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Our Favourite Games From September

Happy spring, readers! The weather is getting warmer, but it’s still just cool enough to curl up inside and play video games. Here’s all the new games the Kotaku staff enjoyed in September.

Our Favourite Games From August

August was a busy month for video games! From much-anticipated big titles to smaller fan games, here were some of our favourite games from August.

Our Favourite Games From July

July was a whirlwind for new games. From a mobile phenomenon to indie releases, here are our favourite games from July.

Our Favourite Games From June

From big-budget hits to indie gems, we played some great games this month. Let’s look at some of our favourite games from June.

Our Favourite Games From May

A lot of great games came out in May, from reboots of classics to new team-based shooters to the end of a dashing adventure series. Take a look at some of our favourite games from the last month.

Our Favourite Games From April

We got some big games this past month, including Dark Souls III, the new Ratchet & Clank and the Banner Saga sequel, to name just a few. But those three are just a small part of the two dozen games we’ve looked at, and loved, in April. Have a look:

Our Favourite Games From March

April Fools’ was just a few days ago, but the games listed here aren’t jokes. On the contrary! They’re actually quite good, in various ways. From indies to triple-As, expansions to re-releases, the 19 below were our favourite games last month.

Our Favourite Games From February

February’s the shortest month of the year. Does that affect our recommendations for February? Not sure but, as a matter of fact, we are down to 18 games this month. Those 18 are pretty good, though. Take a look:

Our Favourite Games From January

Last month, game releases picked up in speed after the end-of-holiday lull of December. As a result, we have 21 recommendations for you, from triple-A fare and indie gems to a simulator about breeding cute slimes. There’s all kinds of games to choose from, so dig in.

Our Favourite Games From December

December — a time for sun, Doctor Who Christmas specials, and slow game releases. But slow doesn’t mean we didn’t come across anything worth checking out. And so, below is what we played and liked in December.

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