Skyrim, As Told By Steam Reviews

Despite being out for nearly three years, Skyrim continues to be played and well-loved by tons of folks — especially by those willing to dive into its bewildering modding world.

One Of The PlayStation's Greatest Heroes, Reborn (Again) In Skyrim

The ever-rising Sir Daniel Fortesque shall live once more, thanks to a mod aimed at recreating the first four levels of the classic MediEvil in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I Don't Want To Walk To Everything I Can See In A Game

There’s this thing that developers of open world games have been fond of saying a lot lately: If you can see it, you can travel to it. It’s meant to be an awe-inspiring statement about how rich and full the world is, but every time I hear it I roll my eyes.

Your Dream Of Playing A Morrowind Dark Elf May Finally Come True

Dark elves are pretty sweet, you know? They’re like elves, only cooler.

New Trailer For Morrowind-To-Skyrim Mod Teases Public Release

Skywind, the ambitious mod which seeks to transplant The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the much more technologically advanced Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is getting a public developer alpha release soon, according to its latest trailer.

A Skyrim Helmet So Small It Fits On Your Finger

I’m not sure it beats the Bacon-born Skyrim helmet that was made closer to the game’s release, but this is still pretty cool. It’s a Dovakhin helmet so small it fits on the tip of your finger. No idea what anyone would do with the thing, but it’s cool nonetheless…

Skyrim Will Never Stop Getting Prettier

It’s 2014 — almost three years after Skyrim’s original release. Despite its age, the game can still look damn incredible thanks to modders.

Apocalyptic Mod Turns Skyrim Into A Wasteland Horror Story

Vendayn is a mod for Skyrim that transforms the idyllic Nordic landscape into something out of STALKER.

Skyrim NPCs Finally Get A Holiday

Skyrim’s NPCs have been toiling through their clockwork lives like, well, clockwork since 2011. It’s time for a break.

Perhaps The Prettiest Morrowind Ruins In Existence

“Perhaps” because it’s not like I’ve seen every mod for Morrowind. Someone might have come up with something better in the past, even with the limitations of an old PC game like Morrowind. But yeah, these look great.