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Help Design A New Area Of Queensland In Minecraft

Are the next generation of architects, engineers and creators currently in their bedrooms right this second playing Minecraft? I say probably. So does The-Core, a project designed to bring the Sunshine Coast into the 21st century. They’ve acquired a massive chunk of land on the Sunshine Coast and the want to use the land to build a real life city-space. They want it to be designed in Minecraft.

A Tale Of Two Cities: Queensland Gamers Told To Cross The Border For R18+ Titles

Gamers around the country celebrated on December 31, 2012 when the clock struck midnight. It meant that it was not only the new year, but a new era for gaming in Australia: R18+ games were finally a reality. The victory was bittersweet, however, with Queensland unable to enjoy the spoils because of a slow parliament. Now gamers are being told to take matters into their own hands. This is the story of the Queensland gamers who are now being told to cross state lines to import contraband games, and the stores that told them it was a good idea.

God Of War: Ascension Rated R18+, All Mention Of The Game Being Removed From QLD Stores

One day R18+ games will be classified in Australia and won’t be newsworthy, but today is not that day. We’ve just gotten word that God of War: Ascension has been classified R18+ and, given Queensland’s issues with passing the correct legislation, retailers have been advised that they cannot sell the game in that state.

Queenslanders To Play Mario Galaxy 2 Before Official Aussie Launch

Nintendo’s taking Mario on tour starting the end of this month. You’ll be able to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 and compete for a stack of prizes at various shopping centres around the country.

Watch 15 Aussie Students Make A Game In Six Weeks

As part of the gameOn exhibition currently residing at the State Library of Queensland, 15 game design students are currrently halfway through a project to design an entire game in just six weeks. Known as Studio gameOn, the Queensland University of Technology students commenced work on B-Movie on January 5 and must wrap it all up by February 13 when the challenge ends. Before then, however, they want your help!

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