GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer With Mines And Homing Rockets

A new update is bringing Christmas goodies to Los Santos and its surroundings, and yes, those goodies include explosives.

Report: A New JoJo Fighting Game Is Coming To PS4

JoJo fans rejoice, it looks like there’s a new game coming your way. Let’s hope it’s not as DLC-ridden as the last.

Last-Gen Gamers Are Being Left Behind

New-gen consoles have barely been out for a year, but there’s already a familiar story: a game launches and runs great on the PS4 and Xbox One, much less so on the PS3 and 360. Shadow of Mordor was an egregious example of this performance gap, but it’s not the only one. Is there any hope for last-gen gamers?

The First Episode Of Life Is Strange Is Out On January 30

Briefly: The first episode of Life Is Strange, that intriguing-looking adventure game from the people who made Remember Me, is coming out on January 30, publisher Square Enix just announced. It’s coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, for $US4.99. You can also buy a pass for all five episodes for $US19.99.

Steins;Gate Coming To PS3 And Vita In North America And Europe In 2015

Briefly: Steins;Gate is coming to North American and European PlayStation 3s and Vitas in 2015 via publisher PQube. Considered by many to be one of the finest visual novels ever made, the time-travelling science adventure came to North American PC earlier this year via JAST USA. Check out our full review of the PC release.

My Favourite Credits Sequence Of The Year

This past weekend I was streaming Juju, a family-friendly platformer from the folks who rebooted Shadow Warrior. I picked the wrong menu option, and something delightful happened. This is the credits song.

An Open-World Game With Questionable Photography

This is Summer-Coloured High School: Adolescent Record. As previously mentioned, it’s an open-world game for the PS3 and PS4. In it, players explore the island, go fishing, fall in love, and escape from the cops after taking lewd photos.

The New Guilty Gear Is Breathtaking At 60 Frames Per Second

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- would be the prettiest sprite-based 2D fighter I’ve played, only those aren’t sprites. ARC System Works’ tricksy polygon work results in a game that has to be seen running 60 frames per second at 1080p.

The Last Guardian Sure Sounds Like A PS4 Game

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. But game creator Fumito Ueda mentioned The Last Guardian in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation. And, from the sound of it, the game could be headed to the PS4.

Shovel Knight Is Coming To PlayStation... With Kratos

Video: Nice! The excellent action/platformer Shovel Knight is coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita. Also, it looks like a certain God of War will make a cameo appearance.