Looks Like GlaDOS Works For NASA Now

GlaDOS is all about science, she’s all about research. So where better for GlaDOS to end up than NASA?

Someone Made A New Portal 2 Campaign... Without Portals

I was poking around for interesting Portal 2 maps to play, and instead found an entire mod that replaces the portal gun with a gun that shoots the blue and orange gel from Portal 2. Even better, it has an entire storyline with a new character.

Video Games, Reimagined As Classic Paperback Novels

Digital artist Zachary Knoles really touched the spot when he redesigned video games and its characters as aged, dusty covers of classic paperback novels.

What Do You Do After Helping Create Portal? Write A Book

Realm Lovejoy used to work as an artist at Valve, where she helped define the look of everything from Portal to Left 4 Dead to DOTA 2. We’ve even featured her work previously here on Kotaku. But we’re not here to talk about her art today.

News Station Thinks "The Cake Is A Lie" Joke Is Proof Of The Paranormal

For anyone that’s played Portal, ‘the cake is a lie’ very well may be an old, tired joke. But that doesn’t mean everyone knows where the joke comes from, judging from some this footage of a recent Oklahoma newscast.

Intense Portal Short Film Will Give You Chills, For Science

Considering the fact that it’s a fan-made short put together for under $500, Portal: Survive has some truly incredible moments. Based on both the game and its tie-in comic, “Portal 2: Lab Rat”, it tells the story of robot science’s triumph over human science, for the sake of science.

Portal On The DS

Aperture Science, the homebrewed version of Portal for the DS shown off back in February, now has a “mostly playable” version. You’ll need a flash cart to play it, but the file can be found here.

The Unceasing Beauty Of Portal 2

Aperture Science, man. The only abandoned, robot-infested lab I’d ever want to visit more than once.

The Sunburst Turret Statue Is Portal Collectors' Only Sunshine

It is our sunshine — our only sunshine. It makes us happy when skies are grey. Then it shoots us, but only because we dared love this $US325, lighted, motion-sensing, sound producing Portal 2 turret replica too much.

My Perfect Video Game

No game is perfect. But what if one could be? Just for me? Just for you?