Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell: The Kotaku Review

“Is that all hell’s got?” Johnny Gat, main character of Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, would often taunt as I mowed down Satan’s demonic hordes. As the game went on, I couldn’t help but find myself asking the same question.

Razer Atrox Arcade Stick For Xbox One: The Kotaku Review

When Razer first announced their Atrox Arcade Stick for the Xbox One I gave it a hard time, mainly because the Xbox One only had one fighting game at the moment. Then I found something to do while I wait for more.

Cute Dota Characters Make For A So-So Game

China seems to have a big thing for Warcraft. World of Warcraft is still going strong, and now one of China’s best mobile games, Dota Legend, is based off the original Defense of the Ancients mod.

Littlewitch Romanesque: The Kotaku Review

Can you turn two young girls into master wizards in just three years? Girlish Grimoire: Littlewitch Romanesque is set in a world where magic is in decline. A thousand years before the start of the game, wizards lived in magical towers and wielded god-like magical powers. Now, wizards are just another guild — more concerned with money and status than the exploration of the magical arts.

Destiny Review Update: Four Months Later

Four months into its existence, Destiny is a better, more frustrating, more expansive — and ultimately, expensive — game than it was at launch. It’s also very different, because after months of tweaks, it has become clearer than ever who we’re really playing against: the people who made it. The player’s greatest adversary in Destiny isn’t an alien warlord or a reanimated moon monster, it is Bungie themselves.

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro: Australian Review

Gaming laptops are a peculiar niche in the notebook world. They try to achieve an incredibly difficult goal — achieving plenty of power to run high-end PC games, while shoehorning all those powerful and heat-producing components into a vaguely portable chassis. The MSI GT72 Dominator Pro takes the same all-out approach as the existing GT70, but has brand new top-of-the-line PC hardware inside. It has all the outright grunt of a high-end desktop gaming PC, but is also mobile — just.

Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red: The Kotaku Review

I’ve somehow managed to avoid purchasing one of Japan’s Good Smile Company’s big-headed Nendoroid figures, despite my penchant for all things ridiculously cute. Then the North American Pokémon Center shop started selling the once Japan exclusive Red figure. Now I am doomed.

The Most Ridiculous PC Monitor I Have Ever Used

I got not one, but two monitors from LG for review last week. One was a specialised gaming monitor. The other was a lot more fun.

One Of The Best Mobile Adventures Of The Year Is An Amazon Exclusive

Every time a new free-to-play game clamors for coin, gamers bemoan the lack of more traditional mobile fare — quality premium titles packed with compelling content at a fair fixed price. That’s exactly Tales From Deep Space. You just have to own a Kindle Fire to enjoy it.

Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar: The Kotaku Review

For years, peripheral maker Razer has been pumping sound directly into our ears via gaming headsets. The Leviathan marks its first attempt at sharing that sound with the rest of the room, and a valiant first attempt at that.