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NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 Review: Time For An Upgrade

After months of speculation and anticipation, Nvidia’s latest piece of hardware you put in your computer to make things look pretty is here. The GeForce GTX 1080 is much better than the pieces of hardware you put in your computer to make things look pretty that came before it.

Homefront: The Revolution: The Kotaku Review

Glitches and wobbles aside, Homefront: The Revolution is an adequate shooter that features some interesting moments. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either.

Doom: The Kotaku Review

The new Doom, really, is rather like the old Doom. You fight swarms of hulking demons. You never stop moving for fear of being swamped in laser fire, missiles and pile-driving hell knights. Your screen is permanently suffused with explosions, blood and chunks of bodies. You, the Doom Marine, are what stands between an army of demons accidentally unleashed on a Martian mining installation, and domination of our realm. Thank goodness you’ve access to such big guns.

Battleborn: The Kotaku Review

If someone had told me at the beginning of the year that I’d be reviewing Battleborn in May, I would have asked them “Which one is Battleborn again?” Now that I’ve spent a couple dozen hours in Gearbox Software’s latest I think I’ve figured it out.

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright And Conquest: The Kotaku Review

Fire Emblem Fates is a soap opera strategy game. You’ll spend as much time agonising over battlefield tactics as you will wondering which characters should, like, totally hook up.

Stellaris: The Kotaku Review

Stellaris is a space opera, played out in three acts.

Star Wars: Armada: The Kotaku Review

If there’s one thing you do more than anything else while playing Star Wars: Armada, it’s shout INTENSIFY FORWARD FIREPOWER.

Star Fox Zero: The Kotaku Review

Even if you can get used to the awkward controls, Star Fox Zero is merely mediocre. It’s as disappointing a major Nintendo console release as there’s been in some time.

Razer's New Ripsaw Capture Box Is Pretty Much AverMedia's Live Gamer Extreme

When my review unit of Razer’s newly-launched Ripsaw game capture box arrived I eagerly unboxed it, set it atop the capture box I’d been using since last summer, and swapped the cords from the old one into the exact same ports in the new one. Hmm.

AVADirect Avant P870DM-G Laptop Review: What A Difference A Desktop GPU Makes

Gaming on a laptop normally requires a sacrifice of graphics power for form factor. AVADirect’s Avant P870DM-G gaming laptop houses a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 desktop GPU, and it makes a hell of a difference.

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