Portal 2 Mod Is Basically A New Portal Game

Portal Stories: Mel is a mod for Portal 2 that has been three years in the making. With a whole new story, new gear and new missions, it will hopefully feel like a whole new Portal, only it’s one you don’t need to pay for.

Up Close With Valve's First, Unfinished Game

The inner workings of Valve are shrouded in mystery, particularly when it comes to game development. Consider the unfinished game that Valve was working on at the same time as the original Half-Life: Prospero.

Portal 2 Looks Fun Even Without Portals

A few months ago, we took a look at Aperture Tag, a Portal 2 mod that replaces the portal gun with a gun that can shoot the blue and orange gels to craft the levels into a bouncy, speedy wonderland. It’s finally out and it’s looking even better than before.

Aperture Tag Will Be Released On Steam This Month

Briefly: Aperture Tag, the Portal 2 mod where you wield a Paint Gun instead of a Portal Gun, will be officially released on Steam this month. According to the developer’s announcement, Aperture Tag will cost $US7, and will be sold at a 30 per cent discount during its first week.

The Honest Portal Trailer Fails To Confirm Half-Life 3

Video:Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, an abandoned Apple store from hell.” Way to completely transform the way I experience a beloved classic, Honest Game Trailers. My favourite entries in Smosh’s ongoing series are the games where the announcer voice guy can’t really come up with anything bad to say.

Never Give Your Toddler A Portal Gun

Children! Aperture Science Handheld Portal Devices! Put them together and they’re cute as heck, right? Not so fast.

You Can Now Play Portal And Half-Life 2 On The Go

Last month, Nvidia teased the upcoming release of the original Portal for its Tegra 4-powered Shield gaming portable. Good news — Portal is available on Google Play today. Better news — so is Half-Life 2.

New Portal 2 Mod Adds Time Travel

Thinking With Time Machine is a new and grammatically dubious Portal 2 mod that lets you record and play back time loops to solve puzzles. Considering the trouble some people had with just the portals I’m imaging a few Scanner-style head pops here.

Looks Like GlaDOS Works For NASA Now

GlaDOS is all about science, she’s all about research. So where better for GlaDOS to end up than NASA?

Someone Made A New Portal 2 Campaign... Without Portals

I was poking around for interesting Portal 2 maps to play, and instead found an entire mod that replaces the portal gun with a gun that shoots the blue and orange gel from Portal 2. Even better, it has an entire storyline with a new character.