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A Closer Look At Steam For Linux's Vulnerabilities And How They Affect Windows

Steam has a large user base — to put it lightly — so if there’s something wrong with the Steam client, users should know about it and even better, such problems should be fixed as soon as possible. Recently, a few supposed vulnerabilities were discovered in the Linux Steam client… but are they really a problem?

Satisfy Your Need For Tactical Starship Combat In Battlefield Gothic: Armada

If you’re still waiting for something to scratch that Homeworld itch — and Deserts Of Kharak didn’t quite do it — then the upcoming Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, set in Game Workshop’s expansive Warhammer 40,000 universe, might do the trick. It doesn’t arrive until March, but it already looks the good.

A Racing Game About Finding Shortcuts

I love games that encourage players to break the rules.

Firewatch Has Your Wallpaper Needs Covered For 2016

Now that Firewatch has been out for a few days, players have had enough time for the game’s Steam page to fill up with user-submitted screenshots. And hoo boy.

'The Last Game I Make Before I Die': Fighting Cancer By Making A Video Game

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Crashlands, a mash-up of Diablo, Pokemon and Don’t Starve lobbed at Steam’s collective face with unfettered glee. It’s ambitious, funny and fun. Turns out, it was conceived when its creator found out he had cancer.

Nice Aiming, XCOM 2 Soldier

Briefly: An XCOM soldier missing a nearby target? No way!

It's A Brave New World

Video: BUTTS: The VR Experience is a thing. Sure, you’ve experienced butts, but VR butts? This is the beginning of a new era.

Bro Fist Simulator Reveals The True Pain Of Being A Bro

This is Bro Fist Simulator, a game about the subtle art of the bro fist. Just remember: always close your fingers on contact.

Ark: Survival Evolved Gets Grappling Hooks

Grappling hooks and dinosaurs, a match made in video game heaven. My inner 12 year-old, once deceased from overexposure to the dual radiations of responsibility and YouTube comments, lives once more.

Seven Stories Of Injuries And Other VR Hazards

HTC and Valve’s Vive VR headset lets you physically move around in virtual reality. You can walk, run, jump, flail your arms and all that good stuff. You can also be a shambling disaster zone.

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