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Star Wars Battlefront's PC Fanbase Is On Par With Clicker Heroes

When it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront, there’s no doubt that the game looks sensational, sounds like a Star Wars game and runs as smooth as butter. The gameplay isn’t bad either, although there’s a solid complaint about the amount of content.

But if you’re playing on PC, there’s a bigger problem. The community there simply isn’t big enough for a AAA shooter. In fact, it’s about as big as some free-to-play games on Steam.

Hard West Is A Wild West Strategy Game, And It's Great

Taken at face value, Hard West looks like what would happen if you took XCOM and replaced aliens with cowboys. And it is that… sorta. But it’s also a lot more (and a little less).

Nobody's Sure How One Of Counter-Strike's Best Players Nailed An Incredible Shot

The weekend’s IEM San Jose Counter-Strike tournament was full of great moments, but one shot rang louder than the rest. The reason? It seemed goddamn impossible.

Payday 2 Developer Apologises For Completely Overkill Pack

Despite recognising the terrible mess it made introducing micro-transactions to Payday 2, developer Overkill remains coy about what exactly it plans to do to about the situation.

Valve Is Changing Steam Sales

Since the dawn of recorded time, big seasonal Steam sales have included daily deals that make the whole process downright ritualistic. Wake up, check Steam sale deals, feel the life being drained from your wallet, etc. Soon, that will no longer be the case.

Ark: Survival Evolved Mod Lets You Play As A Dinosaur

When I was young, I always hoped against hope that I would grow up to be a dinosaur. This is probably as close as I’m going to get.

Dragon Quest Heroes And FFXIII Are Coming To Steam

Briefly: Good news, JRPG fans: Dragon Quest Heroes comes to Steam on December 4, while Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns hits December 11. Who knew the PC would become such a popular destination for Japanese companies? More, please!

Pissed At Valve, Modder Lets Left 4 Dead Players Shoot At Virtual Steam Servers

Think nobody plays Left 4 Dead 2 any more? You’d be surprised.

Why A 'Bad' Steam Game Has Good User Ratings

Dispatcher is not a very good game. And yet, it’s a got a “very positive” review average on Steam. What’s going on?

Bubsy Is Making The Comeback Nobody Asked For

Video: Coming soon to Steam… Bubsy? You remember Bubsy, right? It’s OK if you don’t. He was a — shall we say — less-than-beloved platforming mascot from gaming’s early days. A company called Retroism got the rights, and they’re trying to make it through Steam Greenlight. Good luck?

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