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Good News And Bad News, Skullgirls Fans

Briefly: The 2D fighting game’s third DLC character, the Egyptian-inspired sorta-blood-mage Eliza, is out now on PC and PS3, free for the next three months. The game’s Vita and PS4 versions, however, have been postponed to early 2015. Look above for a taste of Eliza’s fighting style.

2D Fighter Skullgirls Coming To PC

The game, recently launched on PSN and Xbox Live, will be available for digital purchase later in 2012. The PC version includes several game updates, which will be added to the console versions in free downloads later this year. [Gamasutra]

Skullgirls Saved The Creepiest Combatant For Last

There are fighting games that seek to capitalise on the sexier aspects of girl-on-girl fighting, and then there’s Skullgirls, where characters like Double trade sexy for scary with a twist of Gradius.

Time To Justify Giant Breasts And Panty Shots

Some video games have exploding heads. That evokes criticism. Other games have giant breasts and panty shots. Likewise, people get upset. Skullgirls developer Reverge Labs is here to pass out the chill pills.

Skullgirls Had A Kitty Girl And Her Head Popped Off

Upon first glimpse of Ms Fortune, one of the femme fatales in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade fighter Skullgirls, I was all “Oh cute, a kitty girl”. Then she ripped off her own head and threw it at her opponent.

A Primer On All-Girl Fighter Skullgirls

Pretty pictures and adorably odd characters are nice and all, but when it comes to fighting game fans it’s the game mechanics that matter. This video primer for Skullgirls shows off some of the features that button mashers just won’t understand.

Skullgirls' Latest Fighter Is A Spinning Tortured Soul

A scared schoolgirl trapped in a body fuelled by pain and fury, Painwheel dominates the air and pierces her foes with sharp spikes as the latest character introduced for Reverge Labs’ all-girl fighter Skullgirls. You can call her Carol.

Skullgirls' Latest Lady Fighter Is All About Decap Attacks

Downloadable 2D fighting game Skullgirls has a new contender, Ms Fortune. Who is she? And why is she so gross? Mostly because none of her extremities or her cat-head seem too well attached.

Meet Skullgirls' Parasoul (Oh, And Skullgirls Has Been Delayed)

See the newest cast member of the (currently) all-female 2D fighter Skullgirls in action. This is Parasoul, part-time princess, part-time commander of an elite squad of commandos. Sure, maybe she should dress more sensibly for the fight, but maybe some risque girl-on-girl brawling will help ease the pain of Skullgirls‘ delay to 2012.

From Kuribo's Shoe To Requiem For A Dream's Fridge, Skullgirls' Great Visual Gags

Maybe you’ll see some of them in her debut trailer above. Maybe they’ll slip by you. Don’t worry if they do.

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