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Portal 2 Wheatley Replica Comes Complete With Movement And Sound

Video: It’s probably the perfect item to scare off guests from the living room. Modder Evie Bee built a replica of Portal 2’s AI companion that moves and sounds just as annoying as the original one.

This Portal Cafe Better Serve Cake

I’m gonna get through this post without making a joke about this Portal cafe not serving cake. I believe in myself.

Oh wait, I made that joke in the headline already. Damn…

Free Portal-themed Goodness Comes To Rocket League PC On Tuesday.

Free Portal-themed goodness comes to Rocket League PC on Tuesday. Players need but to complete a match to earn several pieces of Aperture Science-flavored kit, from cake stickers to Companion Cube antenna toppers. Check out the Steam news post for full details.

If You Can't Get Enough Portal In Your Life, Then Try This Board Game

For all those cantankerous types who don’t want other people to get cake.

Portal Speedrun Makes Me Regret Thinking I Was Good At Portal

Way back in my college days, The Orange Box came out for Xbox 360, and I was very excited.

New Portal Fan Campaign Is Awesome

Portal Stories: Mel was not made by Valve, but it’s probably the closest thing we’ll get to Portal 3 for a while.

Five Minutes With The Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device

Because Aperture Science would never release something as plebeian as a pinball table. Coming next week to Zen Pinball 2, Pinball FX 2 and whatever other pinball platforms Zen Studios has running about causing trouble, Portal Pinball reunites fans of Valve’s first-person puzzler with the likes of GLaDOS, Wheatley, Atlas, P-Body and the ever talkative Chell in an all-new, incredibly scientific way.

Portal, Doctor Who, Simpsons And More Confirmed For LEGO Dimensions

An official instruction sheet featuring a meaty list of level, team and fun packs coming to the toy-driven LEGO Dimensions proves once and for all that my wallet is truly fucked come September.

Portal On The 3DS Looks Great!

Portal is a great video game, the 3DS is a great handheld. Surely it’s a match made in heaven? Turns out it sorta is!

The GLaDOS Principle

A Portal/Talos Principle world collision of puzzlers was bound to happen, and this one is absolutely brilliant. Bravo, The Man Who Hears Colours.

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