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Oversnatch: The Kotaku Review [NSFW]

Brazzers’ porn parody of Overwatch, titled Oversnatch, starts strong, but by the end it’s sweaty, spent, and sagging.

World Of Warcraft: Legion: The Kotaku Review 

Over the course of the first five expansion packs, Blizzard has slowly evolved World of Warcraft into something very different than the MMO that launched back in 2004. The Legion expansion feels like an entirely new game.

Phoenix Wright: Spirit Of Justice: The Kotaku Review

In a world plagued by legal manipulation, political corruption, and a general lack of fairness for the underprivileged, there’s something comforting about a video game where justice is always served. Sure, everyone lies under oath and one out of every four witnesses is a murderer, but at least the innocents always go free.

Origin Omni All-In-One Gaming PC Review: Everything In Its Place

I spent my first hour with Origin PC’s Geforce GTX 1080-powered, 86cm ultra-wide curved screen Omni all-in-one gaming PC just staring at my desk. There’s a lot more of desk now. I didn’t know I had so much desk.

Pan-Pan: The Kotaku Review

Indie game Pan-Pan offers players a world they desperately want to be in and then hampers their ability to enjoy it. The game’s take on exploration kept me pushing through frustrating puzzles. By the end of my journey, I’d worked through confusion all for the purpose of remaining in a fantasy paradise.

The Olympic Summer Games: The Kotaku Review

The Olympic Games is a massively multiplayer event wherein local champions from various territories convene in a single geographic location to compete in a wide variety of mini-games within larger categories (aquatic, track, gymnastics, cycling and others). Winners in each event acquire a gold medal. Second prize is a silver medal; third prize is a bronze medal. Fourth prize is the disappointment of everyone you love.

The Power Rangers Comic Is About So Much More Than Nostalgia

Boom! Studios’ would have had an easy win if their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic was just pure nostalgia and fan service, directly pointed at the heart of mid-20’s nerds like me. The fact that it is exactly that and doing something interesting with its attitude-laden teenagers and the franchise simultaneously makes it surprisingly compelling reading.

Starbound: The Kotaku Review

The moment Starbound really clicked for me I was tunnelling into the center of a planet. I burst through yet another layer of stone, bone, and who knows what else, and I discovered the ruins of an abandoned civilisation. It was made up of… tiny toy houses that seemed to have been terrorised by an apocalyptic robot not much bigger than my character. I made short work of him. It was all so ridiculous and unexpected. Starbound holds the potential to do that millions of times.

Half-Life 2: The Kotaku Review

Half-Life 2 has my favourite moment in any game. It’s this:

Ozone Strike Pro Keyboard: Good Keyboard, Bad Software

I love a good mechanical keyboard. There’s something so satisfying about hearing the light tapping noises when I punch down on the keys. While mechanical keyboards are highly prized by gamers and coders, they can also be appealing to those that work on PCs on a regular basis. I often work from home so having a keyboard that is suitable for gaming and work would be the Holy Grail for me. Does the Ozone Strike Pro fit the bill? Let’s find out.

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