The Best Pokémon For Each Situation

With over 600 pocket monsters to choose from, not all Pokémon are made equal. Some Pokémon are better than others. And if you’re looking for the very best Pokémon you can own, your choices are limited.

Who The Hell Is Watching Porn On A 3DS?

PornHub released a bunch of graphs yesterday breaking down what platforms people are viewing their service on. Among other curiosities (there are humans in 2014 watching porn on Windows NT and Blackberry phones), the company showed what gaming systems are most commonly, um, used.

What's In 100 Battlefield 4 Battlepacks?

JackFrags plays a lot of Battlefield 4. As a result, he’s got a lot of Battlepacks to open. So here are the results of what was contained within 100 Battlepacks.

Dark Souls II Players Have Collectively Lost 13,051,713,397,869 Souls

That. That is a big number. I had to turn my phone sideways and everything to work that out. I don’t even know how to say it. The staggering figure is the combined souls lost across both 360 and PS3, and the result of some 252, 163, 804 deaths overall.

World Of Warcraft's Impressive First Decade, By The Numbers

The numbers may be shrinking a bit in recent years, but, when you look at it, the sheer aggregate of people who’ve made a toon, joined a raid or bought a pet in World of Warcraft is still mind-boggling.

The Older You Get, The Less You Care About Video Games?

This might seem obvious to some, but it’s still kind of sad. As people grow older, they tend to care about video games less according to Facebook data. Do you think this will happen to you?

What Facebook Is Playing This Week: Still Stuck On Candy Crush Saga

Clinging tenaciously to its top spot on the Facebook daily active users list,’s Candy Crush Saga keeps itself hundreds of thousands players beyond FarmVille 2 by getting everyone stuck on level 86 and then taunting them.

Facebook Gainers: How Does Bubble Safari Ocean Score 23 Million Players?

I often pick on Zynga’s social games; that’s what comes of being the biggest fish clumsily flopping through the pond. I poke at the company’s financial troubles, bemoaning game closings. I’ve been known to revel mildly when their more popular games lose players to the underdogs (every other Facebook game developer).

Kickstarter Backers Pledged $83,144,565 To Games In 2012

Ready for some maths? 1,378,143 Kickstarter users pledged $US83,144,565 to game projects in 2012. There were 2,796 game Kickstarters launched. Of those, 911 were successful.

17 Vatican Virtual Farmers And Other Entertaining FarmVille 2 Stats

They might have lost Kirk Hamilton and Stephen Totilo, but every day eight million other people still hop online to water their virtual crops in Zynga’s social farming sequel, FarmVille 2. According to the first FarmVille 2 Almanac infographic, 17 of those players are playing from the Vatican. I suspect something more sinister afoot.