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Legendary Game Creator Attacked On Twitter Over Fukushima Peaches

Earthbound designer Shigesato Itoi sent out a fairly simple tweet: “If you go to Fukushima, you can buy peaches like this.” The remarks were accompanied by the above photo. Online, some people got pissed.

You Can Own A Copy Of Earthbound Signed By Creator Shigesato Itoi

The website Fangamer is putting up an auction for it on December 1. All proceeds go to James Hensiek, a big Earthbound fan who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Earthbound's Creator Responds To Request For A New Game: 'Impossible'

For years, players have been begging Earthbound (aka Mother in Japan) creator Shigesato Itoi for a new game. He’s listening and has a definite answer: Not gonna happen.

Nintendo Bossman Has One Of The Coolest Video Game Jackets Ever

Fun fact: Nintendo honcho Satoru Iwata was one of the main programmers on Mother 2 (aka Earthbound) for the SNES. Iwata uploaded this photo on Twitter overnight of a badass Mother 2 sukajan.

How To Improve One Of Nintendo's Best Games? Like This.

Kotaku reader Riccardo whipped up this HD version of Mother‘s opening credits. It, like the game itself, is fantastic. If anything should get you excited about an HD Nintendo gaming system, it’s this.

Nintendo And The Desperation Of Design: Why Miyamoto May Be A Bad Boss!

Iwata Asks is one of the few, rare insights we have into the working processes of Nintendo as a company, and I’ve always found it fascinating. No company is more closed up about its games, but Iwata Asks is like a complete anomaly — often it’s painfully open about the successes and failures of Nintendo as a company. The most recent Iwata Asks may be the most fascinating of all — a discussion about how being ‘desperate’ is important to good game design. And Miyamoto asks himself, is he a good boss?

What Makes The Mother Series So Great

They may not be chart-toppers – indeed, the third game has never even been officially released in the West – but the Mother/Earthbound series of role-playing games are some of the most revered and cherished of all Nintendo games (at least among certain clicks).

Not Everyone Knows Who The Hell Hideo Kojima Is

You probably know who Hideo Kojima is. He makes Metal Gear Solid. But is he famous? Probably, but that doesn’t mean mainstream Japanese celebs know who the heck he is.

Talk Of Mother 4 Doesn't Mean It Will Happen

Shigesato Itoi, who’s best known as a copywriter and personality in Japan, already said that there will be no Mother 4. Making Mother 3 was no easy task. That doesn’t mean there still isn’t hope – however faint that might be.

The Annoying Song That's Plaguing Japan

On March 11, the Tohoko earthquake and tsunami left the northeastern part of Japan in ruins. People were displaced, missing or dead. News coverage reported on the devastation. But what company wants to be the official sponsor of a calamity like this?

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