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There's A Song In Nier That Drives Me Up The Wall

There’s a village, the Aerie, which your character visits at the beginning of Nier. Its cacophonous theme is… surprising. As part of my never-ending battle against my backlog, I decided to finally play 2010’s Nier in preparation for the new game in the series, NieR:Automata.

Mass Effect 2's Level Design Involved An 'Orange Box' Stage. Yes, It's A Valve Thing

The Mass Effect series certainly had some memorable characters, but how about levels? While it might be hard to recall them now, each level required an enormous amount of work to get right. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much, this GDC 2009 presentation for Mass Effect 2 should prove very enlightening.

The Up-All-Night Stream Plays Dragon Quest Heroes II

Video: Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors collide once again in Dragon Quest Heroes II. So join me as I kill every slime in existence.

Red Faction Started Blowing The Hell Out Of Everything 15 Years Ago

Yesterday, on May 21, 2001, developer Volition and publisher THQ took gamers to Mars and let them blow the living hell out of everything that moved and most things that didn’t.

Big Games Can Take A Long Time To Get Made

While we get little snippets here and there, for most outsiders, our knowledge of how a video game is actually made is fairly limited. Especially when it comes to how long it takes to make one.

Persona 5 Looks As Incredible As Ever

Video: You thought the last Persona 5 trailer was amazing? It was. Ditto for this latest one. Check out this new gameplay, new characters and sweet, sweet user interface.

Persona 5 Will Be Released September 15 In Japan

Atlus just announced the drop date for Persona 5. The game will be out in Japan on September 15. As of writing, the Western release date, however, still hasn’t yet been revealed.

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Gaming Headset Review: Oddly Elegant

Gaming headsets don’t generally do elegant. They do bright and flashy, looking either as loud as they sound or like something out of a science fiction movie. LucidSound’s LS30 wireless gaming headset does elegant with a little bit of innovative on the side.

Attack On Titan's Multiplayer Is The Game's Best Part

What could be better than mass murdering titans with swords as you fly around like Spider-Man? Doing it with three other people, of course.

GTA V Player Completes Insane Parkour Map In Record Time

Video: Nearly impossible, custom-made parkour maps are a popular part of GTA Online, with their very own community. They test the limits of the game’s engine, which sometimes results in some truly spectacular runs.

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