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It Will Blow Your Mind To See How Much It Costs To Add ONE New Character To A Fighting Game

Lab Zero Games, the guys behind 2D fighting game Skullgirls, want to add a new character to the game’s roster. To do this, they’re going to set up a Kickstarter on February 25. And ask for $150,000.

Skullgirls Getting Cross-Platform PC/PS3 Play

This was somewhat lost in the shuffle of Wednesday’s announcement that Skullgirls, the 2D fighter currently available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, would be getting a PC version. The game’s official Twitter feed says that PC and PS3 gamers will be able to play together thanks to cross-platform compatibility, but it won’t be implemented “until a few months” after the PC version releases.

2D Fighter Skullgirls Coming To PC

The game, recently launched on PSN and Xbox Live, will be available for digital purchase later in 2012. The PC version includes several game updates, which will be added to the console versions in free downloads later this year. [Gamasutra]

Fez And Skullgirls Top The Charts, Despite XBLA's Useless Interface!

Last week was quite the week for Xbox LIVE Arcade, with the release of Fez and Skullgirls, and this week isn’t too shabby either with Trials Evolution. Last week appears to have been a good week for the service, with both Fez and Skullgirls making into positions one and two respectively.

In Defence Of The Infinite Combo

If I were you to punch you in the stomach and you could punch me back, we’d call that a fair fight. (No offence, but hopefully I’d win.)

Skullgirls Saved The Creepiest Combatant For Last

There are fighting games that seek to capitalise on the sexier aspects of girl-on-girl fighting, and then there’s Skullgirls, where characters like Double trade sexy for scary with a twist of Gradius.

Skullgirls Picked Just The Right Day To Reveal The Deadly Nurse Valentine

You just know the team at Reverge Games have been giggling to themselves for the past week in anticipation of today’s reveal of Nurse Valentine, the Skullgirls fighter with a prescription for pain.

Skullgirls Isn't Just A 2D Fighter, It Has A Story, Too

Skullgirls, Revenge Labs’ downloadable game coming sometime soon (“early 2012” is the latest word) on PSN and Xbox Live, is a 2D fighter with a heavy multiplayer component. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a story explaining who its characters are, how they acquired their skills and powers, and just what the heck “Skullgirl” means, anyway.

Time To Justify Giant Breasts And Panty Shots

Some video games have exploding heads. That evokes criticism. Other games have giant breasts and panty shots. Likewise, people get upset. Skullgirls developer Reverge Labs is here to pass out the chill pills.

Skullgirls Had A Kitty Girl And Her Head Popped Off

Upon first glimpse of Ms Fortune, one of the femme fatales in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade fighter Skullgirls, I was all “Oh cute, a kitty girl”. Then she ripped off her own head and threw it at her opponent.

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