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The Classic Klonoa May Be Your Next PSone Classic

PlayStation game Klonoa: Door to Phantomile was recently re-rated by the ESRB for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. That means the 1998 original is a very likely candidate for a digital PSone Classics re-release. :)

It's Time For Chrono Trigger To Become A PSone Classic

Looks like the enhanced PlayStation port of Square Enix’s seminal role-playing game Chrono Trigger is bound for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. The ESRB has just rated Chrono Trigger for those platforms, so expect the update of that JRPG favourite to show up at a PSone Classic on a PlayStation Store near you soon.

Vagrant Story Brings A Riot To The PlayStation Store This Week

This week, PlayStation 3 owners in North America will be able to enjoy one of the greatest role-playing games of the PlayStation generation: Vagrant Story coming to the PlayStation Store as a “PSone Classic”.

The Original Parasite Eve Bound For PSP & PS3

The ESRB has rated 1998 PlayStation game Parasite Eve for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, a sure sign that the game will receive “PSone Classics” status at some point, likely coming to the US PlayStation Store before the latest entry, The 3rd Birthday, ships to the US on March 29.

Xenogears, A PlayStation Great, Becomes A PSone Classic

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming, but the arrival of PlayStation role-playing game classic Xenogears as a downloadable PSone Classic is still welcome news. The official heralds the release of Square Enix’s turn-based RPG on the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Arc The Lad And Alundra Grace The PlayStation Network

A partnership between MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks results in the PlayStation Network re-release of two of the best games released by Working Designs for the original PlayStation: Arc the Lad and Alundra.

Sony Still Teasing North America With Final Fantasy IX

Garnet wants to be kidnapped right away, and while that’s all fine and good in Europe, where Final Fantasy IX is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network, here in North America we must ignore her desperate pleas.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Arguably An Actual PSone Classic

LucasArts’ early foray into first-person shootin’, Star Wars style, looks like the next potential PSone Classic re-release coming to the PlayStation Store. The ESRB has re-rated Star Wars: Dark Forces for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

PSone Classics Get A Little More "Classic" This Week On PSN

The North American PlayStation Store is getting one new addition that can bear the PSone Classic moniker with a straight face this week, the excellent role-playing game from developer Game Arts, Grandia.

Sony Survey Says Premium PSN Subscriptions Under Consideration

A survey sent from IPSOS Online Research indicates that Sony is considering premium subscription plans for the PlayStation Network, detailing potential prices and premium services, including full-hour game trials, free access to PSOne Classics, and cross-game voice chat.

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