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The Worst Strategy Guide Ever Made

Pop quiz: Does the name “PlayOnline” make your blood boil, or at least cause one of your eyes to start twitching? No? Lucky you. If it does, you might be familiar with the worst strategy guide in video game history.

They Studied Madden In College, And Now Play It For A Living

Zach Farley didn’t know much about the others in his residence hall when he moved back in at Westfield State University as a sophomore about seven years ago. He did know one suite had a PlayStation 2 and a copy of Madden, the communal fire of a dorm for most of its 25-year existence. Farley introduced himself to that room first.

New Skyrim App Brings 'Free-To-Play' To Cartography

The folks over at Prima Games have released an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to explore and interact with Skyrim‘s entire map, developer Bethesda said today on its blog.

Who Owns Madden's Virtual Playbook?

They have all the secrets to make you a better Madden gamer. “SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE OVER THE COMPETITION,” says the website. “DOMINATE ONLINE.”

What's Wrong With The Mortal Kombat Strategy Guide?

To go along with last week’s release of Mortal Kombat, Prima Games released a lovely hardbound collector’s edition strategy guide to teach new players with an extra $US35 how to play the game in style. Why is this man so angry about it?

Prima Says Happy Holidays With Two Decade's Worth Of Guides

Always ahead of the game, literally, Prima Games sent us a card to wish us not a happy holiday, but a happy New Year.

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