Skyrim Modder Considers Quitting After Steam Controversy

Skyrim modder Chesko didn’t have express permission to use an animation system from another modder in his paid Steam Workshop mod, but he did it anyway. Then he removed it because the other modder got upset. End of story? Hardly. That was just the beginning.

The Most Ridiculous Skyrim Mods People Are Trying To Sell On Steam

Since Valve enabled users to charge money for mods on Steam, people have uploaded all sorts of wild things onto the Steam Workshop. Some are serious. Some are jokes. And some are actively taking a jab at Valve for having the ‘gall’ to do something like this.

Steam Users See Big Problems With Charging For Mods

Today, Valve changed the mod-making game bigtime: creators can now charge for modifications to pre-existing games on Steam Workshop. Some people are hopeful, others are worried — and even infuriated.

People Can Now Charge Money For Game Mods On Steam

Generally speaking, PC game mods are free. Steam, however, just added an option to let creators charge for them. This is pretty huge.

Damn, That GTA Mugger Is Bulletproof

On today’s Highlight Reel we have the lifesaving notes in Bloodborne, bulletproof GTA NPCs, skydiving, stunts and more!

Just What Skyrim Needs: My Neighbor Totoro

Let’s be honest. There really is no better way to spruce up Skyrim than the Totoro bus stop.

Skyrim's Entire Opening Sequence, Redone With LEGO

Word cannot explain just how incredible this actually is.

When Kerbal Space Program Meets Skyrim

Dayshot: But what does it take to create a robot dragon in Kerbal Space Program, a game centred around building space rockets? Patience, time, and lots of trial and error, apparently.

Skyrim Disguises Let You Walk Around Doing Whatever

Here’s a cool thing: a new mod for Skyrim lets you wear armour and outfits as a full-blown disguise, allowing you to swap sides and trick NPCs across the game world.