The First Five Minutes Of Blues And Bullets Ruin Eliot Ness' Retirement

A blood-soaked dungeon, the whimpers of terrified children, a mysterious horned beast and a man speaking in an incredibly bad accent — this is a job for one of America’s greatest crime-fighters.

The Swindle's Randomised Stealth Is Loads Of Fun

Should I care about The Swindle? Yes. It’s randomised stealth, a heist game that could last you until the end of time (but probably won’t).

The First Five Diablo-riffic Minutes Of Victor Vran

As an isometric fantasy action role-playing game, Victor Vran does a lot of the same things Diablo does. It also does several things Diablo doesn’t, which is what makes it awesome.

Five Minutes In The Shadowy Forest Of Feist

I won’t lie, I initially only downloaded Feist from Steam because of how much it reminded me of Limbo, but it’s a different sort of creature.

A Game About Killing 'Mario'

Mario is the ultimate video game hero, beloved by families the world over. Let’s kill him.

Steam Accounts Hijacked Following Security Lapse

Over the past week, a number of Steam accounts — including those of some prominent streamers and DOTA 2 pros — were temporarily stolen courtesy of a pretty glaring hole in Valve’s security.

Co-op Hack'n'Slash Victor Vran Leaves Early Access

Despite past experience, some games do indeed come out of Early Access, with one of the latest off the rank being Victor Vran by Tropico developer Haemimont Games. While it may have missed its planned May release by a few months, the extra polish looks to have paid off for the co-op action RPG.

10 Years Later, Star Wars KOTOR II Gets An Official Update

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic IIthe best KOTOR — just got a huge update, for some reason.