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Darkest Dungeon And Its Gothic Terror Has Finally Left Early Access

Darkest Dungeon was one of the best proponents of the Early Access model when it became available early last year, and while the development process wasn’t without a few bumps it’s pleasing to see the title have pride of place on the Steam page to mark its full release.

GALAK-Z Unlocks On Steam Tomorrow

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the anime-style roguelike space shooter GALAK-Z to finally make it’s debut on Steam, then you won’t have to wait much longer — because it will finally become available for purchase tomorrow.

GALAK-Z Finally Hitting Steam Next Week

If you’re like me and you’ve been waiting for GALAK-Z to arrive on Steam, I have very, very good news. You don’t have to wait long.

Downwell Is The Best Five Dollars You'll Spend On A Video Game This Week

Falling down in video games is usually a bad thing. Spikes wait for you at the bottom of many a playfield, along with bottomless pits, pools of lava and other instadeath hazards. But, falling down is a joy in Downwell. The deeper you go, the better — and harder — it gets.

Darkest Dungeon Decides To Invade Your Post-Christmas Holiday

I’ve been looking forward to the full release of Darkest Dungeon, even though the game is one of the better examples of Early Access done right. It’s an intriguing roguelike-RPG with a fantastic aesthetic, and it’s the kind of game you’ll want to set aside some time for.

Fortunately the developers have decided to help everyone by scheduling it in a window where you’re likely to have a bit of spare time: January next year.

Watch Me Shoot My Way Into The Nuclear Throne

OK, I’m probably not gonna make it to the Nuclear Throne today. But I sure as heck can try!

Five Unpredictable Minutes Of Oblitus

In which I spend five minutes with absolutely no idea what’s going on. Well, four minutes. Then I die.

Ex-BioShock Developers Are Making An Arty Version Of Oregon Trail

We’ve all heard the story many times now: talented game developers leave their corporate jobs to strike out on their own, turning to Kickstarter in the process. So what makes The Flame in the Flood stand out? Something about BioShock’s art director making a modern fancified version of The Oregon Trail, if you ask me.

Binding Of Isaac Is Gonna Take Over My Life (Again)

There’s a new Binding of Isaac coming to PC and PlayStation, and it’s nearly ready for release. Series creator Edmund McMillen just released a video of the bloody, malformed roguelike madness. As a recovering BOI addict I’m worried about my ability to function in everyday society.

Free Expansion And iPad Port For Space Roguelike FTL Arrive Next Week

Exploded ships and frustration galore, now on the go — but only on iPad. If you’ve only got an iPhone, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to stick with the PC version.

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