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Players FindĀ Half-Life And Left 4 Dead Demos Buried In Valve's VR Code

Valve’s new VR performance test program= contains a two-minute snippet of the infamous Portal-themed Aperture Robot Repair demo. But there’s also more, if you know where to look.

The Unseen History Of Portal's Development

The impact of Portal across video games and wider pop culture was massive.

That struck me whilst watching this video. It’s a fantastic, detailed look at the history of Portal’s development and it features a lot of information I, personally, was not aware of.

Well worth a watch if you have a spare 15 minutes.

Watch Gordon Freeman And Chell Fight Over Some Cake

I’m gonna try and get through this post with making some sort of reference to cakes and lies.

Bear with me here.

Smash Two Portals Together, Enter A Glitch Netherworld

Video: It’s the kind of thing you wonder after having too many doughnuts and margaritas: what would happen if you were stuck inside the two portals that a Portal gun shoots out? The answer: shit gets weird, man.

Portal 2 Wheatley Replica Comes Complete With Movement And Sound

Video: It’s probably the perfect item to scare off guests from the living room. Modder Evie Bee built a replica of Portal 2’s AI companion that moves and sounds just as annoying as the original one.

This Portal Cafe Better Serve Cake

I’m gonna get through this post without making a joke about this Portal cafe not serving cake. I believe in myself.

Oh wait, I made that joke in the headline already. Damn…

Free Portal-themed Goodness Comes To Rocket League PC On Tuesday.

Free Portal-themed goodness comes to Rocket League PC on Tuesday. Players need but to complete a match to earn several pieces of Aperture Science-flavored kit, from cake stickers to Companion Cube antenna toppers. Check out the Steam news post for full details.

If You Can't Get Enough Portal In Your Life, Then Try This Board Game

For all those cantankerous types who don’t want other people to get cake.

Portal Speedrun Makes Me Regret Thinking I Was Good At Portal

Way back in my college days, The Orange Box came out for Xbox 360, and I was very excited.

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