PS4: Everything We Know

The fourth PlayStation is out later this year. PlayStation #4. Pl4St4tion. PlayStation: The Fourth of Its Name. Sony has talked quite a bit about its next console, and although we don’t know everything there is to know about the Pee-Ess-Four, we do know quite a bit.

Xbox One: Everything We Know

The Xbox One won’t be out until this November, but details about Microsoft’s next-gen console have been hitting hot and heavy for the past couple of months. So for your convenience, we’re rounding up all of that information and putting it right here.

Bungie's New Destiny Is Coming Soon: What We Know So Far

Bungie lifted the curtain yesterday on its new game, Destiny, a sci-fi “shared-world shooter” that once again pits humanity against a grave extraterrestrial threat. It’s coming later this year for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Best Conversations We Had In 2012

Playing video games is a lot of fun. Kind of goes without saying, right? But talking about games is just as much fun, if not even more so. Take these examples from last year…

2012: The Year The PC Showed Everyone Who's Boss

For years it slumbered in darkness, deep within the earth. An Old God, maybe even the First God, its hibernation marked by rattling breaths reverberating in the deep like cinderblocks dragged across wet asphalt. Sleeping… resting. One day to wake.

Torchlight II And The Game Reviewers That Can't Stop Saying Diablo

Torchlight II is an isometric dungeon-crawler role-playing game in which players, alone or in groups, battle fantasy creatures in order to amass more powerful equipment, with which they can then use to fight even more powerful fantasy creatures.

Week In Gaming Apps: The Most Magical Gathering Ever Assembled

After years of smaller collectible card game publishers porting their decks to iOS and Android devices, enjoying a relatively Wizard-free reign, Magic: The Gathering swoops in and plucks mobile victory from their hands. On the bright side, we’ve got a game called Velocirapture. Velocirapture!

Dawnguard Has Been Released, And So We Return To Skyrim

Today marked the release of the first piece of downloadable content for Bethesda’s world-crushing RPG Skyrim. It’s called Dawnguard, and as you may have heard… bats are involved.

Six Video Game Reviewers Team Up To Take On Dragon's Dogma

It takes a strong party of adventurers to take down a dragon, but an even stronger party to dissect a game as massive as Capcom’s ambitious action role-playing game Dragon’s Dogma. Do these six brave heroes have what it takes?

All The Awesome Stuff We Saw At PAX East This Weekend

PAX East 2012 is no more. Legions of gamers have returned to their nests. Boston is finally at peace. But for three days, the US east coast morphed into a cosplay-stuffed playground for all things gaming, a wonderful wonderland of Mass Effect characters and developers who look like cats.