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What If Only Black People Could Get Superpowers?

A young black person gets shot by police. This time, he gets up, discovering that he’s more powerful than he ever could have imagined.

A First Look At Bebop And Rocksteady's New Comic Adventures

Bebop and Rocksteady have been stalwarts of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics — but they have never headlined their own book before. Until now, that is! The troublesome mutants are going to have all of time as their playground, and we have the first look at the first issue in the series.

Neuromancer's William Gibson Comes To Comics With Archangel

William Gibson is one of the most iconic writers of science fiction around, and now he’s turning his hand to the world of comics for the very first time in a time-bending new IDW miniseries, Archangel. If a phrase like “William Gibson comic” is somehow not enough to sell you instantly, we’ve also got an exclusive look at the first issue.

Death's Plans Revealed In Our Final Court Of The Dead Comic Preview

Sideshow’s Court of the Dead series has branched out its battle between Heaven and Hell into the world of digital comics — and Death makes his final move in the conflict in this third and final part of our comic miniseries!

Discover The Battle For The Underworld In This Comic Preview For Court Of The Dead

Sideshow Collectibles is probably best known as a fine purveyor of incredibly fancy (and expensive) premium figures and statues. But it has also branched out into making its very own fantasy world — and to celebrate a new book based on it, we’ve got a new comic miniseries to set it all up.

Batman '66 and The Man From UNCLE Have Their Ultimate Showdown

Although his ongoing digital series sadly came to a close late last year, the wonderfully campy Batman ’66 comic got a brief revival this year with a crossover with the classic spy series The Man From UNCLE. Before it comes to an end this week, we’ve got a sneak peek at the final chapter.

Take A Step Into The Surreal World Of Rich Tommaso's 'She Wolf'

From Dark Corridor to the likes of Clover Honey or Dry County, you might be more familiar with alternative artist and writer Rich Tommaso’s work in the seedy world of crime books than anything else. But his second series with Image Comics is dipping into a weird world of horror and werewolves.

Oh Hey, A Bunch Of People Played The Division

A few days ago a bunch of members of the gaming press went and played Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical shooter/RPG Tom Clancy’s The Division. Let’s see what they thought of it.

Time Loop Video Game Gives You 12 Minutes To Not Die... Again And Again

The most interesting unreleased video game I’ve played this year is an adventure called Twelve Minutes. It involves living and dying in the course of 12 minutes, all of them spent in a three-room apartment. Then your character wakes up back in time with a memory of what happened and tries to survive those 12 minutes.

Devil's Third Bears The Scars Of A Troubled Development

As a critic, I endeavour to approach each game I play with an open mind. It’s almost impossible, however, not to have some preconceptions when a game arrives for review. Knowledge of the developer, familiarity with the circumstances of its development and experience within its chosen genre are just three of the factors that come into play. Devil’s Third is an unusual case in that I came to it acutely aware of both its troubled background and a raft of overwhelmingly negative impressions from those who’ve played it so far. My expectations, then, were fairly low — and to a point, they were met.

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