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If You Like This Video, Give It A Thumbs Up, If Not, Give It A Favorite

Here’s “Generic Geoff,” taking us through a free-for-all victory (on combat training) in just under three minutes. If it sounds like you’ve heard all of this shit before, that’s the point. It’s a sendup of just about every YouTube walkthrough video ever made, especially for the shooters.

What The Onion Wants From Madden NFL 12

Putting Aaron Rodgers on the cover of Madden NFL 12 is believable. Everything else, well, you should be able to tell this is satire even without The Onion Sportsdome branding.

The Best Low Budget Video Game Movie Continues Next Month

Worlds collide once more in a festival of cheesy special effects and hilarious video game references next month, when Press Start 2: Continue (Press Start 4 in Japan) hits DVD.

Facebook Game Satire Continues With 'Cow Clicker Blitz'

Cow Clicker, the send-up of social gaming absurdity, has expanded its parody of all things Facebook with an application platform that offers “seamless bovine integration”. Cow Clicker Blitz is a proof-of-concept of the robust leverages it can architect. Or something.

Literal Lyrics For The Halo: Reach Trailer

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This goof would seem to be played out by now, but Tobuscus is back at it again, singing it like he sees it in the Halo: Reach Trailer. Why wasn’t the gun already turned forward? Now you’re dead.

Alabama GameStops Spoofing NCAA 11 Tebow Cover?

An Alabama GameStop allegedly made a cover of a crying Tim Tebow – who (in)famously wept as Alabama beat Florida for last year’s SEC championship – and inserted it into the cases of NCAA Football 11 games on display.

Slaps To The Death - And Stop Looking At My Screen!

Honourable people agreeing to the terms of a duel to the death. As this spoof shows, and as any one who’s ever played Goldeneye knows, the negotiations take forever, and the outcome is well more ridiculous than suspenseful.

Bad Company 2 Video Spoofs Modern Warfare 2's "F.A.G.S." PSA

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When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 riffed on rival Modern Warfare 2‘s “Mapathy” promo last week, it could be seen as a playful poke. This, however – a comprehensive parody of October’s infamous “F.A.G.S.” video – is a straight-up nutshot.

Atari Games Too Bad to be True

Watercooler Games saw this earlier in the week and gave a detailed deconstruction of how a Free the Falklands! concept would be graphically impossible on the Atari 2600. I took one look and knew it was satire because one of the writers for this site, Jason Torchinsky, is a comedian and a name I remember as the editorial cartoonist of The Daily Tar Heel back when I was at N.C. State’s Technician in the early 1990s.

But play along, because it’s funny. Why look, his site, the Van Gogh-Goghs, have unearthed from some New Mexico landfill documented evidence of 11 scrapped projects for the Atari 2600! The casualties included such licensing/adaptations as Bosom Buddies (a cross between Kaboom! and Donkey Kong, and Kramer vs. Kramer (like Pong with children). My favourite, because I like poop jokes, is Gunther Gebel-Williams’ Cage Cleaner. The bogus rationale for the bogus game sounds like pure pre-video-game-crash self-b.s.ing: “You can’t blow up asteroids in real life, but you sure as [expletive deleted]can clean up [expletive deleted] “.

The Best Atari 2600 Games You Never Heard Of [The Van Gogh-Goghs, via Water Cooler Games]

Freebie Adventuring With Ben There, Dan That

Indie developer Zombie Cow (they did the spoof deathmatch platformer Gibbage)- have released another ‘tribute’ game — this time a Windows Point ‘n’ Click adventure heavily inspired by classic Lucasarts SCUMM games like Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit The Road and Day Of The Tentacle.

Ben There, Dan That follows the adventures of programmer Dan Marshall and his reanimated zombie flatmate, Ben. What starts out as a simple hunt for a TV aerial to facilitate viewing of Magnum: PI turns into a multidimensional quest for a missing Yin-Yang.

If you don’t mind some fairly primitive graphics, enjoy in-jokes about retro gaming and think you can stomach what Zombie Cow themselves describe as “the odd dabble of mild racism” (Eh? Careful with the irony guns, guys, that stuff can get everywhere) then BTDT is available for the low, low price of free – although Zombie Cow would certainly not object if you wanted to chuck a donation their way.

Ben There, Dan That [Zombie Cow]

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