It Took 6 Years To Finish This Retro FPS

Joining the ranks of the modern retro-style shooters we’ve been seeing so many of lately — a great trend, I might add — is Wrack, the colourful, arcade-esque FPS for PC that’s been under development for six years.

Why, Yes, I Would Like A Gritty Cyberpunk Grand Theft Auto

I very much like the look of Metrocide. Metrocide is a top-down open-world-ish game in the vein of a classic (read: pre-GTA 3) Grand Theft Auto. Difference is, instead of grandly thieving autos or sticking to other small-time crimes, you’re a contract killer.

OK, So It's A... Narwhal Jousting Game

Starwhal is a narwhal jousting game. It’s set in an ’80s neon rendition of outer space. What more do you really need to know?

The Slapstick Fighting Game That Took Over An Entire Festival

“I think the game is kind of horrifying,” one game developer tells me over drinks. “Its violence… the intent behind it, is a little too real.” His comments strike me as strange, given that Gang Beasts reminds me of watching slapstick comedy from The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges as a kid.

You'll Probably Suck At Roundabout, And That's OK

Roundabout is a game that contains roundabouts but isn’t actually about roundabouts — no, a more accurate title would be: Help! I’m A Limousine And I Can’t Stop Spinning.

Video Takes Counter-Strike To Team Fortress 2 Levels Of Silliness

Inspired by an already existing crazy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode called Chicken Defusal, a Source Filmmaker group called Deviant Pictures created one of the best CS:GO machinima of recent memory.

You Can Now Play Your Own Music Through Steam

First revealed earlier in the year, Valve today released Steam Music Player for all users of its desktop client.

An Accurate Summary Of Team Fortress 2 In 60 Seconds

Colour-changing characters, trading and a little bit of fighting. That and YouTuber Chasming‘s take on Team Fortress 2 pretty much sums up the game and all its madness accurately.

The New Gauntlet Lets Me Exercise My Inner Demon

In the original arcade classic Gauntlet it was “Elf shot the food”. In the new version launched on Steam today, it’s “Elf dodges through enemies, leaving us to fend for ourselves while he scoops up all of the gold.” I can live with that.