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Even When They're Useless, Titans In Titanfall Are The Best

Aww. Look at the auto-Titans trying their best to protect their pilot — even if it means destroying themselves in the process. It’s the result of lacklustre artificial intelligence. But it’s also kind of endearing, don’t you think? They’re trying their best!

Titanfall Expedition Map Pack Coming In May

Briefly: At the PAX East Titanfall panel, Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall Expedition, a paid, campaign-continuing map pack coming to the Xbox and PC shooter.

Titanfall's Next New Modes Will Be Free

During their PAX East panel today, Respawn announced that they’re working on new modes for Titanfall. These updates, in addition to other micro updates that they have already been working on, will be completely free to owners of the game.

Titanfall For The Xbox 360 Pushed Back Two Weeks

Originally scheduled for release next week, the Xbox 360 version of Respawn Entertainment’s mech shooter has been pushed back to April 8 (April 11 in Europe) to give port developer Bluepoint Games time to make it better.

Yes, You Can Complete Titanfall's Campaigns Without Firing A Shot

Those who have played it already know this, but for those who haven’t, be aware that Titanfall’s “campaign” isn’t really deserving of the name.

Titanfall's Backstory, Summarised In One Minute

So that’s why the Titan classes are called Ogre, Stryder and Atlas! Lore’s here to summarise Titanfall‘s background story with a huge amount of references.

The Best Thing About Titanfall Is Not The Giant Robots

From the marketing to the name of the game itself, Titanfall pitches itself as a game defined by its use of giant combat mechs. And indeed, in your first few hours with the game, that will be all you really pay attention to.

So That Titanfall Xbox One WAS Real. Sort Of.

Back in January, there were rumours that Microsoft would be releasing a special Titanfall-branded Xbox One console. That machine never actually appeared. At least, it never did for consumers.

Titanfall Will Add Paid DLC -- And A Season Pass To Get It All

Titanfall will get both free and paid downloadable content. The latter will be available through a season pass subscription, Respawn Entertainment’s co-founder said yesterday in an interview with GameSpot.

The Titanfall Hype, Explained

If you haven’t played Titanfall yourself yet, you may be one of those wondering: what the hell is with all the hype around that game? It’s just another shooter, right? Not quite. It’s better.

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