The Saga Of Garry Viking, Mount & Blade: Warband's Great-ish Hero

The Viking Conquest DLC adds everybody’s favourite Nordic seafarers to Mount & Blade: Warband. But with it brings something I wasn’t expecting: demonic man-children.

Our Picks Of Today's Steam Sales

Again, it’s not the best day for Steam sales. I’m starting to think the sales peaked a month ago. But I’m also thinking that because of the curation system, not everything is showing up for me. It seems to be changing as I refresh. But there are a couple I’d definitely recommend. How about you?

Our Pick Of Today's Steam Sales

The Steam sales are back on… Brace yourselves! Actually, today doesn’t seem to be one of the better days. Plenty of games which are discounted to the price they kinda maybe should be anyway. But there are a few gems. Here are our picks.

Steam Shooter Copies Real War, Declares Truce For Christmas

Well this is just heartwarming. Verdun, a multiplayer World War I shooter currently in Early Access on Steam, has declared a Christmas truce from December 18-25. You will still be able to duke it out in The War That Didn’t Really Succeed In Ending All Wars if you wish, but developers M2H and Blackmill have begun to “enforce” peaceful events rooted in very real history.

More Steam Sales To Break Your Will And Ruin Christmas

Bloody hell, it seems like yesterday that we had a Steam sale, now there’s a new one? Add this to all the other ridiculous sales we’ve had to deal with, and yeah. No-one in my family is getting Christmas presents this year.

Enhanced Version Of PC Cult Classic Suddenly Pops Up On Steam

Outcast came out in 1999. It was pretty great. Then, this year, its original creators launched a Kickstarter campaign for a HD remake of the game, which, sadly, failed to meet its goal. And now, it looks like they are settling for the next best thing: releasing the original game, with new features, on Steam. Today.

You Can't Gift Steam Games Wherever You Want Anymore

Region-locking, the act of making games non-functional if used outside particular parts of the world, is not an uncommon thing in games. It is, however, a big deal for Steam — especially the PC gaming service’s trading/gifting market. With widespread region locks now in place, change seems inevitable.

DayZ Celebrates First Birthday, Updates Plans For 2015

While DayZ itself will be turning three years old in about a month (the ARMA 2 mod came out in January 2012), its standalone release celebrated its first birthday just yesterday. To honour the anniversary, the dev team released a retrospective video and updated DayZ’s development roadmap for 2015.

Hatred, Yanked From Steam Just Yesterday, Is Already Back

Hatred, a controversial and violent game that only yesterday was pulled off Steam’s Greenlight service, is back. That was fast.

Subnautica Is Out On Steam Early Access

Video: Subnautica, that cool-looking underwater exploration game by the folks behind Natural Selection 2, is now out on Steam Early Access. Check out its trailer here — that’s a cool art style, no?