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Who's Going To Be In Batman's Version Of The Suicide Squad?

Next month, Batman is going to assemble a special team to penetrate the stronghold of one of his most fearsome enemies — a team with total deniability, who’ll do things the Justice League can’t — or won’t. Sound familiar? We don’t know who’s on the Bat-Suicide-Squad yet, but let’s take some guesses.

A Look At The New Cards In Magic: The Gathering's Next Big Expansion, Kaladesh

Most of the planes of existence in Magic’s lore are based on the use of magic — it’s a card game about players flinging spells at each other, after all. But the plane of Kaladesh is different, because what would be accomplished by magic elsewhere is done with technology. Now we have a sneak peek at some of the cards players will find when they head there later this month.

An Exclusive Look Inside The Beautiful Art Of Jock

If you’ve been on the internet before you’ve probably seen the gorgeous poster work of British artist Jock. Or maybe you’ve seen it in comic series like The Losers, Wytches, or his work on Batman and Judge Dredd. Now the artist is releasing a whole book filled with his amazing work, and we’ve got a sneak peek.

A Horrifying Comic-Book Future Where Antibiotics Don't Work Any More

Imagine a future where the drugs we rely on to cure common yet life-threatening infections don’t work on most people. Now imagine a right-wing regime that only gives the medicine that still works to “productive” citizens. That’s right: Millions of people would be screwed.

An Inside Look At Dungeons & Dragons' New Giant-Filled Adventure

The monsters your Dungeons & Dragons group face are getting a little bigger with Storm King’s Thunder, a new adventure being released next week — and we’ve got an exclusive look inside at all the new locations, rules and monsters you’ll find. I hope your bag of holding is large enough to pilfer the plus-sized loot a Frost Giant might drop.

Enter A World Of Psychic Teens And Cold War Con Artists In The Sceptics

What if, at the height of the Cold War, Russia revealed that it had the ultimate weapon in its conflict against the Western world: Superpowered teenagers? That’s the premise of Black Mask Studio’s new comic The Sceptics — but as we’ve learned from writer Tini Howard, there’s a lot more going on that just Russian superteens.

Find Out What The Hell's Going On With Josie And The Pussycats In Afterlife With Archie

We love Afterlife with Archie’s horror-laden take on Riverdale, so we can’t wait to see what Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Francesco Francavilla, and Jack Morelli when they get their hands on an Archie Comics stalwart like Josie and the Pussycats. As this new preview shows, they’re doing some very sinister things.

Famous Comic Artists Take On Literary Icon Margaret Atwood's New Superhero, Angel Catbird

Beloved author Margaret Atwood is turning her talents to comics next month, alongside artists Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain, for the wonderful-sounding Angel Catbird. To celebrate, we’ve got an exclusive look at some of the “pin-up” pieces included in the graphic novel of other artists’ take on this strange new hero.

Tense French Superhero Thriller Masked Returns With A New Monthly Comic

Serge Lehman’s critically acclaimed Masqué rocked the European comic world when it released a few years ago — and it’s starting up again, this time as an ongoing monthly. Get a first look at the new series, making its debut here.

First Look Inside The Return Of Valiant's Psionic Superteam, Harbinger Renegades

Harbinger is coming back, at last! Following the end of Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans series Harbingers reboot in 2014, an all-new series from Rafer Roberts and Darick Robertson is picking up the journey of Valiant’s premier psychic superteam — and we’ve got a look inside the first issue.

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