Lichdom Officially Out On Steam

Video: Lichdom, the linear first-person RPG where you play a badass battlemage, is now officially out on Steam after a nearly six-month early access period. If you liked playing a mage in Skyrim, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Bonkers Mod Puts Diablo's Skeleton King In Dark Souls

There have been a handful of mods for the PC version of the first Dark Souls ever since it came out, but they have largely been relegated to the realm of graphical fixes and cosmetic changes for items. This one, however, is an entire boss. From Diablo III.

Forget Everything You Know About Turn-Based Games

Turn-based games are supposed to be about time. Patience. Giving the player the luxury – and comfort – of taking as long as they want to make sure they get their moves just right. Invisible Inc is a turn-based game, but it takes that decades-old assumption and just throws it out the window.

Steam Update Saves Precious Mouse-Clicks During Installation

Because so few people ever read all of the notes in a Steam changelog, here’s a neat new feature a lot of people missed in a recent update: you can now opt to install multiple games at once.

If Dark Souls Came Out 20 Years Ago

Titan Souls might be a little too on the nose as a name, but when your biggest influences appear to be Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls, you may as well wear them proudly.

How Two Great Games Kept Me From Hating Music

I’ve been trying to learn music lately. Like, really learn it. It hasn’t been going well. Fortunately two recent games, Sentris and Crypt of the Necrodancer, stopped me from giving up altogether.

Someone Made A Game Out Of My Greatest Fears

You know those singing, dancing robots at children’s entertainment restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese’s? The ones whose eyes are unblinking, bottomless pools of rancid death? Yeah, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game about watching them. At night. Greaaaaat.

Sega Is 'Improving' Its PC Dreamcast Catalogue On Steam

The Dreamcast is fondly remembered not just by Sega enthusiasts, but all gamers. Even if you missed out on enjoying its delicious fruits, including Shenmue, Virtua Tennis and Soulcalibur, you’ll recognise the titles, or even played the sequels they spawned. While Sega got out of the hardware business with the console’s demise, it certainly hasn’t deserted its back catalogue, with its most recent efforts focused on adding achievements and other enhancements to its Dreamcast PC ports.