Freedom Planet Is Basically A Classic Sonic Game, Except When It's Not

If Freedom Planet was sitting at a bar with its back turned to you, you’d almost certainly mistake it for your old pal Sonic The Hedgehog. And I mean old. Classic, 2D, pudgier than today’s model, who inspires body image issues in hedgehogs the world over. This is a love letter to classic Sonic, except when it’s not.

The Room Is Finally Making Its Way To PC

Briefly: The classic puzzle game The Room is finally making its way from the iPad to the PC next week. Developer Fireproof Games also said that the new version will be done in “fully enhanced HD”. So you know you’ll have something pretty to look at when you’re pulling your hair out in frustration!

You Probably Shouldn't Pay To Unlock Counter-Strike Weapon Cases

Hey, you just won a Counterstrike: Global Offensive match! Time to shell out a few bucks, unlock that weapon case and see what’s inside, right? Not so fast! You might be better off just buying that ultra-rare knife in the in-game store. Here’s proof.

Cute Puzzle/platformer Ibb & Obb Is 50% Off On Steam Today

Briefly: Cute puzzle/platformer ibb & obb is 50 per cent off on Steam today. I mention this for two reasons: the game is cool, but the soundtrack (by Kettel, and available with the game in the deluxe edition) is amazing.

The Eternal Throne, Darksiders II's Floating Fortress, Rebuilt In Terraria

Dayshot: The Eternal Throne, Darksiders II‘s floating fortress, rebuilt in Terraria. The two leviathans and the court of the Lord of Bones look really cool in 2D.

Wayforward Releases Risky's Revenge On PC

Briefly: Wayforward has released its last Shantae platformer, Risky’s Revenge, on PC. The game, which originally came out on the DS in 2010, comes with updated, HD artwork, Steam trading cards and achievements, and controller support.

Sakura Spirit, As Told By Steam Reviews

Maybe you haven’t heard of lewd visual novel Sakura Spirit, which is currently available on Steam. That’s OK, because Sakura Spirit’s Steam reviews are here to help.

Keeping A Princess Alive Is Harder Than It Looks

You know, I thought that getting a young princess through her final year before her coronation wouldn’t be too tough — even with all the court intrigue, invading armies, and economic issues. I was wrong. She died… a lot.

Counter-Strike Could Really Use More Legos

This is an image from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Something looks a little different than what you’d normally expect to see in the latest instalment in Valve’s online game about counter-terrorists shooting at counter-terrorists, though. No, I’m not talking about the heads-up display.

The Best Way To Break Bad News Is With GIFs

Creating a video game and releasing it to the world is an incredibly complicated process. But why should I even try to explain the nuances of modern software development with last-gen mechanisms like “words” when we have these amazing things called GIFs now?