Steam Adds $US5 Minimum Spend To Unlock Limited User Accounts

Valve already had a number of restrictions on new Steam accounts to curb spam bots and other mischievous behaviour. However, it appears the developer was unsatisfied with its current measures and has applied a new clamp to fresh users — a $US5 minimum spend.

Killing Floor 2 Dev Highlights Australia As Problem Region For Classification

We recently had a long conversation with Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire regarding its quest for gory perfection. Seeing a game like this and living in Australia, you can’t help but think “well, the Classification Board isn’t going to like that”. Turns out the studio has similar concerns.

Looks Like Earthbound, But It's More Of A Horror Game

Video: Dont let the visuals of Why Am I Dead At Sea fool you. There’s something sinister going oh here — you just have to find out what it is. Why Am I Dead At Sea is an upcoming PC game that puts you on a boat. Your goal? T figure out why you’re dead. To do this, you’re going to posses the other passengers and investigate.

Valve Rejected Some Really Cool DOTA 2 Mods

In another dimension, people are playing DOTA 2 as a giant ice cream cone wielding a nacho glaive.

Amnesia's Pokémon Mod Lets You Battle And Evolve... Furniture

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is regarded by many as one of the scariest games of all time. Now it has monster battling. Some of the monsters are furniture.

Grand Theft Auto V, As Told By Steam Reviews

PC players have been waiting on GTA V long enough that some people jokingly called the Steam launch “Christmas day”. Seriously. That’s just how hyped PC GTA fans were!

The First Five Urine-Soaked Minutes Of Domestic Dog Simulator

Piss on everything. If that doesn’t work, there’s always plan number two.

Titan Souls Is An Infuriating Game, But I Love It

“FUCK,” I shout, as I stomp my foot in anger. I hope my housemates can’t hear me, but they probably can.

Mortal Kombat X's Streaming Steam Install Has Fans Angry And Confused

Since last night PC fighting game fans have been able to download the first three gigs of Mortal Kombat X on Steam — and that’s all. Understandable frustration follows.

Hero Generations Is Civilization: The RPG

Should I care about Hero Generations? For sure. It’s a turn-based strategy RPG where each turn equates to one year of your hero’s life, and death is permanent. You have to make every move count as the world shifts and ages around you.