Skyrim, Summarized In 25 Seconds

Yup. That’s pretty much the entire experience, right there.

Santa Is Trying To Deliver Presents To Everyone In Skyrim

Just because not everyone celebrates Christmas doesn’t mean Christmas can’t come to everybody. Even the NPCs in Skyrim.

One Of The Most Powerful Weapons In Games Is... A Map

Swords, crossbows and BFG9000s are cool and all, but they may as well be twigs and pebbles for all the good they do you when you’re lost. Enter the modern video game map — a perfect GPS, radar, and to-do list fusion born of mankind’s wildest organisational fever dreams. It’s one of the mightiest items in games.

Skyrim Statue Isn't Evil, Just Misunderstood

It’s not that Malacath, the patron Daedra of Elder Scrolls’ orc race, is a bad guy. He’s just into solving problems with violence. And he’s watching out for ogres and the ogrim because they’re outcasts. That’s a good guy thing to do, right? I’m sure those skulls are just there for decoration, nothing else.

Years After Release, Here's One Of Skyrim's Most Impressive Mods Yet

Enderal is a total conversion Skyrim mod that adds an entire new world to the game. Yes, its name sounds like something you’d take to cure a headache that is also the apocalypse, but this one’s dark, dank-with-atmosphere caverns and “mature” leanings make it the Skyrim mod to watch.

Opera Singer Mum Does A Haunting Skyrim Cover

Kari Kirk is a mother and professional opera singer. She’s also able to belt out a video game tune like nobody’s business.

Skyrim And Winter Have A Lot In Common

And it’s not just the snowy setting. These similarities — five really serious ones — presented by Dorkly are much much deeper.

Someone Finished Skyrim's Story In Under 40 Minutes, A New Record

If I were to take a guess, I’d say most players probably never make it through more than half of Skyrim’s story, if that — finishing it at all is a feat, nevermind finishing it fast.

Blacksmiths Forge Skyrim Helmet, Shoot At It

This Skyrim helmet isn’t just for show. It’s tough! It could probably actually save your life, should you ever be in everyday situations like “someone is swinging an actual sword at my head,” or “someone is shooting actual arrows at my head.”

Horror Games Aren't The Scariest Games

I don’t find horror games anywhere near as scary as the very real terrifying things that just kind of… happen in some video games. I mean, have you seen Skyrim‘s living mannequin glitch? Heard the legend of Minecraft‘s Herobrine? Stuff is messed up.