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How To Get Your Significant Other Into Gaming

You play games, but your significant other does not. It’s a common scenario that can be a point of contention in an otherwise healthy relationship. To relax after work, you load up Overwatch on the living room Xbox. Your beau, on the other hand, wants to cook dinner with you. An hour watching you gun down virtual enemies is, to them, the definition of boring — even disrespectful of their time.

Long-Distance Relationships Suck, But VR's Made It Easier

I looked into my girlfriend’s eyes as I reached out to gently touch her face. In that moment, I felt something. A rush of warmth from my head to my toes. Comfort. Contentment. It should be noted that my girlfriend was, at the time, a floating ball robot.

Love, According To Video Games

Games have — to put it mildly — a weird approach to love. But love is weird in real-life too. In time for Valentine’s Day, this is a celebration of video game romance in all its strange, stalkery, even inter-species forms. Enjoy — and maybe don’t try them out in real life.

Adorable BioShock Proposal Asks "Would You Kindly Marry Me?"

Three and a half years ago, Stevie Kopas bought an uneccesary second copy of BioShock from GameStop as an excuse to talk to the guy behind the counter. This weekend that guy gave her a third copy, but what was inside was much better than a video game.

Here's How Relationships Work When The Nazis Take Over The World

Redditor ne1butu found this sign in Wolfenstein: The New Order, that shows the lengthy process of finding a mate in the alternate world where the Nazis won WWII.

In Fire Emblem, Marriage Can Be A Fate Worse Than Death

If you’re interested in the new 3DS strategy game Fire Emblem: Awakening, you’ve probably heard two things about it: First, that if a character dies in battle, they’re gone for good. Second, that characters can fall in love and marry one another.

How Diablo III Told Me My Marriage Was Over

I like to say that the couple that games together, stays together. I’m not alone in that sentiment, either. I’m sure there are lots of couples who integrate gaming into their day-to-day interactions and manage to get along just fine. But just because I like to say it… well, that doesn’t make the statement true. Unfortunately, I only know this through first-hand experience.

Single And Looking To Mingle? Try World Of Warcraft

The folks at Online University have put together some statistics about gaming and online dating, and it seems like (surprise!) gaming could be a great way to meet single guys. Plus, as the graphic points out, “Battling demons and trolls with a girl is a bigger rush than grabbing coffee with her.”

The Romance And Enchantment Of Rift's In-Game Marriage System Makes Me A Little Queasy

I was going to title this post “The Romance and Enchantment of Rift‘s In-Game Marriage System Makes Me Throw Up a Little in My Mouth”, but that’s far too long, and while spoil the cake?

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