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App Review: You Are Not Prepared For The Glory Of Robot Unicorn Attack 2

There was a time when rainbows and unicorns were the stuff of legend, relegated to the highest of high fantasy and the cheapest of female-targeted school supplies. Those were despair-filled days — days when the mere semblance of a smile was slapped from the lips of man, woman and child alike. Would we ever feel hope and warmth?

Robot Unicorn Attack Goes Retro

The Erasure-powered glory of Robot Unicorn Attack has seen many different iterations, from the original Adult Swim flash game to the mobile app, heavy metal to Christmas to a Facebook evolution. Now PixelJam takes us back to the very beginning with Retro Unicorn Attack.

Somehow The Video For The Song From Robot Unicorn Attack Is Even Weirder Than Robot Unicorn Attack

I adore Robot Unicorn Attack. I also adore its sequel, Robot Unicorn Evolution.

I like these games for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one has got to the the song that plays as you leap and bound through them — Erasure’s “Always”.

Robot Unicorn Attacks Christmas

newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"","customParams":[] ,"width":500,"height":332.5,"ratio":0.615,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube","wrap":true,"agegate":false} ); It’s amazing what a single, surprisingly-fitting piece of music can do for a game. Take Robot Unicorn Attack, for instance. The original was wonderful. The remakes? All that really changes is the art and that single song.

LunchTimeWaster: Vegeta-balt

You’ve fled across rooftops in Canabalt. You’ve pranced across rainbows in Robot Unicorn Attack. Now it’s time to… well… take the piss.

Erasure And Robot Unicorns Make Sweet Love On Your IPhone

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There’s nothing better than storming the purple shores of some nameless land as a robot, rainbow-shitting unicorn to the beat of Erasure’s Always. NOTHING!!!

LunchTimeWaster: Press Z To Make Your Wishes Come True

Running games are the hot new genre, thanks to Canabalt. But wouldn’t it be more fun if instead of being a guy in a suit you were actually a unicorn?

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