An FPS Keyboard And Mouse For The PlayStation 4

For those console owners who prefer a keyboard and mouse to a controller, there’s this.

The Terminator Will Be Playable In WWE 2K16... If You Preorder

Pre-order incentives are pretty dumb, and the Terminator being a pre-order character for WWE 2K16 might be the dumbest, but Arnold Schwarzenegger re-doing his naked-Terminator scene with WWE’s Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Paige and Dean Ambrose? Funny.

30 More Hours With Fallout 3, Which Is Still Damn Good

Seeing the reveal of Fallout 4 at E3, I found myself compelled to return to Bethesda’s first entry in the series, Fallout 3. There’s just something about it, a special kind of magic that few games have. Initially, I didn’t plan to spend much time with Fallout 3, but it sucked me in. Within two weeks, I’ve put more than 30 hours into Fallout 3, and it’s been a doozy of a time.

Journey Transitions From PlayStation 3 To PlayStation 4 Today

Briefly: The hauntingly emotional Journey transitions from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 today. It’s a cross-buy title so if you own it on PS3 you own the higher resolution PS4 version as well. Perhaps you can put the money saved towards the PlayStation Gear Journey statue.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection: The Basics

What it is: Why, it’s a PS3 game ported to PS4! Make that three of them, three excellent PS3 action-adventure games, Uncharted 1-3 (just the singleplayer), ported by development studio Bluepoint, coming out in lieu of the delayed-out-of-2015 Uncharted 4 on October 9.

There's DLC Coming For Never Alone

Briefly: There’s DLC coming for Never Alone, the touching indie adventure produced by an Alaskan Native community. The Foxtales add-on is due on July 28 and will feature all-new springtime environments for Nuna and Fox to romp through. In addition to the DLC, Never Alone is also coming to PS3 and Vita too.

Bombshells Drop In DC Universe Online 

DC Comics Bombshells started out as a series of pinup-style variant covers. This year, it’s growing into a statue line, a comic book series, another wave of special covers and starring role in a brand new adventure in DC Universe Online.

God Of War III Reveals Kratos For What He Is

Midway through God of War III, the buff and surly protagonist Kratos is scaling along the outside face of a building when he happens upon a man. He’s perched precariously next to a window, crying out for help. Saying nothing more than a grunt, Kratos bashes his head against the wall and pitches him off the ledge.

LEGO Avengers Introduces... Iron Stan

There’s more to the LEGO Avengers video game than the two blockbuster movies. During a Comic-Con panel earlier today Stan “The Man” Lee took to the stage to introduce his two cameo characters as well as a few surprise guests.

All Maps Cleared

Video: Assassin’s Creed Rogue didn’t stand a chance when it met an AC obsessive like me. All three game maps cleared after some 36 hours spent playing on my PS3. If you’re wondering about that boat in the lower left of the North Atlantic, I got that too.