplay, to our knowledge, has ever done GLaDOS like this before.

The Unceasing Beauty Of Portal 2

Aperture Science, man. The only abandoned, robot-infested lab I’d ever want to visit more than once.

The Sunburst Turret Statue Is Portal Collectors' Only Sunshine

It is our sunshine — our only sunshine. It makes us happy when skies are grey. Then it shoots us, but only because we dared love this $US325, lighted, motion-sensing, sound producing Portal 2 turret replica too much.

Playing Portal 2 On Oculus Rift Is Almost A Religious Experience

When I was 11 years old, I convinced my mum to drive me to Blockbuster store. And despite it costing far more than my meager allowance, rent a brand new Nintendo Virtual Boy with two games: Mario Tennis and Mario Clash.

Portal 2's PS3 Version Gets New, Free Co-Op DLC Today

A while back, Sixense Studios delivered the InMotion DLC — which consisted of a bunch of new levels optimised for for the system’s Move controller — to the PS3 version of Portal 2. Now, that version of Valve’s hit sequel will be getting Portal 2 over will be getting new co-op content, rolling out to today as a free update.

This Portal-Themed Bedroom Is Outrageous And I Want To Live In It

Have you ever wanted to live life like an Aperture Labs test subject? You have? Well then, you might want to consider living in a ridiculously cool custom-made bedroom like this one.