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You Can Only Play Starhawk On PS3, But You Can Look At Leaderboards Anywhere

Some games stay with you even when you’re not playing them. Sometimes, you get so deeply into a game that you need to bring it with you on the go. You need to keep up with everything that’s going on, and even looking over stats or reading through the game’s encyclopaedia makes that time spent sitting on the bus more bearable.

Do All Of May's PlayStation 3 Exclusives Have The Same Cover?

I just got copies of May PlayStation 3 exclusives Sorcery and Starhawk.

Starhawk: The Kotaku Review

Starhawk is a third-person shooter. Actually, scratch that, let me try again: Starhawk is a fighter-pilot game. Although… only sort of. Maybe Starhawk is a real-time strategy game.

Starhawk Reviewers Wisely Avoid Neopaganism, Focus On Shooting People

You know what would be awesome? Warhawk, only in space. And we can name it after one of the most notable figures of the Neopagan movement! I can just imagine the game reviews now.

Some Things In Starhawk Just Never Get Old

Space-Western strategy-shooter Starhawk launches for the PS3 today. We’ve had glimpses of space dogfights, shooting and careful battle tactics before.

From Space Combat To Build-and-Battle In A Single Starhawk Mission

How does Starhawk for the PlayStation 3 seamlessly transition between twitchy spaceship shooter to strategic ground-based build-and-battle gameplay? Lightbox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe talks us through an entire single-player mission.

Japan Busts Out The Eye Shadow And Plastic Guns For Starhawk

When you think of third-person shooter Starhawk, you probably think of space, giant mecha, and multiplayer game play. You most likely do not think of a dude with eye paint or a dude dressed up like Golgo 13.

Starhawk Lets Two Players Sign In On One PS3 For Splitscreen Mayhem

People love their splitscreen, don’t they? When a deeply desired game releases without it, the moaning and bitching goes on for days.

This Starhawk Trailer Shows Off Building-Dropping Offence

Attention, everyone: the signature move of Warhawk‘s spiritual successor has been anointed. The Property Damage — like that? I just made it up — is going to be the move that everyone tries to pull off in the sci-fi action/strategy hybrid.

Starhawk's Outcasts Develop A Sweet Tooth

These long, dark years of waiting are finally over as the latest entry in the Twisted Metal series goes gold. The vehicle combat spectacular races into our hearts on February 14, and it’s bringing a love letter from multiplayer shooter Starhawk along for the ride. Pretty sweet, right?

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