Is Your PC Ready For Batman: Arkham Knight?

It’s still a few months away, but that gives you ample time to save up for new hardware if your PC isn’t quite prepared for the graphical finesse of Rocksteady’s latest outing in the Batman universe. And what great heights will your machine need to hit? Here’s what you need to know.

It Took Three Years For People To Find This Arkham City Easter Egg

Arkham City was released on October 18, 2011. Three years ago. Despite that, players are still finding stuff hidden in the game.

Surprise, The Batmobile Likes To Shimmy

As expected, Gotham City gets a gorgeous makeover on PS4. But what’s up with Bruce Wayne’s ride?

I Drove Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile

And I liked it. The Batmobile is basically an extension of Batman’s repertoire of gadgets. In fact, even though Batman is of course a combat specialist, developer Rocksteady’s excitable Dax Ginn explained that the Batmobile is part of Batman’s primary toolset.

A Very Excited Man Tells Us All About Batman: Arkham Knight

For 30 minutes last week, a man by the name of Dax Ginn, told a room full of reporters how awesome this fall’s Batman game is going to be. The PC/PS4/Xbox One game sure does look good already, even if the frame-rate still chugs here and there at this stage of development.

Batman's Next Game Won't Revolve Around His Greatest Enemy

The story for Batman: Arkham Knight picks up one year after the events of the preceding game, 2011’s Arkham City. A whole lot has changed in Bruce Wayne’s hometown, including the fact that crime is at an all-time low. Part of it is because someone pretty central to Gotham’s criminal ecosystem is laying very low. Warning: Spoilers follow for the end of Batman: Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham Knight Won't Have Multiplayer, Will Have Kevin Conroy

Sounds like the newest Batman game, Arkham Knight, won’t just ship without a last-gen version ; it also won’t include multiplayer. However, it will feature longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, reprising his role as Batman.

Will Rocksteady's Next Batman Game Be Revealed Next Week?

GameStop got a new shipment of Batman banners yesterday — and although these materials could be marketing an older game or even downloadable content for last year’s Arkham Origins, evidence is pointing to a new Arkham reveal next week.

The Status Of Microsoft And Sony's Next Consoles. Plus: A Whole Bunch Of Other Gaming Secrets.

No topic appeared in the rumour mill this year as much as the coming next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

A Kotaku 5-Player: Will The VGAs Announce A Flash Game? Or Wonder Woman?

As news goes, the Video Game Awards are more about the future games they will tease than the existing ones they honour. Kotaku will be in Los Angeles on Friday covering the gala. Here is an internal chatroom discussion among Stephen Totilo, Luke Plunkett, Mike Fahey, Kirk Hamilton and yours truly as we try to pin down the most expected unexpected announcement of the evening.