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Rocksteady's Doing A Batman VR Game

Rocksteady, developers of the Batman series (Arkham City, etc), are returning to the well for a VR game.

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Re-Released On PC October 28

Four months after being pulled from sale due to poor performance, bugs and various other inadequacies, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight goes back on sale next week, along with all the DLC early PC players have missed.

Nightwing DLC Is Arkham Knight's Best Add-on So Far, But That's Not Saying Much

The new DLC featuring one of my favourite Bat-characters is the best iteration of a bad formula.

Batman Arkham Knight DLC Still At A Drip-Feed, Still Needs Something Great

We’ve been hard on the six-month downloadable content roll-out for Batman Arkham Knight, because, so far, it just hasn’t been that good. The newest morsel, released yesterday, isn’t much of an improvement, but this month does bring promise of a potential turnaround.

Arkham Knight PC Mod Lets You Play As The Joker In His Prime

Move over, Batman. Gotham belongs to the Joker now.

One Of The PS4's Best Features Gets Added To The Newest Batman Game Today

One of the PS4’s best features gets added to the newest Batman game today as Arkham Knight gets Photo Mode in the game’s 1.05 update.

Batman: Arkham Knight Dropped The Ball On One Major Character: Batman

Batman: Arkham Knight sets up from the beginning to be one of the best Batman stories out there — and then it falls flat at every key moment.

What Was The Best Boss Fight From The Batman Arkham Games?

We’ve gotten four good Batman games in the last six years, each one bigger and more ambitious than the last. They have all pit players against The Dark Knight’s evil enemies in dramatic set-piece showdowns. Let’s see which one you thought was the best.

Arkham Knight PC's Next Big Patch Slated For Sometime Next Month

Amidst chatter that the troubled PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight wouldn’t be fixed until this spring, Warner Bros. has announced that a patch addressing a large portion of its to-do list of fixes is “targeted” for release in August. Yay.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC DLC Delayed Until The Game Is Fixed

Batman: Arkham Knight players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One get their first taste of post-release downloadable content this week with Batgirl: A Matter of Family. Those still playing the PC version will not, and for good reason.

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