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Watch Me Shoot My Way Into The Nuclear Throne

OK, I’m probably not gonna make it to the Nuclear Throne today. But I sure as heck can try!

Five Unpredictable Minutes Of Oblitus

In which I spend five minutes with absolutely no idea what’s going on. Well, four minutes. Then I die.

Ex-BioShock Developers Are Making An Arty Version Of Oregon Trail

We’ve all heard the story many times now: talented game developers leave their corporate jobs to strike out on their own, turning to Kickstarter in the process. So what makes The Flame in the Flood stand out? Something about BioShock’s art director making a modern fancified version of The Oregon Trail, if you ask me.

Binding Of Isaac Is Gonna Take Over My Life (Again)

There’s a new Binding of Isaac coming to PC and PlayStation, and it’s nearly ready for release. Series creator Edmund McMillen just released a video of the bloody, malformed roguelike madness. As a recovering BOI addict I’m worried about my ability to function in everyday society.

Free Expansion And iPad Port For Space Roguelike FTL Arrive Next Week

Exploded ships and frustration galore, now on the go — but only on iPad. If you’ve only got an iPhone, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to stick with the PC version.

I Can't Stop Playing This Hacking iPhone Game

“One more game. OK, no. Last round. Damnit. OK… that one didn’t count.”

Life And Loss Converge Beautifully In Spry Fox's Road Not Taken

Triple Town developer Spry Fox has surprised and delighted me at every turn, from their clone-attracking mobile masterpiece to browser-based strategy game Highgrounds to the completely charming co-op of Leap Day. So when the developers tell us they are crafting a moving, personal tale of love and loss within a roguelike puzzle game, I don’t scoff — I sit back and wait for something magical to happen.

Your Free Game Of The Day Is Cardinal Quest

Austrian indie developer Ido Yehieli is giving away his roguelike Cardinal Quest for one day only, and picking it up could not be simpler.

Shiren The Wanderer: Don't Call It A Roguelike

Atlus’ upcoming Wii RPG Shiren the Wanderer has all the trappings of a roguelike dungeon crawler, but Atlus notes key differences that set it apart from other roguelike games. For instance, it’s much easier.

Old School Dungeoneering In The Tombs Of Asciiroth

Fans of pre-graphical RPGs like Nethack and Rogue might occasionally wander out from their UNIX labs and find themselves confronted with a modern web browser.

Once the initial shock of daylight and antialiased fonts has worn off, they will probably need to chill out with a quick dungeon hack. Tombs Of Asciiroth is a labour of love — recreating the look and feel of an ASCII roguelike in Firefox.

There is full-length quest to be had wandering the titular Tombs, and the usually obscure keyboard commands are illustrated with a nice tutorial level with pop-up tip windows.

It can be a bit slow, and you will need to install Google Gears if you want to save your game, but there is plenty of old school fun to be had. You can’t not like a game that includes the phrase “Use the sword against hostile Ampersands”.

The Tombs Of Asciiroth []

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