Steam Sales For Android: Never Miss Another Deal

Valve has done a lot of work to make the search for Steam deals, discounts and sales easier (if you choose to ignore all the sites that make this straightforward already), but it always helps to have another tool in one’s bargain-hunting arsenal. If you own an Android-powered device, there’s a new app you can grab, the appropriately named “Steam Deals”, that should be right at home on your, uh, home screen.

Valve's Taking Steps To Make Early Access Games Suck Less

Investing in Steam’s Early Access games can be risky. Accidents can happen, developers can abandon their projects, or games can turn out to be a lot different from the original vision. Now, according to a report, Valve is allegedly updating its Early Access guidelines to combat this.

The Pinball RPG I Always Wanted

Rollers of the Realm is a pinball/RPG hybrid. It’s also the type of pinball game I’ve wanted for a long time.

PC Game Has The Funniest Out-Of-Context Forum Topics

As we’ve seen with its patch notes, Crusader Kings II is a game that, taken out of context, sounds completely insane. The game’s forums are no different.

The Worst Possible Ways To Play Team Fortress

Thing about video game strategies is, they’re always helping you win. What’s the deal with that? What if you want to find the most spectacular routes to glorious failure possible? Well then, look no further.

Your PC Must Be This Solid To Run Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE? Oh, sorry about the yelling. Just wanted to know what you’ve got under the hood of your PC.

Guy Wins At Team Fortress By Distracting People With Puzzles

Turns out playing a Spy is a piece of cake if you simply rely on what will now be known as the “puzzle gambit”. It’s weirdly, uh, ingenious? I guess?

Relive Early '90s Gaming With This Cinemaware Anthology

So, for around $10, you can get yourself a heck of a lot of Far Cry. Or, for a few bucks less, you can grab 13 games that are… slightly older than Ubisoft’s FPS series. OK… much, much older. But these are classics people! Classics!

$US10 Gets You All The Far Cry Games

You’re already bracing your finances for the incoming Christmas season and all the discounts, sales and bundles it entails, but trust me, you’re not prepared. Take this irresistible temptation in the form of all the Far Crys from Ubisoft, which may be licking its wounds from the disastrous release of Unity, but is still prepared to package up one of its more popular franchises and offer it for next to nothing. Well, next to $US10.

Indie Game That Dragon, Cancer Shift Gears

Briefly: The heartfelt and deeply personal indie game That Dragon, Cancer is shifting gears. Ryan Green, who is making the game to tell the story of his son’s death from terminal cancer, says that it will no longer be an Ouya exclusive. Green and his co-developers have launched a new Kickstarter to help finish it in 2015.