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Postal 2 Update Opens Secret Area That Was Closed For 13 Years

Postal 2, a 2003 PC game known for open-ended design and “offensive” humour that ran the gamut from wannabe-South-Park to downright ugly, recently did something pretty clever.

That Time The Postal Service Sued The Developers Of Postal

If people remember 1997’s overhead shooter Postal for anything, it’s the controversies that always seemed to surrounded it.

Developer Announces DLC For 11-Year-Old Game

Running With Scissors’ Postal 2, the insane first-person shooter where you rampage through the small town of Paradise in Arizona, was released on April 14, 2003. It’s old. You can get it for a few bucks at GOG, it’s that old. And yet, over eleven years after it first came out, Postal 2 is getting a new expansion pack.

Postal III Will Be Homicidal For Christmas

Do not fret, Postal guy fan! The third entry in the PC game series so over-the-top offensive that everyone pretty much forgot about will be ready in time for wrapping paper. Who’s excited? Show of hands!

A White Trash Hero On The Quest For Happiness

That’s right, it’s Postal III! The third entry in the Postal series features cameos from Ron Jeremy, Uwe Boll, Playmate Jennifer Walcott and the cowboy from the Village People. It also features face-humping monkeys.

Activision Rips Lawmakers' Fixation On Postal

When the mainstream debate turns to violent video games, it’s inevitable that someone will dredge up Postal. It’s like the triple dog dare, or comparing someone to Hitler, a completely bogus trump card with no real argumentative value.

The Greatness Of The Worst Video Game Movie Maker

He’s one of the most hated men in movies. Critics pan his flicks. Audiences aren’t having it. Gamers loathe him. Heck, a chewing gum maker even wanted him to retire. But is it possible that we’ve all been wrong?

NSFW: Nothing Says I Love You Like A Stuffed Scrotum?

Who needs an actual game to generate buzz? Certainly not Postal developers Running With Scissors, celebrating Valentine’s Day with an adorable plush scrotum named Krotchy.

Why Female Screams And Peeing Were Cut From Postal

The Postal series has been a lighting rod. While the series hasn’t necessary push the envelope in gaming, it has pushed it in regards to what is acceptable in gaming. Goes Postal

CD Projekt’s DRM-free classic PC game service ditches class in favour of crass with the addition of Running With Scissors infamous Postal series.

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