Controversial Game Highlights Flaws In Steam's System

Earth: Year 2066, a game that was greenlit by the public on Steam earlier this year, is receiving a lot of negative attention recently because it charges $US19.99 for a shoddy game that plays horribly and seems unlikely shape up down the line, despite developer promises to improve the game. Worse, the developer, “Muxwell”, is being accused of stealing artwork and erasing all criticisms of the game on the Steam forums.

That's One Hell Of A Terraria Castle

It took Torikishi, the creator, 3 months to complete this fancy pixelated home, and he really has built everything you need for a villa by the sea. Even an underground cave with a ghost ship inside.

Remember Putt-Putt? Pajama Sam? Freddi Fish? They're Coming To Steam

Some had the Atari 2600. Others grew up with Mario and the NES. But for a lot of young, budding PC gamers, there were Humongous Entertainment’s quirky and colourful edutainment titles. Now, these classic adventure games are making their way to Steam.

A Puzzle Game That Makes You Kill Yourself To Win

Life Goes On embraces death in a way that most games don’t. Sure, lots of platformers embrace death in the sense that they know that landing the perfect jump will first require a lot of trial and error, but few make you intentionally kill yourself to get across from point A to point B.

Play Frozen Synapse For Free This Weekend

What’s so good about Good Friday? Here’s what. Turn-based tacticians can grab one of the best indie titles in the last few years for 80% off on Steam this weekend, as Frozen Synapse goes on sale — and for the duration of the weekend, you can play it for free.

The Top 100 Games On Steam Are (Probably) These Ones

Yesterday, Ars Technica published an exhaustive look at Steam sales figures. A day later and some slight adjustments have had to be made, thanks to some corrections to their data (it’s not a big deal), but something has been added to the report. A list of the top 100 games on Steam.

Captain America's Shield Is A Natural Fit For Dark Souls

Since Dark Souls is one of the few RPGs where you can use a shield as your primary weapon, it is clear that it needs a proper Captain America shield mod. Here’s one, made by the talented modder l2dusk.

The Final Piece Of DLC For Borderlands 2 Is Now Out

The final piece of DLC for Borderlands 2 is now out — the base game was released over one and a half years ago, on 18 September 2012. Even ignoring the extra costumes, BL2 managed to amass quite the hefty amount of DLC packs during that time.

Steam's Most Popular (And Unloved) Games

Nobody ever releases digital sales numbers on PC. Least of all Valve. Still, that hasn’t stopped Ars Technica from rolling up their sleeves and getting the data themselves.

A New RTS That's As Old-School As They Get

It looked too good to be true, but it’s real, and it’s playable: Meridian is now available on Steam (Early Access), and it’s pretty much everything it promised to be.