MSI GS60 Ghost Ultra-Thin Gaming Notebook: The Kotaku Review

I’ve been having a torrid love affair with skinny gaming notebooks for several years now. Recently, each one I’ve tried has had one thing in common — Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 765M graphics. MSI’s GS60 Ghost is the first super slim gaming notebook to utilise Nvidia’s 800m mobile graphics line, and it’s made a massive difference.

A Face Only A Hardcore Avengers Movie Fan Could Love

When I was young, I would have my parents buy me multiple copies of trooper-style action figures in order to amass a cartoon-accurate army. As an adult collector, I think I’ll just stick with the one $US239 Chitauri Foot Soldier from Hot Toys.

Hohokum: The Kotaku Review

Hohokum is almost definitely the strangest video game I’ve ever played in my life. I swear I can hear the new game giggle at my attempt to describe it or pin it down. I’m going to try, because you should know what you’re getting into. And, yes, Hohokum is very much a thing you should get into.

Road Not Taken: The Kotaku Review

Yes, it’s named after the Robert Frost poem. No, it’s not clear why. The lovely new game from development studio Spry Fox is full of mysteries, most of them with gameplay consequences.

Nvidia Shield Tablet: The Kotaku Review

Last year’s Nvidia Shield portable was the most powerful Android gaming system on the market at the time. The Nvidia Shield Tablet is the most powerful Android gaming system on the market, but it’s also something its predecessor was not — useful.

Metrico: The Kotaku Review

Metricois a frustrating game. That’s mostly meant as a compliment. This is a puzzle game, after all. You’re supposed to pull your hair and swear once in a while.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth: The Kotaku Review

It’s getting harder and harder to believe there was once a time I made fun of Razer products. They used to be the worst. The most prominent example of everything wrong with PC peripherals. Silly designs, ridiculous and garish colour schemes, ugh. So many bad memories.

Yakuza 4: The Very Late Kotaku Review

In 2011, I started to review Yakuza 4 for this very website. Countless hours later, but with the game unfinished, my PS3 died, taking my save game with it. So I never ended up reviewing it. Today, I make amends for this.

Video Games: The Movie: The Kotaku Review

Most Kotaku readers probably won’t need to watch Video Games: The Movie. They will already know — and likely love — the mythology being presented in the new Kickstarted documentary. The real question, then, is if the film has the ability to ignite that love in people who aren’t video game enthusiasts. Sadly, it doesn’t. It’s a documentary made on easy mode.

Wii U Review Update: 20 Months Later

If you don’t have a Wii U, it’s time to get one. This is our Kotaku review update for the Wii U, the gaming console with a screen in its controller that we’ve been telling you since November 2012 is not yet a must-have. It finally is.