When Kerbal Space Program Meets Skyrim

Dayshot: But what does it take to create a robot dragon in Kerbal Space Program, a game centred around building space rockets? Patience, time, and lots of trial and error, apparently.

Skyrim Disguises Let You Walk Around Doing Whatever

Here’s a cool thing: a new mod for Skyrim lets you wear armour and outfits as a full-blown disguise, allowing you to swap sides and trick NPCs across the game world.

Skyrim Vs Fallout Battle Ends Gruesomely

People love pondering who’d win impossible fights. Superman vs Goku, Godzilla vs a Pacific Rim robot, my dad vs your dad. Finally, though, here’s one we can actually watch: Fallout 3‘s main character vs Skyrim‘s Dovahkiin.

GTA V Car Does A Fine Batmobile Impersonation

Today on Highlight Reel we have some Far Cry 4 base liberations, a lucky robot in Battlefield 4, kindred spirits in Skyrim and more.

On The Spot Pianist Takes On Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross And Skyrim

Last month, master pianist/composer Sonya Belousova charmed us with on the spot arrangements of classic Nintendo themes, many of which she had only just heard for the first time. I was hesitant to post her follow-up, but then I heard her version of “The Scars of Time” from Chrono Cross.

NPC Is Unaware She's Dead

Video: Today on the first Highlight Reel of 2015 we have explosive door physics, some good gunplay in the Halo 5: Guardians Beta and soothing surfing in CS: GO.

Beautiful Skyrim Photos Look Like Postcards

Skyrim may be a video game from 2011 — like dogs years, this makes it almost old — but it’s still one of the best-looking video games on the planet, as you can see in these incredible screenshots.

50 Naked Men Fight To The Death In Skyrim, Because Mods

Today at Kotaku HQ, we got a curious email titled “Skyrim is still thriving.” In it, reader Bernard Beben posed the idea that Skyrim was still “going strong” despite its age. As evidence, he enclosed a video of a very NSFW playthrough of Skyrim.

Skyrim, Summarized In 25 Seconds

Yup. That’s pretty much the entire experience, right there.

Santa Is Trying To Deliver Presents To Everyone In Skyrim

Just because not everyone celebrates Christmas doesn’t mean Christmas can’t come to everybody. Even the NPCs in Skyrim.