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Shu's Garden Helped Me When I Was Feeling Shitty

Things have been kinda rough lately. I was having a bad day in a bad week in a bad month in kind of a crappy year. My grandfather suddenly passed away a few months ago (he choked while eating, and the paramedics weren’t able to revive him quickly enough). It came as a shock to my whole family.

The People Trying To Uncover A Game's Real Life Secret Society

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon contains a massive secret. The Steam/mobile game, in which you play as a spider bobbing and weaving through a mysteriously abandoned mansion, has a story that you, as a spider, are under no obligation to give a shit about. You as a person, however, can dig into all sorts of little details — portraits, symbols, footprints, secret passages, closets full of delicious, delicious moths (some people might like moths; I won’t judge). But that’s just the beginning.

ARK Survival Evolved Has Free Steam Weekend And Almost $US50,000 In Prizes To Win

The biggest hit on Steam in the last couple of months, ARK: Survival Evolved, is having a free weekend if you wanted to discover what a sandbox survival game with dinosaurs is like. You’ll also be able to play the Hunger Games/Battle Royale from H1Z1-style total conversion, if you’re into that.

The Latest One Piece Game Went Up On Steam This Morning For Less Than A Dollar

If you look at the price for the latest One Piece game on Steam, everything looks entirely normal. Except that wasn’t the case earlier this morning.

Rocket League Is Coming To SteamOS

Briefly: Rocket League is coming to SteamOS, and it’s free if you buy a Steam Machine, Steam Link or Steam Controller. The car soccer sensation is great fun in split screen, so the pairing makes perfect sense. Also, it’s sold one million copies on Steam alone. I get the impression that maybe people like it a little.

Konami Giving Away Mysteriously Autographed Metal Gear Solid V Posters

Remember when Konami took Hideo Kojima’s name off Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Oh, and dissolved the production company that bore his last name? What’s going on over at Konami is a bit of a mystery! Ditto for who signed some MGSV: TPP giveaway posters.

Universe Sandbox 2 Lets You Build, Destroy The Universe

Ever wanted to create your own universe? Or destroy it by ramming planets into each other, destruction derby-style? Well, here you go.

Starbound Gets A Massive Update

Video: Remember Starbound, the huge 2D exploration/building game that landed on Early Access a couple years ago? Well, it just got a massive update. It adds the ability to construct NPC-populated colonies. There are also 400 new micro-dungeons and improvements to pretty much every part of the game.

Dreamcast Saves Work With The New PC Version Of Grandia II

Still have all your old Dreamcast saves lying around somewhere? Wait, really? Well then, you’re in luck.

A Horror Game That Looks Like A Messed Up Ghibli Movie

If you like your nightmares with an extra helping of anime-inspired ultraweird, you’ve come to the right place.

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