Double Fine Struggles Show The Problems With Steam Early Access

Once upon a time Double Fine hoped to keep in-progress space station sim Spacebase DF-9going for five years. Now, however, they’re abruptly pulling the plug, omitting many planned features from the “final” version. Fans are, understandably, upset. Double Fine says it all comes down to one unfortunate reality: money.

Steam Is Getting A Massive Overhaul

Valve is changing Steam in a big way, overhauling the front page and adding some brand new features that will drastically change the way we find and buy PC games on the ubiquitous digital store.

Dark Souls II DLC Delayed

Briefly: Dark Souls II DLC delayed: Crown of the Ivory King, part three of the Lost Crowns DLC trilogy for DSII, has been delayed by a week. Originally slated for September 24, the content pack is now set to arrive on September 30 for PC and Xbox 360, and on October 1 for PS3.

Warner Bros. Is Having A Sale on Everything: Batman, LEGO... Everything.

And I mean everything: all the Batman games, all the Mortal Kombat games all of the F.E.A.R. games and — of course — all of the millions upon millions of LEGO games.

Here's How The New Alien Items Look In Team Fortress 2

Gallery: Pre-ordering Alien: Isolation on Steam will unlock special items for Team Fortress 2. They’re perfect for chasing a Xenomorph with flamers.

Starbound Has Enough Cash For Nearly A Decade's Worth Of Development

Starbound developer Chucklefish has a few million dollars of funding under its belt, more than enough (one would think) for it to work on its Terraria-in-space game for a long time. But how long exactly? Try nine years. That’s over 100 months or 3285 days. Go go multiplication!

My First 20 Hours With Wasteland 2

“Forsaken by his people, he strode into the wasteland,” the narrator intones in the intro to Fallout 2. 16 years later, and creator Brian Fargo has delivered that promise anew in a very literal way: by making Wasteland 2, a spiritual successor to his Fallout games that’s also a… sequel to their predecessor.

Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming To PC

Remember back in the day when Square announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to Xbox 360 and everyone freaked out? Hold onto your keyblades: now it’s coming to PC too.

Final Fantasy IV Is Now On Steam Too

Briefly: Final Fantasy IV, which has been released on every digital device known to man, is now on Steam too. It will run you $US16 for the PC version, which is a port of the three-dimensional DS remake of the fourth Final Fantasy that includes some stuff that wasn’t on the Super Nintendo, like voice acting and a new “augment” customisation system.

Quake Live Arrives On Steam Today

Briefly: Quake Live, with some changes, arrives on Steam. Of course, it will be free-to-play, so those jonesing for some old-school arena-shooting action will be able to dive right in. Above is the launch trailer, featuring copious amounts of bunny-hopping and spectacular shooting.