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Firewatch: The Kotaku Review

Firewatch is a very lonely video game that’s all about people.

Unravel: The Kotaku Review

Unravel, which stars a little red knitted character called Yarny, is unusually personal. It is an intimate game, tied to a certain place and time, and it very obviously means something to the people who made it.

Blade And Soul MMO Log Two: Grinding To A Halt

It’s been a little over three weeks since I started playing NCsoft’s martial arts MMO import, and my desire to reach the level cap has lessened considerably.

XCOM 2: The Kotaku Review

I used to be the slowest XCOM player on Earth. Then XCOM 2 happened.

Blade & Soul MMO Log One: I Know Kung Fu

Technically I know advanced assassination techniques, but it’s all a sort of Kung Fu as far as NCsoft’s latest Korean import is concerned. Check out my impressions after one week of that sort of fighting — you know, the one everyone is doing.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.: The Kotaku Review

When you think of sensational action sequences and explosive setpieces, your mind may jump to big-budget productions like Uncharted or Tomb Raider. Allow me to present a dark horse contender: the unassuming Mario & Luigi series, with its goofy animations and sight gags, which has carved out its own healthy niche in the realm of visual spectacle.

The Witness: The Kotaku Review

While playing The Witness for this review, I wrote an email to its lead creator, Jonathan Blow. It was a moment of weakness.

Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop: The Kotaku Review

The 43cm Predator gaming laptop is one of several new black-and-red gaming-focused products aimed at getting gamers to utter the words “Acer” and “badass” in the same breath. Let’s see if that trick works.

Acer Predator Gaming Laptop: Australian Hands On

Video: Acer’s new Predator gaming laptops put extra emphasis on cooling to optimise performance. Features include two rear-exhaust fans and custom software that directs airflow — which also reduces dust and noise. The laptops also come with ‘Frostcore’, a cooling module that fits into the optical drive for intense gaming sessions. Let’s take a look.

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