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The Power Rangers Comic Is About So Much More Than Nostalgia

Boom! Studios’ would have had an easy win if their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic was just pure nostalgia and fan service, directly pointed at the heart of mid-20’s nerds like me. The fact that it is exactly that and doing something interesting with its attitude-laden teenagers and the franchise simultaneously makes it surprisingly compelling reading.

Starbound: The Kotaku Review

The moment Starbound really clicked for me I was tunnelling into the center of a planet. I burst through yet another layer of stone, bone, and who knows what else, and I discovered the ruins of an abandoned civilisation. It was made up of… tiny toy houses that seemed to have been terrorised by an apocalyptic robot not much bigger than my character. I made short work of him. It was all so ridiculous and unexpected. Starbound holds the potential to do that millions of times.

Half-Life 2: The Kotaku Review

Half-Life 2 has my favourite moment in any game. It’s this:

Ozone Strike Pro Keyboard: Good Keyboard, Bad Software

I love a good mechanical keyboard. There’s something so satisfying about hearing the light tapping noises when I punch down on the keys. While mechanical keyboards are highly prized by gamers and coders, they can also be appealing to those that work on PCs on a regular basis. I often work from home so having a keyboard that is suitable for gaming and work would be the Holy Grail for me. Does the Ozone Strike Pro fit the bill? Let’s find out.

BoxBoxBoy: The Kotaku Review

How to improve a game like BoxBoy? How to create a sequel to a game that was simply perfect, flawless in both idea and execution? Easy: You add another box.

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel: The Kotaku Review

Playing Trails of Cold Steel is like eating a hero sandwich that’s way too heavy on the bread. Often you’ll get nice big chunks of turkey and salami. But sometimes — more often than you’d like — you’ll realise that all you can taste is fluffy white filler.

Zero Time Dilemma: The Kotaku Review

There are no video games like Zero Escape. No other series plays with the interactive form to tell stories in such an elaborate, satisfying way. No other game can fuck with your head quite this much. Nothing else even comes close.

Kirby: Planet Robobot: The Kotaku Review

Kirby is approaching Mario and Sonic in terms of ubiquity. The little guy has starred in three games in as many years, all without a drop in quality. The newest game, the Nintendo 3DS’ Planet Robobot, is the best of the three.

Counterpoint: The Warcraft Movie Is Actually Good

Years of hollow hype and months of flashy trailers aimed at getting non-World of Warcraft players into theatre seats left me with little hope that I would enjoy Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie. Well, surprise.

Hearts Of Iron IV: The Kotaku Review

You’ve probably won the Second World War in a video game before. Maybe as a commando, maybe as a pilot. But have you ever won the Second World War the way it was actually won? Because it was won with logistics, and…hey, wait, I promise it’s more exciting than it sounds.

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