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Origin PC EON17-X Gaming Laptop: The Kotaku Review

With a desktop processor and a Nvidia G-Sync display panel, Origin PC’s EON17-X laptop is getting dangerously close to my gaming PC’s spec.

Prison Architect: The Kotaku Review

Almost a decade ago in US politics, a majority of the Republicans in Congress voted to pass a prison reform bill called the Second Chance Act, and a Republican president signed it — during an election year, no less. As a policy matter, the bill was modest, less than $135 million a year for things like job training, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and housing assistance to try to reduce the re-arrest rate of people who leave prison.

To Click Or Not To Click? The Gaming Keyboard Question

I’ve got two Razer keyboards to choose from. One is silent and sleek with chicklet-style membrane keys. The other’s mechanical switches click loud and proud. Which is best? I need a little help there.

Transformers: Devastation: The Kotaku Review

To quote a tiny yellow robot during one of Transformers: Devastation‘s many brilliant moments, “I did not see that coming.” Despite the killer cel-shaded look and a cast packed with voice actors from the ’80s cartoon reprising their roles as the original robots in disguise, all signs pointed towards Transformers: Devastation being a massive disappointment.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault: The Kotaku Review

Imperial Assault is a board game that was released in late 2014. I only got around to playing it over the weekend, and I already count those months between as wasted.

Rock Band 4: The Kotaku Review

It’s a good time for Rock Band 4 (as made famous by Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, LEGO Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band.)

Persona 4 Dancing All Night: The Kotaku Review

If it weren’t a severe breach of protocol I’d just put the giant YES up at the top of the review. But it is. So I won’t. Atlus has Persona 4‘d the rhythm game. That completely real, don’t argue with me verb first cropped up with the release of Persona 4 Arena back in 2012. With Arena Atlus had the nice folks at Arc System Works make a 2D fighting game and then wrapped it in enough story to fill a Japanese visual novel.

LEGO Dimensions: The Kotaku Review

Gandalf, Batman and Wildstyle walk into the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Chances are you haven’t, as up until now the only place you could have stumbled upon that particular combination is your wildest imagination (or perhaps the imagination of a fan fiction author.)

Laserlife: The Kotaku Review

I felt like I needed a third eye to play Laserlife. That’s a good thing.

SOMA: The Kotaku Review

When the credits rolled on SOMA, my head fell into my hands. I felt relief that the harrowing journey was over, and was reeling at what my character had sacrificed along the way. SOMA is not just a horror game, it’s a nightmarish commentary on the possible future of humanity.

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