Five Minutes With The Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device

Because Aperture Science would never release something as plebeian as a pinball table. Coming next week to Zen Pinball 2, Pinball FX 2 and whatever other pinball platforms Zen Studios has running about causing trouble, Portal Pinball reunites fans of Valve’s first-person puzzler with the likes of GLaDOS, Wheatley, Atlas, P-Body and the ever talkative Chell in an all-new, incredibly scientific way.

Destiny's Newest Helmet Is An Instant Boss-Killer

Meet the Celestial Nighthawk, one of Destiny‘s newest helmets and perhaps the most lethal boss-killing device in the game. Nighthawk, an exotic hunter helmet that was added to the game with the House of Wolves expansion earlier this week, offers one very interesting unique perk.

Destiny's New Secret Area Is Very Exclusive

Destiny’s new mode, Trials of Osiris, has gone live. With it comes a new social hub that only the best of the best can visit. Trials of Osiris is a very difficult 3v3 elimination mode where players can revive teammates. Once everyone on a team dies, however, the round is over and the opposing team gains a win. The more rounds players win, the better prizes the team will get at the end. We’re talking stuff like cool gear, buffs and such.

Destiny Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Better

Everyone loves a redemption story. On Tuesday, Destiny‘s second major expansion, House of Wolves, went live. I’ve been playing all week and good news: Not only is House of Wolves superior to its preceding expansion The Dark Below, it feels like the wholesale upgrade that Destiny desperately needed.

Godzilla Stomps Out New Features On The PS4

The King of Monsters latest game is getting a much needed upgrade from his original Japanese release. See what’s evolved (with English subtitles) in the new trailer for the Godzilla’s game PS4 version.

How To Get The Most Out Of Destiny's Cool New Bounties

If you played Destiny anytime in the last 24 hours, you found a surprise waiting for you in the Tower. The Queen’s Wrath is back! (OK, it probably wasn’t a total surprise, given that you had to download a 6GB update first. And the game greeted you with a huge announcement pop-up informing you about it. Anyway.)

Destiny Clan Takes Dancing To A Whole New Level

Video: Anyone can dance in Destiny — the emote is one simple button press away. But nobody can dance quite like these guys can.

GOTY Edition Of Badland Coming Soon

Video: A GOTY edition of 2013’s beautiful and gloomy mobile game Badland is coming out at the end of May, developer Frogmind Games announced. Better yet, it’s coming to a bunch of new platforms: PS4, PS3, Vita and Steam on May 26, Xbox One on May 29, and Wii U sometime in June. It will cost $US12 on consoles and $US10 on Steam.

The Trailer For Star Ocean V With English Subtitles

Star Ocean V is a thing and it’s coming. Sadly, Square Enix hasn’t seen it fit to offer the announcement trailer in English for Western fans of the series. Fear not; that’s why I’m here.

You're Killing Me, Persona Dancing Game

Video: No. You can’t do this, Persona 4: Dancing All Night. You can’t just pull out the ‘every day’s great at your Junes’ jingle out and weaponise it like this. Noooooo. OK, let’s be real, I was going purchase the game no matter what. That’s just how much I love the characters of Persona 4. Still, I’m in disbelief that not only is Nanako in this game, she’s appears to maybe work for Junes!? Or she wears a similar get-up to employees, anyway.