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Even After The Skyrim Fiasco, Valve Is Still Interested In Paid Mods

Earlier this year, Valve sent the mod community into crisis mode with paid mods for Skyrim. It did not end well.

This Australian-Made Skyrim Mod Is Like An Official Expansion

The Forgotten City was made by Nick Pearce, an Australian modder. It’s ridiculous.

Because All GTA V Ever Needed Was More Skyrim

I mean, why wouldn’t a dragon ditch Skyrim for Los Santos. There’s way more stuff to blow up.

Take Out Your Frustration On A Skyrim Stress Ball

Daedra Hearts aren’t just for gold and health potions anymore.

Mod Splatoon Into Skyrim? Sure, Why Not. 

Well, we can add Splatoon to the lengthy list of Skyrim mods. This mod brings what looks like Splatoon‘s Splattershot gun to Skyrim, letting players cover enemies in orange or blue.

Johnskyrim Is A Modder Who Likes To Bring Over Stuff From Other Games

johnskyrim is a modder who likes to bring over stuff from other games, like World of Warcraft and Runescape, to — you guessed it — TES V: Skyrim. This is his latest project: Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful, a reward from WoW’s “Return of Quel’Delar” quest chain. You can grab the mod here on the Nexus and here on Steam.

Actual Archaeologist Is Digging Through World Of Warcraft, Skyrim

Archaeologist Andrew Reinhard has dug through humanity’s past among ancient ruins in Greece. These days, though, he digs a little closer to home.

Why Can't I Buy Skyrim LEGO Yet

Serious question. I mean, this recreation of Half-Moon Mill is something I should be able to click on and have in my house, not simply admire from afar.

When Real Life Starts Looking Like Skyrim

We’ve all been there. You pick up your keys, pick up your jacket, grab your bag and suddenly you’re over-encumbered.

Fans Discover Creepy Scrapped Skyrim Features, Add Them Back In

At one point in its development, Skyrim was gonna be a lot more… macabre.

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