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Shadow Warrior 2 Sees 'Fourfold' Sales Over First Game

It’s a shame Shadow Warrior originally came out of 3D Realms and not id Software — a massive opportunity missed for a quad damage joke, I’m sure. Not that developer Flying Wild Hog needs to worry about failed wisecracks when Shadow Warrior 2 is hitting it out of the park commercially and critically, a fact well-evidenced by its “fourfold” sales boost over its predecessor.

Avalanche Studios' Mad Max Arrives On Linux And Mac OS

If you hit up the Steam top sellers list, pretty much all the games from non-indies are Windows only. Which is understandable, given the economics of supporting Mac and Linux. So when a triple-A does take the effort to port its software, it often comes as a surprise. As is the case with Mad Max from Avalanche Studios, which came out yesterday with versions for these neglected platforms.

Arena Brawler Battlerite Adds Two New Champions Tomorrow

Battlerite is a good time. For a MOBA/Brawler, it is easy to pick up and filled with fun champions. Tomorrow, the roster will expand a little more during the game’s Halloween update.

Gonner Is A Punishing Platformer That's Hard To Put Down

Gonner is a roguelike-inspired platformer that does not care if you think it’s too hard. When you’re playing, you tend not to care, either. It’s so damn cute and smart that every punishment, even the ones you might not deserve, is easily forgiven.

Underrail Developer Announces Game's First Expansion 'Expedition'

Underrail, the (retro) Fallout-inspired RPG from Stygian Software did very well for itself when it came out late last year. For fans, you’ll be pleased to hear the developer has no plans to abandon the game just yet, with Stygian announcing a paid-for, aquatic-themed expansion called “Expedition”.

Valve Is Adding Native DualShock 4 Support To Steam

The DualShock 4 makes for a lovely PC gaming controller, but it doesn’t usually get the support it deserves, especially the touch pad and gyroscopic features. An update coming to Steam’s controller API will have PS4 controller configurability baked right in.

Valve Is Making A New Vive Controller

Valve showed off a new, slicker controller for its HTC-backed Vive virtual reality system at the Steam Dev Days conference today in Seattle.

Steam Is Adding Full Support For The DualShock 4

If you’ve got a PS4 lying around, chances are you’ve got a few controllers to go with it. And if you also happen to have a gaming PC, then you’ll know the occasional frustration that sometimes comes with support for Sony’s gamepad — at least compared to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which work perfectly.

But no more. At the Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle, Valve announced that they were adding native support for Sony’s controller — with added functionality to boot.

Mr President Asks Players To Save Donald Trump From Assassination (Or Not)

Mr President is a game for people who are irreverent, hate Donald Trump or feel strongly about ragdoll physics. It’s also a game for people who would take a bullet for Donald Trump and don’t understand jokes or capitalism.

Darkest Dungeon Ruins Its Endgame

I love Darkest Dungeon, which is why I decided never to finish it.

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