BioWare's First Gay Male Party Member Debuts In Dragon Age Inquisition

BioWare has been hooking up players with non-player character party members in its games for more than a decade, but there’s not been a strictly male-seeking-male option available until Dragon Age Inquisition‘s Dorian.

Don't Expect A Gay Video Game Star Any Time Soon

It’s tough enough getting women and dudes who aren’t white into a starring role in a video game. So imagine how impossible it is to try and get a gay or lesbian character in the spotlight.

A Game That Wants To Teach Women How To Masturbate

And here I thought people were joking when they said we’re slowly turning everything into a game. Nope. Gamification has a new target, and it’s female masturbation.

A Game About The Difficulties That Come With Being Bisexual

Continuing the amazing list of personal games that touch on difficult subjects comes this Twine game called “What’s in a Name?” It’s about how someone learns they are bisexual, only to second-guess themselves because some folks in the LGBT community aren’t accepting of that sexuality. The idea is that you’re either straight or you’re gay. That’s it.

Oral Sex In The Secret World Is Mind-Blowing

Each of the three secret societies in Funcom’s paranormal MMO The Secret World have their own way of introducing players to the game’s primary conflict. The Templar use magic. The Illuminati use drugs. And the mysterious Dragon? They induct their members the old fashioned, NSFW way.

All Of The Life-Changing Power Of Video Games

Video games cause depression. Video games cause violence. Video games are a waste of time. The next time someone pulls out one of these arguments against our favourite hobby, send them to read the stories at How Video Games Saved My Life, and hope they’re not sharp enough to refute them with cold logic.

Welcome To Games Reviewing, Carolyn Petit. You're Doing Just Fine.

“I have no problem with the reviewer personally, but I dont want to see what is obviously a man, trying to look like a woman, its just too weird and I find it offensive, I dont want to be bombarded with gay/lesbian/transgender stuff on a gaming website, just have a regular guy or woman reviewing the games.” – airwalker2000 in Gamespot comments

Offended Gay Gamer Wants Dragon Age 2 Writer Fired

Last week we lauded BioWare writer David Gaider for his eloquent defence of the inclusion of love interests for players of any sexual orientation in Dragon Age 2. Now one gamer has started an internet petition asking that Gaider be fired for his poor portrayal of gay men.

Dragon Age II Writer Defends The Game's Sexuality Balance

When a forum poster decided to criticize the developer for neglecting the core role-playing game market – straight male gamers – when developing romance prospects for Dragon Age II, BioWare writer David Gaider’s response was swift and elegant.

Out Outs The 'Gayest' Video Games, the online presence of the gay lifestyle magazine Out, has selected its “Gayest Video Games.” This is like pouring jet fuel on a thermite-and-napalm salad, but these are games that trip their gaydar, not ones straight people call “gay.”