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Arcane Legends Gets Its First Taste Of Player Vs Player Combat

The latest browser/mobile MMO from Spacetime Studios gets a bit more competitive today with the release of the first small taste of player-on-player violence. Who’s ready for a little Capture the Flag?

The Four Core Concepts That Guild Wars 2 Is Built Upon

Yesterday’s Q&A with Guild Wars 2 content designer Mike Zadorojny painted the development of next month’s blockbuster MMO in broad strokes. Today ArenaNet releases a series of videos that break the game’s design down to four core components: dynamic events, player versus player, personal story and combat.

Can Rift's Player-Versus-Player Revamp Save It From The Oncoming Storm?

Trion World’s MMO rift has done well enough for itself, but with Tera underway and The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 looming, they’ve got to be feeling some heat. Can the newly revamped three-faction Conquest system keep folks playing?

Star Trek Online Developer Admits The Game's PvP Sucks

While being forthright with his community about the woeful state of Star Trek Online‘s player-versus-player combat, a developer at Cryptic Studios also admitted to something of a self-fulfilling prophecy: PvP in the game is so bad, no one’s participating in it. Participation is so low that the studio has seriously considered removing PvP altogether.

How Not To Do PVP In Guild Wars 2

After spending the weekend playing Guild Wars 2 with select members of the press, I felt I had gather enough knowledge to create a video guide to the game’s standard player-versus-player combat. Then I played this round.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Factions Learn To Work Together To Exploit The PVP System

Now that BioWare has instituted fixes limiting the number of Republic and Imperial players taking part in each instance of player-versus-player planet Ilum an uneasy truce has been formed. Now both sides can take turns killing each other for credit!

What's Coming For Star Wars: The Old Republic

With yesterday’s patch 1.1 player-versus-player debacle stemming a flood of threatened account cancellations, BioWare has released a video showing off what the coming months have in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic, in case you choose to stick around.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.1 Breaks High-End PVP

Before Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s 1.1 patch went live early this morning, player-versus-player combat on the level 50 world of Ilum was slightly broken, with more players focusing on completing non-PVP goals than fighting. After patch 1.1 the zone has been transformed into an Imperial PVP wonderland.

Witness The Intense PVP Combat Of The Old Republic's Voidstar Warzone

It’s Republic versus Empire, good versus not-so-good, and most importantly, player versus player onboard the legendary prototype Imperial ship, Voidstar. Sabres up, everyone!

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